28 thoughts on “Due Process of Law: Crash Course Government and Politics #28

  1. when my teacher puts this on an the other teacher laugh for something he does, shes the only one that laughs

  2. How about simultaneously charging you with a criminal and civil complaint which if you do not agree to incriminate yourself criminally, you are civilly guilty? This is their work around. Total BS

  3. Including using surveillance as a weapon against you…for intimidation/ slandering you to others.. don't piss off cops. They have advance surveillance now..MZ catcher's. Used in combination with new voice Morpher technology they can get a sample of your voice and fabricate a entire confession by you but not by you! Research new technology… Question everything… Accountability is not always..the case…

  4. Never understood why legal scholars didn't think the Supremacy Clause applied to the 5th amendment. If the federal government has to do it and its federal law then States obviously have too also. Section 1 of the 14th amendment seems moot…but whatever doesn't matter at this juncture anyway.

  5. This stuff is quality. I don't know a thing about law and am taking an onl class for aviation law. I am glad this guy can explain this stuff. I am learning more from these videos than the course.

  6. I love these videos. I’m prepping for the bar exam and was getting sooooo bored with the painful dry lectures on constitutional law. These are so helpful in stating relevant topics in a nice, concise manner. Keep up the awesome work!

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