Dudhkumar could not place vote for the EVM problem | ABP Ananda

Dudhkumar could not place vote for the EVM problem | ABP Ananda

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16 thoughts on “Dudhkumar could not place vote for the EVM problem | ABP Ananda

  1. Didi sob prokolpo h6e modi sarkar aar prokolpo..wbbb eto wrin aar taka kthy gelo?tmcc jobab chai jobab dao..Cpm 34 years wrin pray 1.93 lack core rupees..Mamata 8 years wrin kre6e 3.66 lack core rupees..Banglar sadharon manush aar upor chapiye dewa mamata r eii wrin k apni ki somorthon korben?
    Sothik sidhdhanto nin,Modi je k vote din..
    #Vote4bjp #Poddoful_A_vote_Din

  2. Anya doler candidateke bolte parten na.Akta samasya samadhaner jonya katha bolchhilen vote luther jonya noy r nijer anay sange sange mene niechhen.Kendra oisamay vote vpater jonyo vote shurui hoyni ata kheyal rakhte hobe, chayer peyalay tufan na tolai bhalo.

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