DU Vs B.Tech Vs EcoVs Journalism Vs Psychology Part 2

DU Vs B.Tech Vs EcoVs Journalism Vs Psychology Part 2

hello friends and welcome to carrier computer we help you find the best career the part 1 of this video we talked about Kyogre aqua BTech Casey Regional College mil gracias man a pariah T and I T bits iit Tripoli K and that means the je mains here toppled is his name will rain so up Catherine Cabul ailing and not likely Donna a believing it use a placement Nyota yeah fit BSC degree you Taniya chilling a bak degree with me a Cheney so let us clarify these things first and foremost placements the hotel or a chair highest packages up to 15 to 20 lakhs heavy Mills of time degrees brought the change of work profile go Jota hey Joe degrees K bad up Joe conquering ever ba economics honors him for that profile something am BSC computer science in policy profiles or Thea whoa profiles shall be tech Valley kun-hee Mills at P undergo Regional College safer ha ha no my name Miranda house or Hindu College key placement October Tahiti you should not go your other nanny-bots a but children because the most studious student said the other for highest rating scale have broad your friend Jane uff I am a jacket partner al hombro baat karta archaic age of colleges him a top college easy lay no the only make a sub-basement where they say st. Stephen's your hair whose may not agree Bonzo hair teen so budget a team so but Jo team so missus at the logo neck placement alia Sutter Logan and replacement lee honggi median salary Jyothi both agreement Chillicothe those October Tokioka on Saturday night Taylor come on the petit Sirah cell DDOT vucelich it if it'll shut this Vaghela cube but as a caretaker thing that this low-key Chilika Cooper we had that I think so 15 landscape that we went a flippin yoga higher salaries made a datum approximation and Lincoln medians Elizabeth our own yay this is the data from the NIR F ranking your data summit who are Aug Seco Bobby clarify because I pay you you see key website PUD c.net K through that yeah but you DC type where you will give up site or aqua sorry details mill Jiang Joe Agha heifer LSR Lady Shri Rama mother chocolate hey agar aapke English keep our eye cornea psychology but i couldnt journalism be but i got me though degrees became a hot favor other than economics honor that is journalism and psychology these are very good degrees agar up cable journalism affair psychology keeper hiker good job secure carpet evelyn good nigger potato ma psychology is a very good option otherwise mba HR is a very good option or journalism methods Arthur a hekia 1080 production houses are pure management Jota they prefer key journalism degree on guarantee salaries lock de la Quixote and Joe Mapei managers ok in the sense you could shoot manage Carnahan vendors about gardening equipment management name so these two degrees are also very good other than economics honors the diversification may Basel aureus a career cool a KQ key engineering turkey neck email ringing in or engineering cause Caraga of regional quality currently Korea – it is not worthwhile at all and because education is paying everyone wants to have a degree so nine and colleges are a witch in the sense makes us thinking engineering is very good and it's going ahead and other engineering colleges in colleges are also opening but yaik like to have web ho gaya kyookie IT companies can agree as a job buddy Blue Bunny engineering op curry IT breakdown hoagie IIT may come coming out so single movie looks heavy engineering liaison a copy log the top kilo be a movie is key third of joktan domain diversification can I do economics honors journalism psychology is a chi Chi's ng Skeeter of up more sub pls Arcadia and also but Chet hey last yearís Minoso may say charge so much yoga placement were hey you know no opt here not so much a higher Sadie skillets elegant that also in Iams abroad or genu or other top colleges or LG average average the median salary median salary chart so chewkey that we Vinci Lochte so that means though so V salary charity or super low so low salaries he was such a compared to solid solid say start our does locked up be stuck around say placement gala Sarka next called lateness are si si si si the subs over cheated mr. Dean so replacement who I deals okay awawa selecting so much own a higher steady scalar up here hey LS ARCA economics honors Maharaja you will be in working in reputed companies plus do you make central placement cell has u sub D UK colleges Kelly concur that plus hurry College of the top quality up replacement silver Pelican your lower colleges open up placement cell near the toe if you are on a higher college up in 97 98 percent 996 percent ILS are him Hans Raj ecology affair st. Stevens may have you Hindu Paulina then you have two opportunities one is your college organizing a placement plus central placement is also available to you so economics honors as ICC gabbatha check who keeps a commerce related college a chi companies are pummeling he different type of companies willing gyaku not just one type of company they secure a popover company may be taker Kijana so I take away key that Iggy service-related company Maggie product related company Bushkill said Oh char monkey it's now photos milling a publisher's milling a mutual funds in company insurance eme financial sector key underwater a la galette the Hickey division C Company B Mills ie tow SRC see me sorry sorry si si si matine's opportunity of placement Lea wouldn t median salary Joe TiVo sorry pants Lochte though teams of a chogi MATLAB did so V salary sorry ponch warfare askew perdida birthday birthday I think so higher salary in G last year at our Alaka cryptic or things about yoga alavés auditing so between a higher placement year though Hans Raj College common data battalion embarrass over Jade helm a Barrasso Chum a tie so between a placement killer opt here hi so much okay llama such so much a citizen on a higher steady scale erupt here or income median salary duty sorry pants Lochte though again either die sober chair through that means X were purchase we sell Dido hey sorry pants rockefeather Bertier he are answered Oz bar Alaka package hey the ice a similar Mary passes work details you see a website Bjarke and IDF ranking it through they accept me dari college Atmaram college kid or even call it sub k the crib entitled iso placement to my hair or teens are 18 lucky salary a median that means escape in perky be salaries available the opportunity here so in a nutshell ever abusive current economics honors be a computer science be a journalism be a psychology very good options other up go engineering Minnehaha an i or engineering and he mill rag or up to CS or ec in top colleges iit and IT bits a triple IT vit SRM square above the regionalism mildrith o it is not worthwhile secondly the money that you save their upward and ba he coruña here too it does not make sense k up cable jo hab engineering circadian because engineering torchy colleges me iit a ninety good short game private called a sucky salary oh sorry sake peace teens auditing lag repair to pan rasoolullah pop culture an effect on the eye and say am big enough on the rasulallah saw you another piece laka okay or scared up with these larger package of millet oh it is like our why is this 100% still but I got up do you care quality sector nano up he feels welcome and do it all at Malcolm who yeah I'm necessarily curtsy and me Akhil a job at a table named Bucky got bees love hurts here chai I am sacred eh I hearts agree and then you get a good salary so this is a very good option for students or not getting iit and ninety eight bits is also a good option if you want to diversify your career and you want to go into core engineering and this is also a good option if you are very sure that you want to do MBA then it is better to stand in do you so d UK biases hurt Ali jakey name and degree be a cynical umayyah be any Karuna won't give up profiles before Echota agora am makin a toe again this is very good and you will always be treated with respect so thank you very much this is carrier compton we help you find the best curry

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  1. Sir what about btech from du .cluster cloud and mathematical innovation. Is it good stream of btech acco to placement.

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