Drew Hunter, The Greatest Comeback In H.S. History, Anchors Penn Relays DMR

Drew Hunter, The Greatest Comeback In H.S. History, Anchors Penn Relays DMR

right Riverdale gone and will daily yeah there'll be the first and last legs for Riverdale's you're joining us this is the high school boys DMR drew hundred they're one team to watch Julie Concord Carlisle no question suburban Boston yeah Thomas Ratcliffe split forward to and @dm indoors there 800 runner got hurt during the race they are one team that really has and we're about to go off here and we're off there one team that has the potential to put a ten-second gamble at Valley Loudoun Valley I will say they look great on that 12 underlying internationals it will take you to the field now Loudoun Valley a Riverdale B Fordham prep see Concord Carlisle T Haddonfield Memorial II Old Bridge F Christian Brothers GCB a well Sal H the defending champs I Arlington Jay Danbury K Eastern L Ward Millville am ohara local squad and slays Yaniv Diller and Oh Ted River North oh we see it cuz that's a lot of valley off the back there I believe oh my goodness that was a rough start I think that's a lot of valleys runner with the afro will snag who went down oh my goodness that's drew hunters squad and went down now Joey that if we're talking about the creation a legend here as they're already kind of getting back in the pack here he is I wonder if this is too big a move that is will swag holy cow well Denali well Sal leading this race LaSalle the defending champs could push the pace here that's DJ príncipe about 59 so they're making an honest race that's príncipe now Daly of Riverdale takes over as you see tubs River North another Jersey Squad snag on the back oh my goodness Julianne immediate drama and checking in this race as Drew hunters lot does squad is on went on the track Riverdale leading will sound second those are two outstanding programs you can't let that build up a gap yeah and it's almost like they knew because they definitely injected a surge there when the fall happened and I'm not sure that they did know but you know I've been this kid from Long Valley he's already back in here a tremendous 1200 internationals yeah get that out of it at all there will be a little bit of a gap but I will see what happens in wow you know we'll see it's often not best to make up that gap right away almost make it up more happily yep yep yep so it looks like he's already paying the price just a little bit oh boy oh my goodness so upfront that's one of the dailies he let off it you know he's no silly on three flat indoors on his lead off so he's definitely legit got a damnit that's DJ príncipe a little Sal they've got Toms River New Jersey Ward Melville right behind them perpetual power dam buried by them but it's all about DJ príncipe and Danny I'm Riverdale those guys are cranking the pace smarter than to nut I mean obviously horrible for Long Valley to take the fall there is let in that Chase pack that's very smart I was watching his face he may be in big trouble but he is tough that's tough kid yeah leave that his will smeg on the leadoff leg for 24 six headhunter a great leg here from daily and príncipe LaSalle the defending champs Riverdale New Jersey just barely behind they're gonna be sub 3 I know that's a tremendous like that's a tremendous leg Julian sub 3 on the lead off like me knows they the collegians were coming through flat here we go to 56 to 57 to 58 right around three flat as they cross the start/finish line well Sal and River del through 400 meters now coming up in the third will be the local squad O'Hara as Fordham prep is looking good for the prep with a nice anchor as well so it's O'Hara give another fall of the track Wow I think that was one of the teams that had passed the stick first so we're all good here I don't see any teams that weren't back oh my goodness Oh Sal and River del for joining us big race Laden Vannelli had a fall the 1200 meter leg but LaSalle and River del lining this race right now not valiant about ninth place but way back way back back 80 meters back that's them and I think three four five six seven through eighth they're the first of the two yellow teams on yeah so it's Riverdale New Jersey little Sal of Rhode Island the defending Penn Relays DMR champions incredibly dramatic race already early 52 mm or so for Riverdale's we gets the 800-meter leg believed that that bullet of well Salim someone put your example hair and third damnit fourth one Val already worked on at the fifth Julie but a huge gap yeah you know this they're gonna make him work for it aren't they and I think he's probably up to the challenge we'll see yeah that would be you know obviously every every challenge Drew has had put in front of him this year it's been every box you could check he's checked yep but getting the stick I mean he might be what we'll check the gap but I mean he's going to be 60 70 80 metres behind this lot of dollars 800 runner not mistaken it's PR about 205 Wow Wow well great race up front yeah boot allah-allah sound we should ignore these guys they're running really fast really are Buddha let us out and then Riverdale New Jersey in second through at about 56 57 see nothing crazy but a nice cumulative performance by these using as well salver an island defending champs maybe they're written off even though they had ever looked back but right now the defending champs are running away from this field with Loudoun Valley in about sixth Nate Thompson I'm sorry that would be cold Baku King I believe by the 800 leg for Loudoun Valley but Matt Buddha wet is running away from the field and LaSalle's got Jack salzburg a 409 mile er on the acre see how does he how do you handle this you know if you're the anchor for LaSalle what do you do you go out you do yes you have to you got to get out right yeah but wow look at Loudoun Valley they're trying to move up Salsbury just double-check that a 408 full mile Wow indoors this year so a real stud will see the gap between him and hunter it's sure to be healthy yeah absolutely let's see if and by the way you've got a daily on the acre so let's get the splitter a nice split format Buddha let 156 holy cow so true hunter just got six seconds yack eight seconds back is true hunter and look at him I mean look at his face he's so mature sweetly yeah passive frozen now do you have the split I'll hide you I do so we've got several studs of high school track and field here hunters on their way on this first lap at all will tally of Riverdale drew hunter obviously the big gun on the eggroll my goodness wants to whittle down that lead quick and he's going for it so right now Jack Salsbury of LaSalle 408 miler indoors really cute honour for hunting right now oh my goodness hunter is just swallowing up a field that includes like Connor Lundy and wilt Daly he's just running around these guys like they're and while I like the high schooler's but he's the high school – I have Salsbury out 57 hole Julie which is not the wrong play make hunter work yep get me that split on right yeah actually 56 yeah I see that he has not really closed the gap yet but Sal's raising me paying a big big price is hunter kind of settles in you know drew said interview with art Jojo before the race well maybe you know it's my last pen I'll have to go out 155 and I drew might go out in 155 yeah really this is outrageous this is an unbelievable race drew now moves into second ahead of Riverdale Jack Salsbury all alone charging down the backstretch is drew hunter man a lot of legendary races Julie to sub for performances the first ever high school sub 8 performance this might be his most legendary if his team could go down on the first leg and walk down a 408 milder with a nine second gap fastest split ever at the Penn Relays we should say for audience Alan Webber and 359 on an anchor like his junior year Penn Relays record 959 by the same stuff like steam a year later all right so I have Salsbury splitter an outsider it's getting closer and closer Salsbury through 800 – OH – oh my goodness Julie what do we got for Drew at halfway 159 1/2 flat oh my goodness really got just imagine the feeling of carrying the stick and the guy behind you is the greatest maybe the greatest Heights corner of all time certainly the greatest high school runner I think we've seen the Traxxas out web for sure and you know what too flat is not out of his wheelhouse whatsoever and he's done that multiple times already so he knows what that feels like what he doesn't know for a long time well I mean certainly has but he and some of these big races you know he's been in you know some of these post-collegiate races he hasn't won so yeah I know he wants to win for sure one that indoor Nats but yeah it's been a lot of getting records in this place but oh my goodness Julie we've got Jack Salisbury one of the best miles in the United States look at this drew hunter of Loudoun Valley is closing that gap setting the stage for an outrageous and thrilling final lap Salsbury rigging just a little bit with 500 meters to go it's Sal's buried hunter oh my goodness Sal's brain just took his first look back over here did he say the gear that looks like you saving a gear I don't want to use that gear with Hunter aurelion 3o 4'o three or four it's joy drew hundreds too close and feeling too good 200 is too close and feeling too good Sal's rate is a star he has an amazing kick he's looking back he's clearly oh my goodness why would you invite true hunter into your house and not eat your dinner jack salad with an audacious strategy here sounds great is going to let hunter take the lead Sal's brain is going to let hunter take it and try to out kick drew hunter Jack Salsbury with the most outrageous strategy of the year you got to respect the 200 meters to go it's Salsbury and Hunter Salsbury saved up for this and now he's going to try to run away the best runner in the United States and right now it's working all sounds very 100 100 meters to go Jack sounds maybe we'll sell 200 fine that makes the pass sounds very stride for stride well Sal the inside can he do it sounds great holding off on her right now hunter is fighting for every step in the red face and Sal's great hunter hunter on the outside to winter check sounds mate I think the sell won that race instead plant each one of us oh my goodness Jax Salsbury with the brilliant execution I think he he'll have 200 for the win and defending a sales title oh my goodness Joey what an incredibly bold strategy talk about composure wedding drew hunter back in the race and then out kicking him Jack Salsbury becomes a legend here at the Penn Relays no louder they got it funded they lost letter with hanging his hand shame no louder Sally God lives in by all my goodness no rigor the food feeling I didn't see the replay on that 10 flat put zero zero both teams just the second over the pallet record but both downhill if Tyler was going over oh my goodness julia is one of the best finished I've never seen I'll be attacking into it sound guys only live on right now Hunter is fighting for every step of reference itself and Hunter hunter Leon times 200 Jack's off right I think we'll sell one that race if you lost Oh – Salzburg with a brilliant execution I may be held up 200 for the win at the penniless as title oh my goodness Joey what an incredibly bold strategy wedding to hunter back in the waist and then out kicking in Jack South Bay becomes a legend they got it but thought they lost but it was Jamie's banshee Valley that comes in by all 10 flat put your zero to just a second

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  2. Greatest comeback in HS history???!?!?! More FloTrak over the top bullshit. These dorks (the kids) need to work on their hand-offs – they're atrocious.

  3. I did this before and I was the mile runner it was gud we got 3rd and we were the only 7th graders in the race

  4. Guy in the yellow lost… but when I ran track I was always told that the win always goes to the guy playing catchup in a photo finish

  5. The male commentator was an idiot. When he said Jack took his first look back it was actually his third that was on camera. And the moronic statement that Drew Hunter was hanging his head in shame. He was winded and not feeling any shame. What a dork commentator.

  6. Hard to believe that the team that had a guy trip up in the beginning came back to win it all. Impressive.

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