DRAMA - Election Of Speaker And Deputy In Parliament

DRAMA – Election Of Speaker And Deputy In Parliament

the meeting will now proceed to the election of the speaker of this house before I call for nominations I have to remember remind members that in terms of the Constitution each nomination must be submitted on the prescribed form and duly seconded for tomorrow I have to draw the attention of members especially to item 4 of Part A of schedule 3 to the Constitution in terms of which there may be no debate there will now be an opportunity for nominations for Speaker of the National Assembly yes honorable member I'm castresana remilia-sama hereby nominate honorable tangi bodies as a speaker the Honorable Thunder Maurice I am elated for the position of Speaker of the National Assembly is nomination second at its best on record Chief Justice I dare come come rise to second the nomination of tardivo DC as Speaker of the National Assembly would you please present the nomination to the returning officer and as you do let me see this opportunity just where inquire of honorable tandem Adisa whether she objects exact justice I accept [Applause] and before I call for any other nomination I would want to be satisfied that this one is in order some correction is called for the form reflects that the nominee is already the speaker it should reflect that the nominee is a member of the House so if we can redo it please you know South Africans are very litigious if I don't get it right now the next time we are in court about something we could have addressed best impression of the new week yes [Applause] Chief Justice in terms of section 52 of the Constitution and the rules visited by yourself I proposed the name of mr. timber Kela Richard medulla for the position of Speaker [Applause] the the Honorable Henry Keeler Modula has been nominated for the position of speaker is the nomination seconded chief justice are my four waters no second the nomination of Temecula Richard the Jolla for position of Speaker of the National Assembly thank you thank you [Applause] and why are they are passing that document through has the Honorable Mike your log subject does he accept I do accept the nomination to taxes so that nobody accuses the returning office our eye of heaven drop being the ones who conserved and to is just reflected as plain straight now I can be a long street we don't we need to know the exact location so I think just to make things easier we will just finish the nominating member affair I'm not and a big girl nomination form like this so that it can be completed please for the position of Speaker of the National Assembly is the Chief Justice honorable chief justice all right Cornelius Beatrice Mulder would likely inform the Honorable Chief Justice on behalf of the three different plus that we are not going to nominate anybody for the position of Speaker [Applause] thank you thank you unlevel NOLA is there any other relation in the in absence of any other nomination occur to make the following announcement we have the following candidates who have been properly nominated honourable Tandy our modest and honorable tambaqui richard Macola seems modern one candidate has been nominated a second ballot will take place in terms of item 6 of the Constitution mr. nordley thank you and the third one when the bells are I I admire that will go for lunch in the interest of time so that when we come back we will not only deal with the election of the speaker but also proceed with the election of the president and the Deputy Speaker we're adjourned the result of the ballad are as follows mr. Moody's 250 Maastricht er medulla 83 [Applause] spoiled spoiled ballots 17 and I apologize for the delay the reconciliation of the ballot papers with for the terminology now this which they tear from too long to happen and because fairness is key we had to spend as much time as was necessary to do that I did in terms of item 6 of Part A of schedule free to the Constitution I accordingly declare under Brooke TR moody sir duly elected Speaker of the National Assembly [Applause] we will do well to expedite this because from the look of this we have a long day honorable body sir on behalf of all present I have the singular honour to congratulate you on your election as the Honorable speaker of this house and I now call upon the surgeon at arms to conduct the honorable speaker today [Applause] please be seated please allow me to thank the chief justice of the Republic of South Africa their president-elect honorable members ladies and gentlemen I am honored by the nomination and the election to the speak of the National Assembly the second chamber of the Parliament of South Africa I understand fully the struggle to move South Africa forward to recognise all her people to recognize all languages or cultures and traditions of South Africa as elected representatives we are both the products and custodians of the values enshrined in our Constitution these values set the tone for how we conduct ourselves and how we manage the affairs of our people for the common good I understand the continuing battle for dignity and respect for the majority of South Africans I understand the differences and diversity of citizens and others who reside within our borders I also understand the responsibilities of public representatives I further understand the responsibilities of Parliament as a side for debate for public education and as a defender of all law rights and liberties I asked so understand the role of the presiding officers as enablers of debate and protectors of the rights of the public and the public representative to hold the edge relative to account and to capacitate themselves these public representatives in the South to adequately use the power of the street this the power of the purse strings to hold and to continue holding the negative to account I together with other presiding officers must at all times be fair and unbiased the decorum of the house and the image of Parliament must be maintained we do not represent our selves honorable members we represent the people of our country so at the start of this time let us represent to those booths and as to Parliament well let us respect to those who are asking us who are entrusting us over the running of their country let us respect the tiniest of the work of the voice of those who got elected into this house in other words it doesn't matter how angry you might be or how different the views of the other member must be this member in this house represents a constituency out there and before we get into the throat of this member we must remember there are thousands of people who voted for this member to come and represent their what is an interest in ourselves I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot working with my former speaker better and the house she passes I hope that the condition of consulting of ensuring that the business of Parliament is shed accordingly will continue and I hope that we will continue to run this Parliament or South Africa in a very dignified men I want to thank you once more for the trust you have placed in me and I think [Applause] honorable members at the house will now proceed with the nomination process for the election of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly in terms of the procedure set out in touch l of schedule 3 of the Constitution and in accordance with the rules of the Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa members are reminded that there will be no debates and that each nomination must be submitted on the prescribed form and the Julie seconded there will now be an opportunity for the nomination of the candidates for the election of the Deputy Speaker as they any member wish in to nominate the Honorable the Deputy Speaker underballs become take a very much wonderful speaker Alvin waters from the African National Congress I hereby nominate the Honorable Solomon the Chiefs at Sonali to be the speaker the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly have Unga for the sixth Parliament thank you please is there any member wishing to second the nomination for the Deputy Speaker is there any member wishing honorable Pisa is this right yes I claim your bosom kisser rise on behalf of the African National Congress to second the nomination of Solomon Leticia cignoli as the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Thank You mem please submit to the phone honorable so no more leeches at saluted do you accept the nomination as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly I do thank you very much [Applause] honourable members the the forum is in order I now proceed to ask the house if there any further nominations the Honorable Emma I want to check if I'm allowed to nominate mama : all members of the House are eligible [Applause] all the members honorable Malema all members are eligible to be elected are you saying that you are in fact nominated McCullough thank you very much is there any other party that wishes to nominate honorable members I do not see any hand madam Speaker honorable stays our candidates just withdraw don't walk away the sir we generally say thank you very much honorable members there being no other contender I declare that the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly has been duly elected honorable Letitia say noodle on behalf of all of us I congratulate you on your election as Deputy Speaker you now have the opportunity to address the house madam Speaker congratulations and thank you too you have the priority and comrade president designate all members present here I am very grateful for what you've just done I'd like to start by thanking the people who brought us here with the hope that we will work with them to fight it effectively poverty inequality and unemployment I do also want us to thank them for retaining the African National Congress to lead I also wish that we do not forget those who are with us inside here and in the corridors here bar William de prata who we should remember not to specifically mention originally physical only wear and Mosconi their spheres have not fallen on the ground the struggles to reclaim training friendliness corruption free management of the affairs of the state across the world continues I do wish finally to thank the African National Congress for entrusting us with the responsibility to carry out this job I can not also thank honourable and moody's in her previous capacity honorable Pepito as well as the rest of the house chairpersons in both houses for a very warm cooperative relationships that help us to end better thank you very much all of you honorable members we hope will cooperate I undertake to do so as long as we agree on the important issues of conduct in the house thank you thank you very much Deputy Speaker of regulations once again honourable members that concludes the process to elect the Deputy Speaker of the House you

37 thoughts on “DRAMA – Election Of Speaker And Deputy In Parliament

  1. There was no drama. How could this have been placed on YouTube on 22 May,2019 if this only transpired on 27 May 2019. There was an error made and it was corrected. Took a bit of time, but cased no drama. Later on EFF made a joke by wanting to nominate a person and withdrawing the nomination immediately. Still no drama. My Africa, you are a trouble maker. Shame on you.

  2. Souht africa their is lot white people in your parliament and they are political party's .But you have to rejuse them before they will take over again .because they are virus And diese in your parliament .and this white in your parliament they are game player's they are not they for your people be careful.

    Go to America they are lot of black citizen of Americans they are very educated and very intelligent, but go to there parliament there are not many maybe one person high ranking the rest are all of them are low raking and they are not many may tree two inside the American parliament and the rest only soldiers or bodyguard.

    And go to UK they are lot of black citizen of UK who are very educated and very intelligent go to there parliament u see 1 person..And not high ranks. they use black people only as soldiers or security

    and go to France they have the highest black population in Europe ,but is thesame they are lot of citizen of black people inside France and very educated,and very intelligent, but go to there parliament there is no black. Thy join only military and police .or had labore

    Even land in Europe compound or garden never see a black man onw all of them asset in Europe even y are millionairer u leave in renting. So I feel sad to your people if I see white man setting in your parliament and taking your majority of your land and I'm not from south Africa I'm west Africans but i no white and I travel in white country's And I see how black people or black African are sofaring in white country and what they are facing in white country. Wil we Africans or we black people we are feeding this world and still we are sleeping but have to wekup and stop sleeping.

  3. I am happy because Solomon Lechesa Tsonel is back as a deputy speaker. I wonder how would be a South African parliament with Makoti Khawula as a deputy speaker

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