Dr. Myles Munroe - HOW TO BECOME A LEADER Break away from your struggling mindset. POWERFUL

Dr. Myles Munroe – HOW TO BECOME A LEADER Break away from your struggling mindset. POWERFUL

the ten attitudes for leadership development leaders are very unique people they have a very simple distinction and that is their thinking is different leaders do not think like followers leaders used to be followers all of them if you want to be an impactful personality you have to develop certain types of thinking and perceptions that change the way you see yourself and see the world I call this the spirit of leadership now there are only two animals on the planet that the creator identified himself with I've read hundreds of books and that's my commitment last twenty years I've been reading four books a month that gives you an idea of how much reading I do because if you're going to become influence in the world you have to be a reader and when I read the Bible I was shocked to find that there are two animals that the Creator identified himself with the first one is the ego and the second animal is the lion and when I identified those two animals as his favorite to identify himself with I recognized I better study these two animals because if he is the leader of the universe and I want to be a leader on earth I better find out the nature of these animals and also the attitude of these animals and I discovered that both of them are the kings of their domain the Eagle is the king of the bird Kingdom and the lion is the king of the animal kingdom well I want to talk about the lion today even though I can do a session on the ego which is very important but I'll talk a little bit about the lion the lion has what I call the spirit of leadership and this word spirit here is referring to attitude a leader has a attitude that makes him or her different from followers and the lion exhibits that attitude we have to cultivate the same attitudes that the lion has because the lion apparently has been given the same attitudes that God himself identifies with and he put it in these creatures and apparently you and I are supposed to be the king of the animal kingdom the rulers of all animals so obviously we have some we're trapped on the inside these same potential attitudes now the lion is the king of the jungle but the lion to me is a great source of encouragement to all of us number one the lion is not the tallest animal in the jungle number two the lion is not the largest animal in the jungle number three the lion is not the heaviest animal in the jungle number four the lion is not the smartest animal or the most intelligent animal in the jungle and yet the lion is the king you don't need to be intelligent you don't need to be smart you don't need to have a certain height you don't need to have a certain weight you don't need to have any kind of advantage and yet you can be the leader now what's the main thing that shocked about the lion is that the lion is not larger than the giraffe bigger than the elephant or heavier than the hippo he got a smart as the hyena or the snake and yet when he shows up they all run away the lion therefore cancels all of your excuses for not becoming a leader what makes the lion so unique an army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep because leadership can transform cowards into violent warriors why would a lion become the king of the jungle when he has all of those limitations he's not the tallest not the strongest not the smartest not the heaviest not the most intelligent but yet he runs things the lion is the king of the jungle because of one word attitude the lion has a different attitude that makes every animal afraid of him now we don't want to lead by fear but it does take respect for you to become a leader when I use the word fear in the jungle we're talking about respect the elephant respects the lion the hyenas respect the lion they the giraffes they respect the lion what makes these massive animals respect such a small cat the attitude is the difference for example a lion will see an elephant and the thing that counts of his mind won't worry lunch now the elephant is 10 times the size of the lion probably 50 times heavier and has more power one stump of his feet could destroy the lion but when the lion sees the elephant he doesn't look at size and weight and strength and power he looks at lunch I could eat this thing and he acts the way he thinks you see the size is not the problem the weight of the elephant is not as concerned what makes him act is the way he thinks and because he thinks he can eat the elephant he attacks him leadership attitude now here's another amazing mystery the elephant is larger bigger stronger more powerful heavier and more intelligent and yet when the elephant sees the lion one word comes to mind eita the elephant is controlled by the way he thinks he thinks that he is lunch therefore his size is weight his power his might his his authority is a victim of the way he thinks it doesn't matter how big you are how intelligent you are how many degrees you get it's your mind that keeps you small and it doesn't matter how small you are or how an unintelligent you may seem to be or how much you don't have it's your mind that makes you the leader attitude the difference between a leader and a follower is attitude why because it is unique attitudes that distinguish leaders from followers they think differently and that's because attitudes produce certain behaviors and those behaviors stretch the leader beyond their limitations of the norm in other words it is the thinking of the person that makes them see circumstances differently how do you think write this down attitude is a product of belief this is very important to develop your leadership attitude is a product of belief you cannot have an attitude beyond your belief so your attitude comes from your belief system the lion is the king because of what he believes about himself and what he believes about the elephant and the giraffe he believes that they are lunch and he believes he can eat them his belief system controls the whole situation when they meet I was born in the house on four rocks two bedrooms eleven kids one mother one father one bedroom for my mom and dad the other for my seven sisters and of course the boy said that find somewhere to sleep I remember sleeping on a mattress on the floor I've never seen one time when I on a mat and that she never kept the mosquitoes out all around me was poverty but we didn't know that cuz everybody was poor the only way you know you're poor is venom eat meat a rich person and they I was sleeping on the floor wonderful family they loved me beloved one that my parents loved us we loved them he had a great family but we didn't have much and every opportunity was around me to think negative I was on the other side that alcoholics all over the place and I remember my mother and father would tell us things to to fix our belief system they would say you can do anything you want to do something and they said that when I sleeping on the floor they were working on my belief system and then they taught us the Bible now I don't know about you and your belief but the Bible but the Bible may be what I am today so don't you talk bad about the Bible and if you don't believe in the Bible that's okay I'm doing just fine believe me and the Bible helped me become what I am but it was that book that checked my thinking Ephesians 3 worth ready don't you laugh at the Bible the verse said now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above far beyond all you can ever ask think or imagine according to the power that worketh within you I went from an F student to an A student in one semester because of my belief system I graduated here boy it was my one belief system no one can live beyond the limits of their belief so if you want to live beyond what you're living now you have to change your belief system leaders are born when you have the discovery of a new belief system the secret to anyone rising is what happens in their belief system your life is what you think it should be that's exactly what you are right now you are what you thought you should be if you don't like who you are you got to change what you think you should be that's how leaders are born no amount of training and leadership skills or management methods or titles no model promotion or associations with rich people or smart people can ever substitute for the right attitude no substitute for it as a matter of fact your leadership development is determined by number one your perception of who you are number two by why you think you exists and number three these are very important your sense of significance I am giving you my secret to life right here but brought me from the floor to flying my own jet is these simple statements here you got to first change your perception of who you are and the staff at a belief system secondly you must change your perception of why you think you exists and number three your sense of significance you're perceptive who you are you've got to change it and most of our perceptions are other people's concepts of us and therefore we don't have self-concept to get other concept what is your percent who you are and the second one why do you think you exists you get a discover that you were born for something some reason there's some purpose for your life if you don't discover that you'll always have a job and we'll bury you in an average grave with an average tombstone discover that you are important to the human race you are important to the world you are important to your universe when I had to grapple with that question it was tough because I've been taught by society like you have that you are just a Social Security number or some NID number or you some just kind of a worker in the system but that's not true you were born to do something very significant in the world and you have to get to the point where you believe that cultivating these attitudes that are key to becoming a leader now when attitudes of leadership is married to the ability of leadership then you become a leader you can have potential but if you don't have the belief your potential becomes a victim of your present belief remember the elephant the elephant has great power but what makes him afraid of the lion is his belief system so your mentality how to be equal to your ability here to manifest leadership you do have the ability you were born with it to be a leader but your mentality hasn't matched and that's why all of your capacity to lead is buried under your lack of belief that you can believe it's so powerful it can make an elephant act like a sheep in the presence of an lion you know normally people who are insecure whenever they meet somebody who is confident they always call the confident arrogant when you discover who you are you can't help but be confident I don't pretend I don't try to have confidence if you try that means you ain't at it it's you faking it confidence is a product of belief what you believe about yourself determines when you think about yourself and what you think about yourself is the way you behave and you behave bold and confident and Fallis because there's some things you discovered about you and about life that makes life change a perception you can never fully carry out the Mandate of leadership if you don't have the mentality of leadership and that's what this session is about it's about mentality a matter of fact integrating attitude and as attributes of app aptitude and altitude produces leadership that's a lot of opposite each one them is a different experience for leaders first of all your attitude gotta be ready then you must marry that two attributes that means gifts you were born with then you gotta marry that to aptitude that means now you gotta educate and train those kids that's why you read and study and go to school for your app for your aptitude to be increased and then your altitude means you got to change the level of associations you are in you know it's amazing when you change your aptitude you normally want to change your altitude leaders choose their friends based on their destination and one of the keys to developing leadership is you have to appreciate the fact that no one is responding for your life except you I had to take charge of my life as a teenager and at age 13 I discovered who I was I became a problem to the whole family my mom said to me she say you are a different boy you are a different child but something happened to me at age 13 I discovered myself different was simply meaning you don't think like the rest of the kids that's what it means and remember thinking is belief system being exposed and therefore I married my attitude and my attributes and my aptitude change and I began to study for a different reason and suddenly my altitude change I start attracting different types of friends by the way you know when you and eager you see the other atom of the god identifies himself with I studied Eagles intensely I got a whole series on Eagles because you must study to understand life and I discovered but he does they said Eagles can fly up to 3 to 4 miles in the sky that's almost higher some jet planes and do you know that when an eagle is flying a top flight they said that if an eagle meets another bird in top flight it has to be another eagle because they're the only birds that can fly that altitude so here's the thought to take back to work with you if you keep running into pigeons and ducks and tobacco dogs you are flying too low lino the pigeon is Eagles never flock you only find the one at a time so if you keep attracting a gang of people around you that work everybody want to bring gossipy you know cackling you are in bad company that's why I really want you to give yourself a big hand today cause to come here you must be an eagle you let the pictures back at the office [Applause] well why are you going down there who do you think they are they can't teach you nothing hey that's a chicken talking and they only fly when they're frightened if you're gonna be a leader you gotta be careful who you fly with people who criticize get time for it that's why I ignore them I ignore my critics because they got time for it I'm too busy I'm too busy succeeding I'm giving them something to criticize the greatest revenge and like they say it's success it's not ability its mentality that makes a leader and that hippopotamus has power they got ability strength sighs they get might they got ability what they lack is mentality the lion got a different mentality so he eats them for lunch what you think is more important than what you do and so if you want to change you got to work on this attitude bit there's my conference people again here's my philosophy my philosophy this trapped in every follower is a hidden leader trapped in every follower is it leader therefore the goal of true leadership is to release the hidden leader in the followers if you are a true leader in your department or in your company supervisory position you are a true leader as a pastor or maybe as a manager in some company your greatest example of leadership is production of leaders true leaders do not maintain followers they produce leaders true leadership focuses on producing leaders not followers in other words a true leader begins to train people under their care immediately to take leadership the capacity to lead is in every human being and leadership is like a tree trapped in a seed and every one of you that walked through that door today is a seed that was sent to the planet to produce a tree to serve the world your fruit that's why you were born and deep inside of you is a person no one knows yet and what you've done so far is just initiation process that's why no one should cancel you yet because you ain't quite come out yet leadership manifestation requires the right environment you know a seed can be placed on a windowsill in your tiled bathroom and stay there for 50 years and the tree never come out even though the seed has a tree and a forest in it it is a victim of the environment if you can just get that seed off that windowsill and put it in soil with a little bit of water here comes the future that's the way life is you are no different from a seed I got stacks of CDs that I buy you know Les Brown and Tim Reb and all the others and I put in my car and when I'm driving every time I said in my car I'm feeding my seed even the music you listen to gotta be careful it can be poison to your germination of your seed the next time someone says they want to get to know you accident are you fertilizer or wrong there are some folks in your life right now we're very toxic they will pollute your seed you'll never come out have you noticed that people being going nowhere want you to go with them folks who ain't doing nothing in life doing with them there's why you gotta break away from your best friend sometime to become better you all grow people so know when to leave if they keep asking you questions it's time to go be with people who you can ask questions that's how you grow true attitude is manifested in attitude and what I mean by that is when you discover leadership it comes out in your attitude an attitude must be a product of your belief system everybody here have attitude everybody what's about the leadership attitude there are two types of concepts the first one is the leadership spirit and the spirit of leadership two different concepts the leadership spirit is what you were born with your ability you never receive it you came with it but your ability that you were born with is trapped by the mentality that they gave you from the other culture this is why to be great you got a divorce yourself from your traditions and your culture because convention makes no room for creativity it doesn't allow you to believe beyond the norm matter of fact they want you to fit in not stand out so Society is all worth it's all designed you to behave yourself you're trained to limit yourself in that amazing that you buy a car that can travel 150 miles per hour or 180 miles per hour and then the same country that sells the car to you puts up a sign 50 now you know thought about that it's a problem yes it C Ford Motor Company makes the car to make 180 and then they make sure you only get traveled 50 society is designed to make sure you never become and that's why it free to become a leader in your workplace you're gonna have to break away from the traditions now I want to warn you when you decide to break the speed limit all your enemies will wake up in the office every critic that you thought was your friend will suddenly come alive because people don't want you to leave them in their nothingness you can't leave from behind that's why sheep are not leaders they follow the sheep hips in front of them but when you're out front ain't no hip to follow you got to design your course that takes boldness and risk it takes all kinds of challenging commitment to decide where you want to go in life out front having the leadership spirit means that you are naturally created to lead but the mentality is what wakes it up some of you in this room look just like that you you are powerful but they got you in the bush the social environment is just making you afraid to come out and take what's yours in life you are the way you see yourself do you think your grasshopper the elephant actually thinks it's a meal for a cat the mindset of a leader is what changes his attitude toward life and himself the spirit of leadership refers to attitudes mentality and mindset and that's been the key to all great leaders and sometimes a spirit comes forth under pressure many leaders in history are products of circumstances that force them to think differently that's what makes them emerge as leaders the spirit leadership is a mindset it dictates your motivation it is revealed in your response to your environment a spirit leadership is a perception of yourself how do you see the world the spread of leadership is your convictions that regulate your thoughts about yourself and people the spirit of leadership is your personal private philosophy of life how you think about life in yourself leadership is your thoughts about oneself and one's environment it is your belief system which controls your behavior the spirit of leadership is the source of your action which determines the response and how you interpret the world this is very important I see that world differently for most people because of my belief system which becomes my attitude creator so I don't panic over nothing I don't panic panic is a product of a certain belief system and therefore it is your mental conditioning success keeps the right company all the time you have to nurture yourself so that you can produce the right attitude and nurture means to feed yourself the right information we are what we think and we become what we continue to think you tell your kids go read a book go read your homework and then you watch TV they confused your kids will value what you value if you value TV they gonna hate books if they want you always reading books they gonna turn the TV off cuz whatever mom and dad values and mum and dad are doing well that must be what we should do – so our kids fell in love with books my house is full of books and begin to run our house because you become what you think you cannot rise above the plain of your mental condition so I got to constantly keep feeling my mentality I have to work on it so I can work up my altitude of mentality you to change your life you must change your mind and this is why the heart of leadership is working on the way a person thinks here the most important thing to write down seven principles of true leadership true leadership is inherent in the human spirit you have to believe that first every human being possesses the capacity to be a leader whether they die as a follower is a choice number two true leadership cannot be taught it must be discovered number three true leadership is self discovery and number four true leadership is serving your gift to the world everyone in this room was born with a specific gift some of you got two of them don't try and develop all of your gifts focus on one make it your primary gift and then refine it and then serve it to the world it is your gift that makes you valuable and serving it is your responsibility and the better you serve your gift the greater believe is leadership you what you achieve so rubber can serve that gift more effectively they become the greatest in the group no one came to earth without a gift problem is we try to take other people's gifts and make them ours if you become an imitation you're gonna be broke you need to find your gift your strengths your unique power and you need to take that and say I'm going to become this and then serve it to the world and that's your leadership born that day we've all been taught to be employed not deployed and so they always tell you go to school get an education so you can get a job they never say stay in school so you can own a business they don't even think that way do you mean tell me it doesn't because your parents don't even think that way and so you follow the convention of the community I'll never forget the meeting when I went to Malaysia to speak I was speaking at the largest Sony plant I had two days with them the first day I spoke to all the managers all the CEOs I was the speaker to train them there was Chinese and Japanese and Singaporeans all these folks were there in Malaysia working for Sony and I had to do training there for management development and leadership training for the whole day the third day the president of that particular firm called me up and he says our CEO and our executives are so impressed by you we want to take you for lunch we want to talk to you some more and they were picking my brain man they wanted they were taking notes asking me questions keep writing stuff writing stuff and all of a sudden hit me you know wait a minute all these guys are millionaires man every Chinaman I know owns a business and Here I am in the heart of Asia where they come from and I said sir suddenly I have a question that I need you to answer militantly I said tell me how come no matter where it is you go to the lowest ghetto in the harbor township and you end up owning a business can you tell me what is your see and they looked at each other and they laughed and then the president said to me he said well you know we've been noticing that ourselves we have concluded based on our assessment that whenever you go into a community the first thing you look for is a job he says when we come into any community the first thing we look for is a business he said its attitude they don't even look for a job they don't even think about employment they think deployment as a man thinking they becomes so I said to the guy I said excuse me so when you go into a town and any country so what are you doing till you get a business he says any employment we have is always temporary we only want enough money to start a business that's all mentality number six true leadership is self manifestation you become a leader when you discover who you are and decide to become it true leadership is self manifestation your leadership is not ahead of you is trapped within you you are so great it's amazing but the environment won't allow you to become it sometimes our past can hold us back mentality just don't allow you to to step out and take a risk what you doing now it's not what you could do whatever you impressed with God's disappointed it stop waiting for everything to show up before you start every leader I tell you the truth every leader ain't know what they do it me included we don't know what we're doing we just say I got this idea I'm gonna go for it and for heaven's sake believe me we ain't got no money what I mean is for our projects because you are not a leader unless you're doing something you cannot pay for I say you're not a leader unless you are doing something you cannot pay for leadership demands that you gotta take risks number seven leadership is self exposure when you expose your true self get ready people won't understand you but go for it let us meet you before you die not the one the culture made another one society produce the one that's on the inside that we have yet to beat the true self this is why I keep telling people you got to die empty I want to give you this what I call the five questions of life that you have to answer to become a leader number one Who am I number two where am i from number three why am I here number four what can I do and number five where am I going these are the most important questions in life and until you answer them you will always be a follower Who am I has to do with identity you can discover who you are apart from six point seven billion people number two where am i from has to do with your heritage and I'm not talking about your ethnicity because your ethnic heritage is so confusing don't try to find yourself by going back in your ethnicity you'll never find out where you're from why am I here is a question of purpose you got discover why you were sent to the planet where am I going is a question of destiny and what can I do is a question of potential and therefore when you discover these answers you've discovered your leadership I Know Who I am I didn't always but I found out who I was and secondly I know where I came from and I didn't come from the Bahamas I didn't come from Africa because both of them are limiting all cultures limit you I had to come from something greater my greatest mentor in history in my life is Jesus Christ at one time they asked him where are you from you know this answer was he didn't say came from Bethlehem grew up in Nazareth and had friends in Capernaum his answer was I came down from heaven they say they said no no we know your mother she's married and your daddy joke he says no I came down from heaven he refused to have his heritage limited to Earth and so am i me I came through pain town and I didn't come from Bay town I came through the Bahamas I didn't come from the Bahamas whoever you came from can limit you or give you unlimited thinking I said the reason why they call Africa Mother Africa is because you never get your heritage from your mother that's why you carries your father's name the seed of the identicals from your father I came down from My Father through the mother that makes me limitless I'm just like my daddy all things are awesome with my father true leadership is not a method nor technique true leadership is an attitude when I discovered that I came out of God not out of the Bahamas suddenly the Bahamas became too small for me so today we have effects in 90 countries right from this island because the mentality that was developed here goes beyond this entire region don't let where you came from physically trap you don't let your ethnic heritage become your graveyard stop being black and white and yellow and stuff forget that so that's true that's too limiting become like your father be a man is a spirit being there's no limit everything you know is not all there is to know beliefs and convictions of a leader can regulates the nature of their leadership and therefore the source of beliefs is the perception of your truth what is truth to you determines what you do with your life whatever you think is truth that's how you're gonna live that's why it's important to keep getting information

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  1. You want to become a leader? Just think as a human & act as a human. Just become a simply human..Don’t duplicate non-human behaviour…😀

  2. Thank you all your uplifting, powerful teaching! RIP Dr. Munroe. You  are sorely missed, but we Praise God for these timeless messages to help us become what God says we are.

  3. Great message! I always knew that I was born to lead with love and compassion. My mindset is very focused and impactful to help and serve others. I knew by God's spirit that I was purposed even though I did not know my destiny. My nature is one of the lion and my desire is to soar with eagles! I had to learn to cultivate His attributes and a kingdom mindset of Yahweh! Daily I seek to be like Messiah, Christ and walk by destiny as a kingdom citizen as I obey God's Word and seek His Will! Be blessed kingdom leaders!

  4. Great speech sir! Half of us that listened are potential lions and eagles, the thumbs down ones … ducks and chickens 😊

  5. Hey random person scrolling throught the comments. I just want to say: have a great day or night!

    Remember you arer loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals!

  6. This was extremely powerful and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I am a leader at heart and I’m gonna start living like one ⚡️

  7. In full knowledge that I will be ignored by you per your own words…With a SPIRIT far greater than a LION OR EAGLE I will leave my 'Words' of no less 'Worth' than yours. Leaders must have followers in order to be Leaders, am I the only non sheeple walking this Earth that understands this? "Your Biblical Examples" are 'kings' of their species because they 'kill' without remorse, they are not above 'stealing' another creatures kill because they are willing to do 'anything' to survive…How can I respect that??? GOD created the DIVERSITY of the species. How can you use GOD as your example to glorify one yet tear down another??? You twist the BIBLE (as do all self proclaimed Leaders/Successes to spread this kind of mindset. You are 'just' one more example of why this world remains as messed up as it ever was. EVERY 'CHINA'MAN YOU KNOW HAS A BUSINESS?…If you own a business you will need employees. Between 1981 and 2008, the proportion of China's population living on less than $1.25/day is estimated to have fallen from 85% to 13.1%, meaning that roughly 600 million people were taken out of poverty via EMPLOYMENT (not as Business Owners) 
    You need sheeple to give You a portion of their 'income' (YOUR JET didn't just drop out of Heaven did it?)…You paid for it from the $ generated by selling what you are selling 'YOUR Story'. You are building your flock every time someone listens. I too discovered myself, only I was a 12 year old American Female in the midst of the Women's Liberation Movement. A female not brainwashed by "Mans" interpretation of the BIBLE. I had Jesus in my Heart and that is ALL I knew beyond the stories deemed suitable for children out of the BIBLE…After years of Independent Study and Exhaustive Conversations with persons such as yourself…I had my own 'understanding' of the BIBLE. Jesus was a Yogi trying to redirect a 'singular' population into a true understanding and in order to survive the Lions and Eagles of 'his day' he spoke in parables…There was one message however that was a clear as it could possibly be…"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man."
    Once Jesus left his Earthly Body the sheep quickly scattered and Mankind did what mankind does best…They created a Religion (set of rules, and a collection of stories to justify their actions) 'bias based' New Testament attached to the Religion that Jesus had come to set the people free of. Yet an open mind can still discern the teachings from the religion and the twisted interpretations such as yours.
    According to the BIBLE, Genesis in fact: Humanity is here to care for and protect the GARDEN aka Creation…and to SHARE the Abundance, not to Accumulate & Horde it's Abundance. A "GIFT" from the Creator, given to ALL for their enjoyment IF they manage to survive the Eagles and Lions of this World. Does YOUR being Wealthy accomplish this Original Task? Give me a response vs a justification and I will respect your 'opinion' regarding the True Message of the Bible.

  8. "every leader ain't know what they're doing" ain't that the truth lol I started a ministry- www.connectchrist.com – and I feel incompetent almost everyday but I just keep going in faith and it's actually developing quite nicely in my humble opinion- all thanks to God, cuz like I said I don't what I'm doing lol I have degrees and experience but like he said it's not enough

  9. What if you have 1, 2, 3 but you don't want to be a leader? I have also discovered the purpose of my life, but the world is not interested. All family and friends have found ways to turn my conviction in my belief system into a personality flaw and demean, undermine and discount me. They see confidence in such a person as you say, arrogant, and a reason to knock me down to where THEY feel I should be. I attract all kinds of people, too many actually, it wears me out, but family and friends, the people I have never wronged and shown respect my entire life, find reasons to make sure I feel shytty enough to lack the motivation for success. Also, like everyone, I live in a society that fools itself about it's benevolence, lives contrary to the belief system they purport to align with, and just in general have inflated, exaggerated concepts of themselves, their importance, their achievements and their reputations. A mass majority of the population is bat shyt crazy, too far gone to be saved by another.

    The answer may seem simple but I am emotionally and spiritually invested my whole life in these relationships. My mother and siblings. The friends I mention are a very tight group out of high school, my 'real' friends. If I walk away from these people I will be alone. And since they are people that 'seem' top notch, there seems little point in cultivating a new relationship if it can be so deceptive and end up finding out years later that it was a waste of time because people cannot even be honest about their opinions.

    And what if the gift you have for the world, the gift you discuss, is a gift that epitomizes the 'nothingness' in most people's life? Will the world not recoil from that new Truth and shoot the messenger??? I like to think heeding these questions is not living in fear, I can take whatever ugliness the world has for me, but I can't walk a path with a partner I have to keep an eye on, select my words and self-exposing carefully, and calculated, and be unsure if that partner will even arrive at the destination as my friend….

    I want a video like this to make my path clear, I just can't seem to choose between the life I thought we all wanted and the quiet life of someone who puts Truth ahead of comfort. Poorly said, my belief system is in place, I don't have a choice which path to follow but …. I guess I have to choose between either, 'leaving my family' or 'keep taking abuse in order to continue trying to save them'

    "I can not save you, I can't even save myself! So just SAVE YOURSELF!" – Stabbing Westward


  10. The analogies do have some revelations but really it is the diet of these animals and their ability to adapt in their environments as well as their inherent nature to have to dominate that which feeds its appetite. Imagine the beast you have to be to go out and battle everyday to get a meal and the energy it takes versus eating plants and herbs. Omnivores I think are more well rounded and adapt easier.

  11. I have always had the ability to be a leader but I never walked fully in being that leader. That now will change because I am going to be a kingdom leader.

  12. A friend of mine told me to give it a listen and I’m glad I did. This made me cry and question myself and my surroundings in a way I hadn’t ever thought of. Limitations truly are shackles we bind to ourselves.

  13. I don't need to listen to this although it is a very good morning motivational message I know who I AM! I create good and evil, I the Lord do all these things!!!

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