21 thoughts on “Dorie Clark: Thought Leadership 101

  1. I have a novel idea, why don't we go back to teaching young people how to be their own best thought leader. Teach people to think for themselves. Then we wouldn't have so many socially engineered sheep, with no common sense. Of course the Communist Progressive Left, would no longer have any useful idiots to control.

  2. Just hearing this has made my day even better because I have had many ideas for inventions or ideas that have already been done but some haven't. The most annoying part of creativity is using it to make your dream come true I wish that some day I will be able to make my dream reality

  3. 0:00 – Phrase not word.  Now that we've got that out of the way… 

    Sadly many celebrities think their opinions are valuable simply by virtue of their success in an image-driven profession, despite having no more formal (or autodidactic) education in the subject matter than your average college drop-out.  Even more sadly, millions of "regular people" also buy into this fallacy, adopting the opinions of celebrities, without consideration for their lack of expertise.

    This video, to some extent, may unintentionally further a similar phenomenon, by which people whose thoughts are primarily derived from agenda-driven sound bites THINK they know about this or that subject matter, so they go out into the world (real or cyber) and confidently spread their "knowledge" to others, perpetuating views that are, in fact, based on monumentally limited and often inaccurate information.

    The message of this video is only valid if tomorrow's thought leaders actually THINK today.

  4. I`m a bit sleepy so tell me if this is wrong, did she just used the most abstract way possible of saying "get of your ass and do something useful"?.

  5. The difficult part is to get people to actually listen, or pay attention to the changes you are making. People often value result higher, then the idea that created the result. Thereby neglecting the very notion, that the result couldn't exist without the idea. And that a thought process also requires work, and deserves admiration.

  6. It's exactly as she states, the ideas she conveys aren't wholly original or new. Yet people forget to address them in a manner that is of use to themselves and others. The comments seem to be addressing the same point she makes, so I guess it's mission accomplished. Being a dick isn't new, but at least the people in the comments section are doing it their way.

  7. well the first comments all mention her looks which is weird, even the ones that claim to be complaining about the actual content of her words.

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