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  1. Hahaha! This is really sad. Young people are NOT on Facebook. When you suggest that they are, you lose all credibility.

    With that said, it is one thing for a business to use social media; it is another thing for an individual who has no business need to do so. I have social media accounts, but have NO individual friends. I follow businesses, sports teams, recreational and entertainment venues, etc. But "socializing" on social media is a monumental waste of time. Oh, and I don't get actual news from social media; I get news from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The Economist, The New Yorker, Time,, The Atlantic, and my local metropolitan area's news outlets. Anyone getting "news" from social media doesn't know anything about actually getting real news.

    I've had iPhones from almost the beginning, but I am getting rid of my iPhone. I've already purchased a new iPod Touch 7th for audio media consumption and am getting a Light Phone 2 for talking and texting and LONG battery life (with a hotspot when I need a cellular connection for my iPod. I'm using my iPhone 6 as a wifi-only video streaming device and to read the daily NYT, WSJ, WaPa, and local newspaper. The problem with using an iPhone for everything is that it is a jack of all trade and master of none. It just isn't that good as a phone because that use is drowned out and compromised by everything else it is designed to do.

  2. This is the weakest video of yours that I have watched- are you being deliberately ignorant in telling people to manage their depression, or is it more of a can't relate/won't relate deal?

  3. Many claims and NO single concrete reference to substantiate it. Is that a pro-social media roadshow funded by Linked-In and/or Instagram?
    #fakenews #noscience #spam #prosocialmedia

  4. I also use Social Media for business. I fucking love Instagram because of the tools they have!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ

  5. This is near to ridiculous. I mean if you look closely to the society of the social media. I can say that less than 40% only use the social media for business or marketing purposes. The rest? Well. You know the answer. Only to find external validation. It's a fact. I deleted all of my social media almost 6 years ago and never been happier. I don't care anymore. When I used to have social media. I was really upset about almost everything about myself and my life. This may sound like out of the topic but it is true. After those times I still can do businesses. Even my friend who has never been on social media succeeds in her business. News? FOMO? Stupid. There are so many newspapers online. Read more from the sources that are guaranteed to have the accurate news. You can live without social media. You can be successful without social media. I don't say it is bad. But to make people spend less time on it is almost impossible. Social media is like a part of people's lives. Just my opinion tho.

  6. I am just an intern at some company, I don't have my own company to care about reaching audiences and such stuff. I only use social media to check out birthday dates and news from my college. I am graduating this year and once I get hired I will very likely stop using social media.

  7. People quit social media because they don't know how to use it and are using it wrong. In personal or professional way.

  8. Appreciate your honesty. Still not using "social" media, I dislike the whole concept of "social media". I used the Internet for socializing even before "social media" was invented and "social media" has sucked all the way straight from the beginning. And it still sucks. You're right, fb is better with 0-5 friends than with 100 and you absolutely should never write anything there, much less click on almost anything.

  9. I love it how you mentioned living with you parents.
    I moved in from London "serious long term career" to move in with my mother in law in Tokyo. It is not perfect but I do need to spend 70% of my wages on the tiny apartment with mold on the walls. I started coding classes as well…

  10. i watched this whole video.. your wisdom is soo amazing! i feel like crying, mabye because im high, but mostly because so many points you said CHANGED ME… INFLUENCER!!!

  11. Social media is nasty as far as I'm concerned. Its just about showing off and keeping tabs on people you haven't seen in years. It isn't a smart thing to do to be honest.

  12. Subscribed and liked. Finally accepted your dull expression yet bold analysis. Yes, you are my influencer not because you are millionaire living with parents.

  13. This was one of the most real and knowledge heavy videos you've done. The relevancy is astounding. Keep these coming please!

  14. Then start calling it "business media" as to not confuse impressionable people to its best uses. As a programmer you should understand the great benefits of minimalism especially regarding language. Hidden/esoteric wisdom will always cause a significant portion of the downtrodden to falter and thus be negatively exploited.

  15. I quit my personal Facebook for family/friends a long time ago. I felt like I had this notion that i still knew the people on my Facebook just cause I constantly saw their updates and shit.. but it was the complete opposite.

    I made a fake facebook for building my youtube/art stuff.. but it's not something I go to often.

  16. No way dude, I quit Facebook about 4 years ago and it is the best decision I ever made. I have no interest in getting back on there.

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