10 thoughts on “Don't Overreact To Mets Confronting Reporter | Tiki + Tierney

  1. CBS sucks, why do I get recommended this crap??!?!? How many times do I have to downvote and dis MSM before youtube stops trying to choke me with it? Please delete your channel so it stays out of my feed, thanks.

  2. #CBS Sports awwh here we go…
    Oops sorry, #Youtube your scroll sucks on the YouTube App. I have a six inch screen and I can't scroll through my subscriptions, #honkelertheclown, #projectveritas, #ect. Thanks.

  3. The owners is the problem he has no love for his team, we could blame so many in the team but it falls to it's owners not showing the love (💵) for my Mets. Love my Mets and hoping before God needs my ass up there, i get to see this beautiful team gets its win.

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