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  1. The real struggle is, how do we actually help our former family to actually see the truth without being shunned(if you are not disfellowshipped but just not active) How do I actually get them to see the light one day? What do I say? How do I word it? This I need help on, because I cant continue with my Mom and other family being blind and esp with them trying to secretly brainwash my young children when I am not around

  2. The difference between JWS as a cult is, it is not an aggressive cult.
    But the outcome is the same. It is passive aggression.

  3. To add further injury, You will be disfellowshipped, excommunicated, shunned yourself if the elders find out that you ate NoT shunning a friend or family member who is DF’d ! ! Thats why Raymond Franz, former Governing Body member, was excommunicated, simply because he refused to go along with the newly mandated shunning policy and shun a close friend who didn’t want to be an active JW anymore. Insane

  4. I woke up 8 months ago. I have read and studied everything I can fit into the days. I'm satisfied that I am doing the right thing by never going back. I'm frustrated to know that my family and friends are victims and I can't save them. They wouldn't listen. If I get disfellowshiped, the door is closed. I won't have any opportunities to help them. I've told a friend and an elder friend what I learned. They have stopped contact with me. The good thing is that the only family still in is my aunt and cousin.

  5. My younger sister was a JW but she left.  I was told not to have anything to do with her, but I don't let people tell me what to do.  My children are not JWs and I would never turn my back on them for nothing.  One person wanted me to discourage my daughter from having children (my daughter is married and they want a baby).  Before I got baptized I was discouraged from visiting my non JW family members, which I ignored.  I am a strong willed person and I don't let people run my life.  There is one person who is always ranting about what I do, where I go, where I shop, and so on and so on.  I ignore her and at times I had to get her told.  When I go on vacation, she thinks she should be a "freeloader" and go with me.

  6. Good vid guys! Ex Jw, out after 35 years! Never felt better, I even quit a long time drinking problem over 3 years ago. I'm 48, and my 28 yr old daughter was df'd at 16, her grandma has nothing to do with her, and she just had her first baby! Sick!

  7. You make a really valid point about looking at your young child and considering could you shun them one day. We all want to protect our children from whatever bad stuff hurt us out there in 'the world' if we were one of those not born in to the cult. That was how my husband first witnessed to me when we first met in fact, as I'd had a bad experience growing up and again just before he came along. I had a longing to have more protective parents.

    Then after I was widowed from him and not baptized, I brought the kids to the meetings for the first five years of their lives as it was what he wanted. I'd experienced him being shunned and sat beside him at meetings, disagreeing with it, but supporting him on and off. I always spoke to anyone disfellowshipped and I have to say I always thought about what would happen if my kids messed up and got disfellowshipped, knowing I'd never expect them not to mess up like I did in my youth – like all those parents out there that got involved.

    I feared having my child judged by one of those men. To be honest, when I saw how creepy one of the elders was with me and thought of how my husband had to do what he did at their judgement, I broke down and cried. I certainly did not want my little girl ever confessing her sins to such a man when she grew up. And I wondered what kind of influence they'd be on my son. These were all things influencing my decision to finally get out.

    My mother and father in law left at the same time. My mother in law told me that the elders in her country had told her not to even pray for her son when he was alive, even though attending meetings and she'd ignored them, calling to ask me how he was and being relieved when I had shoved him quickly on the phone each time. They died within 10 years of losing their son, but at least they got out and I'm so glad they did at least speak on the phone to him from abroad.

  8. For every family the WT has spiritually 'saved' it has completely put off another ten from religion altogether

  9. You both seem happy since leaving The JWs.  Giving the World an insight into the teachings of JWs.  I've just started studies with them for over 2 months, love the interesting topics, they have a few teachings I hesitate to accept i.e  Jesus on a pole not a cross…Their New World Translation Bible which I read now in conjunction with the 'KJV Bible to insure accuracy and to raise questions of my own with the fellow brother teaching me.  But I find a wonderful source of Bible Studies which I'm a great fan of 'The Bible Project' I use all three sources more leaning towards The KJV Bible and 'The Bible Project.  So I'm hoping now that you have left The JWs you are still studying the scriptures of the Bible in Spirit.  Remember the Opposing Force, against God and the Human race, will constantly work, to lead us away our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  10. Plus, scientist proved that what all the Bible said was true and if you take a good look at it and read it carefully it will all make sense, don’t know why you left and joined the world, let’s see what the world has for you, drugs ,weed, cocaine , marijuana , and all other types Of bad things, have a nice time of being in satins wicked system that will get destroyed and you will be destroyed with it, I can’t imagine the look on your guys face when you finally realize that the system is coming to an end, and we are in the last days, all I will say is GOOD LUCK WITH THAT and I am not trying to be mean I am serious

  11. I just realize something if jw’s was lying I’m sure the Bible wouldn’t be the most translated book

  12. Thank you so much for this video. I just recently started watching videos on your channel. I was disfellowshipped at 16. Even when I was in my parents home they still wouldn't talk to me. It took me 4 years to realize that I'm not evil incarnate like what they made me believe. I still miss my family very much but they made the decision to abandon me in a time in my life when I needed them. They threw me into the world at midnight on my 18th birthday with no money, no anything. I was homeless for a good while and they thought that's what I deserved. I'm happy now that I'm in a stable relationship and I recently had a beautiful daughter and can't imagine leaving her. I understand the scare tactics that they experience but I don't know….just know that your videos help a lot of people!

  13. The JWS are faithfully devoted to the WTS Corporation, which has been preaching a corrupt tainted false Gospel of Jesus Christ (1914) and his Kingdom to come. The WTS started proclaiming the return of Christ by using the theology of Pyramidology to date 1914. that failed of course so it still wanted to use the return of Christ and The End Times , This Generation doctrine to attract people to its published literature creating a false Gospel rooted in corrupt Charlatanism. That is " The Truth " So sad to see so many people get brainwashed into a state of cognitive disillusionment from reality but then again that was the WTS's intent to get its literature circulated and distributed, the key word being EXPLOITATION.

  14. So, let me get this straight… You are being shunned for not believing the governing body is God's only channel. But Geoffrey Jackson specifically stated under oath that they are not God's only channel. Technically, doesn't that mean he should also be shunned?

  15. I am not, nor have I ever been, a JW. However, I have heard horror stories about this organization. Over 40 years ago I studied with them for a very short period of time and even attended 2 or three meetings with a friend who was studying with them. I just stopped all together, she was baptized and later married. I never saw her again. I'm glad that I had the foresight to just not be bothered with them. I have researched and seen many, many videos about the witnesses and breathe a sigh a relief that I never joined them.

  16. Shunning is just inhumane!!..Period!!. The common sense reasoning you all gave are on point. As we know the JWs do not have any critical thinking skills but, common sense is just common sense!!
    They are proving they're just Clone robots!.. So sad!!💯

    Time for you all to write a book about your JW life experience!!..I will definitely buy one!
    Much love!! ❤

  17. what you say is true i was raised a witness lucky to leave at 15 im now 49 years old with some still in iam so glad my 2 chidren and now 3 grandchildren will have nothing to do with this false cult

  18. This analogy is SO GOOD. They have no more humanity than a mother who throws her baby in a dumpster = TRUTH. I love you guys.

  19. Exposed 666 = Bob King as the real satan misleading the governing body dickheads captain blockhead calling out

  20. Ignorance is the worst enemy. The lesser people know the more those greedy old jerks can control them.

  21. You are right about Mormons. Scientologist, etc are cults. One of the most horrifying cults is Islam! They shun to the extreme family, abuse women and those of different persuasions. I’m not saying every Muslim is an extremist. This is a disclaimer for those out there that want to condemn anyone that calls it like it is.This world has to wake up to the reality of the insidious hateful harm all cults are inflicting on man at this moment. Let’s stop tolerating that which is non tolerant.

  22. While a VERY faithful JW, I hated/despised linking my religion to a "cult". After all, we weren't following "a man", or were we? After all, the Governing Body are men. As time went on, I could see how the scripture in Psalms that warned about putting your trust in men could apply to the Governing Body. Today, these imperfect, self-appointed, admittedly non-inspired men are indeed the "leaders" of this group [called Jehovah's Witnesses] and all JWs are expected to listen to them as "God's [appointed earthly] channel", even to the point of shunning relatives who have left the religion due to discovering TTATT. Look. When leaders tell you that you can't use independent thought, can't read anything critical of JWs, can't associate with ex-members, and so-on, it's a cult! www.jwfacts.com

  23. It's such a different experience if you have met them. My family was in the Columbia Heights hall in Brooklyn. We were often invited to bethel for lunch and we were generally always around them. My mom still says that Stephen Lett & Gerrit Losch were like our grandparents. (in reality they were always just super busy) Well I'm the only one that decided to never get baptized and I'm constantly being reminded by my family that I'm throwing away a gift from Jehovah and that we as a family have a gift that no Jehovah's Witnesses get. I married an "unbeliever" and I'm constantly being reminded that I chose the loneliest life and that I now have to try and "win him over without a word" with my conduct. My father was Disfellowshipped and I had him walk me down the isle so none of my family came to my wedding, but my brother did have the time to sit my husband down and tell him that he will never approve because he's an unbeliever, the end is near and all he can hope for is that we come to our senses. My family worships the governing body more than anything and when other witnesses find out about it they treat my family like they're royalty… Like GOD himself has touched them, and I am treated like I'm sickly because I just decided to be a normal person. My family was a lot closer when they were all inactive. Now they're deeply diluted, judgmental, and hold themselves as if above all other witnesses, and I bet you those guys don't even remember us.

  24. It took me years literally to recognize the organization as a cult. Thanks to videos and personal research I started the painful process of waking up and coming to my senses. It's not easy to come to grips with the notion that everything you've been taught is based on false doctrine. It's also very difficult to accept . Keep spreading the word. Thank you for raising questions. Thanks to many hours of tearing things apart and and tears, I'm free. And for me, I'm grateful to have learned the truth about the why behind it all.

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