100 thoughts on “Donald Trump: My reputation with black voters ‘may be the best’

  1. one thing Trump got right is calling it Blacks for Trump instead of calling African Americans for Trump. That African-American thing is the stupidest thing in the world to me and most of us don't call ourselves African Americans. We prefer Black.

  2. Transparent tripe intended to counter Uber Fraud’s long-standing racist words and deeds coupled with a desperate recruitment drive to find black faces willing to swallow their pride by being his spokesperson.

  3. Fact: This President has done more for the People than any other, ever! Your hate for this man is misguided and profound.

  4. He actually has a decent amount of minority supporters. The Democratic party doesnt earn your vote simply because you're black

  5. "The numbers don't lie" "the same polls [numbers] that said Hillary Clinton won?"
    what a clown

    538 didn't get the polling wrong but also it really helped to have Russia injecting into the process.

  6. No mention of the Central Park 5 where the Fat Man said mean cruel words about them. Didn’t he even take out a full page ad against them?! It’s an insult to all African Americans to think they would be stupid enough to support him,(being the racist bigot that he is)! What’s next, Latinos for tRump? What an idiot!

  7. So black people seeing how Trump's 2017 Removal of white supremacist from homeland terror watch list ,and the 2018 addition of Black Identity Extremists to that watch list must be what's winning the black vote huh. 🤔
    Or maybe it's the support for the police, and the way Trump's administration is not actually looking to change the exception to slavery found in the us 13th amendment. 🤔

  8. Richard rose, your children deserve what you have earned for them with your racism. Die lonely knowing you are a separatist. Go ahead, refute white money, refute white countries. Go where you feel most comfortable. Oh, that was america? Then shut your fucking mouth you ingreat. You ignants are the ones showing up to dinner empty handed and bitchin. But you think you deserve everything because you showed up and graced us with you crack addicted presence. Aren't you busy blaming others for you even showing up in the first place? Do you have no agency, no responsibility? Can you even whipe your ass without blaming white america? Besides complaine, use drugs and shoot up neighborhoods, what have you done hmm? No lies, no spin. What the fuck have you or yours ever done for america, or anyone one else, EVER? I'll wait.. Lies dont count. Go ahead get mad, but untill you get real there is no answer. I'm waiting…..

  9. Trump has nothing to do with the economy from 8 years ago–but he's trying to take credit for Obama's work. 8 years ago it was recovering from the recession (thank you Bush).

  10. He's done more for black voters that's for sure. Passed the first step act, sponsored Opportunity Zone which has seen a ton of investment in minority communities which is why the black unemployment is at an all time low, black median income and home ownership rates are at an all time high. Trump has appropriated more money to historically black colleges than any president in U.S. history. If you're a member of a minority group and you think the Democrats have your back you're still on the mental plantation. Biden helped write the bill that got mandatory minimums in place, Bill Clinton signed it and signed the immigration act in 1996 that targeted minorities. Have you forgotten when your Democratic president said "I'll have those N…..s voting Democrat for 200 years? Google everything I just said and wake up. Why is it every city where blacks and Hispanics are the poorest and have the highest murder rates ran by Democrats? Naturally the short black dude is triggered because the facts don't match his narrative and even CNN is trying to prop him up lmao

  11. listen people America doesnt have the smartest people. but i really hoped African American didn't chant "black for trump" when trump asked for it. next trump will be peeing on you

  12. Desperate persons will do anything … he has been caught being racist more than once, had he done this in his first election campaign it may have been believed by someone unfamiliar with his ways like me ….Lord, we call out devil's work to charm others b4 stabbing them in the back …forgive us all & open our eyes to all truths & Bless ALL involved in this thing challenging us all today

  13. How about we start calling white people European Americans? Fuck out of here with that "African American" stuff. Nothing African about them except their genes. They are Americans not African Americans.

  14. I notice that Mr. Levell seems to be dominating the spot here, gimme a break guy…..this president is a parasitic opportunist, nothing in his past behaviors would suggest that he truly cares about the plight of black americans and anything that he's presently/currently doing is tied to a political and or monetary benefit to him. I am so sick and tired of people touting employment statistics and not contextualizing what is really happening on the ground. The jobs often created are part-time or do not pay a livable wage, and when you factor in healthcare, if it is provided through employers, the employee contribution as well as what they have to pay in co-pays and deductibles further reduces what they are actually earning.

  15. See, this is a good picture of what's wrong with the democratic representatives and supporters…Here it is, the Trump man is getting ALL his lies across and the democratic brutha, is just sitting there LETTING him speak instead of throwing up hard facts! The only thing he did right was say how the economy and Black unemployment rates are due to the Obama administration. He didn't bring up how Trump told the minority women reps to go back where they came from, he didn't bring up how Trump was sued for housing discrimination against Blacks, or how his father was too and both were found guilty. He didn't even mention how the man went around bragging about how he used his position to go around grabbing pussy. The republicans are winning because they will jump in and take an aggressive stance, mix lies with truth or out and out lie, and repeat what they want you to believe over and over again so that the ignorant people in society start wondering if what they're saying is true! Another thing is they need to start kicking down them republican senator's doors who are refusing to the subpoenas and arrest their asses! If you or I ignored a subpoena, we'd get our asses handed to us!

  16. another bunch of brainwashed "Blacks" . They have nno idea the WH Mobster will dump them as soon as he doesn't need them anymore

  17. Matching the color of his dick people you mean? I guess they still love to bend over and take it hard?! Supporting Trump even for a sane white person is retarded AF but for people of color it is out of the ballpark Stupid

  18. The majority of Black women hate trumps guts, AND these $1.00 an hour MORE , black Republicans who are so gullible to believe anything that trump says, without doing any research on their corrupt president..We are turning our back on their kind, and trump.
    YOU can look, and listen at these black Republicans, and know that something is really wrong with Them…MENTALLY.

  19. Are blacks who support paedophile trump aka individual one just as STUPID as the WHITE DINGALINGS because I do not get it. I heard one JAMAICAN and this guy has got a cleaning business, say that if Jesus Christ came down off the cross and told him something, he would say wait I have to go confirm it with paedophile trump aka individual one. Can someone explain what kind of blacks are these that love paedophile trump aka individual one. Are these blacks the coconuts who think they are white or wannabe whites. I DO NOT GET IT.

  20. I like how the asshat said "dont interrupt me, Did I interrupt you?" Then the next godang second When Richard spoke he was intantly interrupted by that asspirate bruce

  21. Kiss my ASS trump is riding off the success for what OBAMA! I hate that thing in the purple tie can kiss my 🍑 and I don’t care who likes it!!!!!!!!

  22. I'm a shame to be a black American cuz we as people we are never going wake up we will never learn how we are being use Trump don't respect us. Tell you the truth if you look at all these news station who they be talking to white people they saying our words don't count

  23. Lowest black unemployment, lowest taxes for middle class, prison reform, minority enterprise zones. Blacks know who butter their bread!! We gonna MAGA 2020!!

  24. Trump's accomplishments for the Black man : As of Jan. 1, 2020 , all streets in America will be called Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Don Jr. & Ivanka will release their new rap album ! Eric has expressed his desire to adopt one, perhaps two black girls about
    9 or 10 yrs. old ! Against policy, all low pay illegals will be replaced at Trump properties by low pay black folk.

  25. If some posts are deleted, it's because of a few verboten words the algorithm keys on. Just slightly misspell words like hhommo, trrany, peddo, commmie, etc.

  26. When a man can not come to terms with himself of being bald(while its visible to EVERYBODY), you just cant trust that man, because he is actually a ladie.

  27. If Pelosi decides not to impeach, or he's impeached and acquitted by senate, look for deranged democraps to riot in the streets. Be careful!

  28. Trump is not a racist he is a hater – and the darker your skin is the more he is going to hate your guts -he hates everything that is not of Trump and if you think you're a winner putting your soul on that sick old pussy-grabber he will do what he always does he will shove his stump right up your trunk and he will put his name on your head and you will be nothing but a brainless Trumpy – Trump may have it going now! but America with Trump is losing the future where the world is building the future, America is busy building fences.

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