Donald Trump Jr ‘triggered’ by heckles and booing at his book launch

Donald Trump Jr ‘triggered’ by heckles and booing at his book launch

It’s OK, listen. Hey guys, it’s still America.
It’s OK. We’re willing to hear them,
they’re usually not willing to hear us. [Heckling] So I asked a simple question. – I think she’s triggered, Don. Thank you for advertising the book.
We appreciate it. And to show, sort of, the level of hatred
in that media that we keep talking about but it is so important
because it’s still the filter by which everyone
gets their news. It’s because people hijack it
with nonsense, looking to go for some sort of soundbite. You have people spreading nonsense,
spreading hate to try to take over that room. And that’s the real issue in the room. – No, it’s because your not making
your parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous. We are happy to answer a question. [One] hundred new women-created
and owned businesses a day in the United States of America
in 2018 alone. Those are the facts. Even The View couldn’t dispute that. They said: “Well, we like the jobs.
People have jobs.”

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr ‘triggered’ by heckles and booing at his book launch

  1. Donald Trump Jr walks out of Triggered book launch after heckling – from supporters ►

  2. I am writing my book too, Trump has so much drama, suspense, extortion sex, lies, corruption, collusion you name it Trump has it.

  3. His govnor in KY, won't concede over 5,000 votes,the incumbent white nationalists evangelical KGB sympathizer lost,and acts like a sore loser. Funny,how they act like ppl are ignorant. Mexico isn't paying for the wall.

  4. Conflict of interests/violations of emoluments clause: If Trump JR. is doing politics when he is supposed to be running Trump Inc., that means President Trump is also probably conducting Trump Inc. business, using Public Office for personal gain.

  5. This is a lawyer, she's so mad cause they are booed by the people. Did she gets the job that trumps promised her so she left Fox News.

  6. I love reading these comments haha. There wasnt a single Boo that happened in this video???? Half of the group that you could see were clapping…

  7. Here, in Canada it is so clear the the American Democratic party was taken over from within. 2019 Democrats are not Democrats. Just like CNN is not a news channel, just opinions. I love the USA but it's time you guys wake up. Trump is harsh, he's rude and probably a dork BUT he's fighting for your country, for you which is more than I can say for that globalist we call our Prime Minister

  8. Yep and again confirmed, the US is a mess that no one can take seriously anymore. I'm enjoying the show watching you destroying yourself from the inside 🙂

  9. Oh ya. A couple of soys making a noise in the crowd. If you want a boo fest, get a feminist loud mouth flousing their presence for a minute,they'll get boooed.

  10. So at exactly the same time Dotard JR is decrying Hunter Biden using nepotism to get a $50,000 per month job he’s making $50,000 per speech to hawk his shitty lie filled book that he didn’t even write himself. If this isn’t the ultimate in hypocrisy I would know what is?

  11. Trump supporters just don’t get it, this family is simply using its power to further their wealth and keep the swamp happy. Every trade or arms deal has a kickback.

  12. Wow been reading about this for a week media made it out to be some crazy thing but nope only a few boos and hecklers as you would expect but for some reason they write stories as if the whole room including his supporters were against him

  13. This is a mixed crowd… Surprised there were any red hats, having taken place at UCLA of all places. Supporters were supporting, hecklers were heckling. What's new. No one respects opinions anymore.

    GF needs to take it down a notch.

  14. I just love all of you hypocritical sycophantic judges of his girlfriend. Clutching your pearls that she is dating a married man… Oh the humanity, how dare she? But at the same time yo promote killing babies, releasing violent criminals, men are women, etc… Jeeeze!

  15. Trump's campaign 2020 bought up tons of copies of the book in order to pad those sales and make it look like a bestseller. LOL… Way to go Trump money donors…

  16. How pathetic would you have to be to write such a book? For God's sake, grow up and grow some balls. You're a man, not a boy and not a little girl.

  17. The title of this video is kind of misleading, don't think you can consider DTJr's behavior as triggered in all honesty. Although not answering questions is a bit triggering.

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