Donald Trump Jr. speaks out on Hunter Biden-Ukraine scandal

Donald Trump Jr. speaks out on Hunter Biden-Ukraine scandal

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. speaks out on Hunter Biden-Ukraine scandal

  1. Obama whom i voted for I’m sorry to admit is the worst president we ever had. He refused our president a peaceful transfer of power and spied, lied, cheated and colluded to frame and perform a coup on a duly elected president. This rot began at the top, i will never ever vote for a democrat again.

  2. Trump should sue all the fake news. CNN. MSNBC , the young Turks, new York times, Washington Post, ect. These lists have caused so much damage to our country. Trump 2020.

  3. Is Hunter Biden a drug addict? Is that why he was thrown out of the Navy?? He and Kerry's son and Pelosi's son Paul were all running around with the Russians, the Chinese, Iranians and the Ukraine – bilking them of billions of $$$$ for what? WHAT did these corrupt children of politicians promise these countries???

  4. 🤬🤬🤬 🤮🤮🤮🤮 spewing conspiracy theories. Hannity you’re a joke and not even a journalist! Trump puppet!

  5. Perhaps Hannity and Trump Jr. could speak to the picture showing Trump Jr schmoozing with some of the recently arrested Guiliani associates.

  6. So Hunter has severd ties to any potinal questionable connection of conflict of intrest; so I wonder now how dmfp and his whiney kid will criticise him?!

  7. EVERYBODY understands Biden is Sold and Payed for, he is DEAD has a Candidate !….this is the DEFENITION of Corruption, no matter whathefuckever he says !

  8. Now see what I don't get is Republicans could have got everything they wanted as far as tax cuts for the rich, all sorts of regulations on environment completely done away with the whole bloody blah that the right-wing wanted, with Rubio, Bush jr. II, who else ran, the whole 17 Republicans that were running they could have got that without the grifter swampiest piece of Orange floating turd that they ended up with, but they now have to play with that piece of crap they got good luck with you all GOPiece that you are

  9. Did the big thumb head Hannity just say what did quote Hunter Biden do except for inherit Millions from his father did he just ask that to Donald Trump jr. my God we live in Bizarro world

  10. The double triple quadruple standard is Despicable my gosh I was watching you Donald Trump jr. while I was trying to eat and I lost my ramen noodles

  11. While China was gobbling up islands in the south china sea and ripping America off, the Biden's were getting rich, very rich and Biden has the balls to run for President. Thank god we have Trump

  12. Hannity, you need to tell your attorney to shut-up (Reeves). Now, It appears that someone speaking to Hannity's attorney named Christopher Reeves (yeah, his attorney is named Christopher Reeves like the actor who died), recorded a whole involved conversation with him saying how they "have duped all the idiots who believe he is not involved in Trump's investments and a bunch of Russian real estate plans that Trump spoke to Putin and others offline about. He badmouthed Trump saying if it weren't for all the money he got from HUD and other tax dollars his whole family would be bankrupt because "they are all morons". WOW. Hopefully this stays buried and doesn't rise to the level of any real news interest. Trump is a genius by keeping things blowing-up around him so that any bad stuff doesn't stay news for long.
    I couldn't care less if Trump and Hannity are corrupt, as long as they keep getting rid of all the unclean immigrants I support them. That's why I voted for him, not because he would be a "good" president.

  13. Hunter Biden looks like a pathetic idiot. Reuters reported he has never done anything for that huge salary and never went to Kiev in 5 years

  14. I can actually see a long legacy of the TRUMP name in Washington! When I say long Im talking 16, maybe even 24 years in office total over the next decade. 🙂 Tell them you heard it here first,

  15. This nothing of a man owes every last sou to his daddy. That’s why he resents it in others. Freud in action. Too bad daddy didn’t love him. He might be less venal. At least Hunter’s dad loved him.

  16. Beavis & Butt-head trump have NO right to say to a another family ( Your using your fathers name to get ahead ), they have been doing it since there failing president father from day one !!

  17. The guy's name is literally TRUMP JR lol he has the nerve to go on tv and talk about the corruption of nepotism…and fox viewers believe this garbage?

  18. The Trump family and the Faux opinion show support they have are the worst Americans imaginable.
    Imagine that, a kid made rich by his father's position in the government… Well don't look at Trump, Barr or Rudy, oh God no because their children deserve all the money they are collecting now.

  19. Jesus tap dance Christ! If there was ever a case of the pot calling the kettle black…it is right here. Donny Jr calling out Hunter Biden for what? Enriching himself off daddy's position? Is Jr really that stupid? My name is Donny Jr. I live in a glass house. Oh…what's this? A rock? Hmmmm…..I'll think I'll through it.

  20. Donald Trump Jr of all people is in no place to accuse ANYONE of nepotism.

    When you have the last name of the president of the country, that and Jr at that, and get to have white house rights you normally wouldn't have, it's the very definition of nepotism.

  21. I travel extensively throughout the US. I frequently drop little political queues in conversations. As a result many people reveal that they are convinced that Trump is the most evil, faschist, non-transparent, criminal ever in the White House . . . lots of them, enough to almost elect Hillary in the last election. I usually cannot engage them with the next obvious question which is specifically what has Trump done in your view for you to dislike him to this degree? We are usually in a public or confined setting like an airplane seat, restaurant, or bar. They will vote against Trump no matter what numbskull is running against him, and their numbers are large.

  22. "When you're the father and your son's entire career is dependent on that, they own you." This would funny if it wasn't so sad. Is Junior that stupid? Has he looked in the mirror?

  23. why is Donald Trump Jr, acting like Nepotism isn't his whole life…he has accomplished nothing but what his dad gave him. Donald Trump Jr. has no experience in anything he is in. the only reason he is here is because he is Donald Trump Jr.

  24. LMFAO, Like Jr. has any room to talk about nepotism. All they know is daddy's money, OMG! What's his experience to be anywhere near the White House. How stupid are you people?

  25. He keeps saying it, (5:43) "And when your the father and your sons entire career is dependent on that" Has he looked in a mirror? The pot calling the kettle black, don't ya think?

  26. It’s time Mike Pence gets in on the cash cow,his daughter deserves one of these high paying positions from the Ukraine. If Biden’s can exploit wealth . The pence deserve their share as well.

  27. Ah… Biden is no angle, but Trump Jr is the last person to critize from '' daddys'' position help son out… Trump made his son (23 yrs) Vice President in papa' s orginization..?? and his sis somehow managed to aquire patents in Japan and China… and what is she doing on the White House… so the $ 50000 Bidens son gets each month is peanuts compared to what Trump's siblings have been sticking in their untalented pockets.. come on.. Let's get real!! Trump himself without his bailouts from his daddy would be broke!!

  28. DT jr has always been just excellent as an interview and is a fav of Opie and Anthony fans because Jr said on XM that his father thought O&A were slobs.

    Jr may one day be prez because he has massive media balls.

  29. Joe Biden has released his tax returns will you and your old man do the same Junior, or do you have something to hide ??

  30. So ridicolous, haha….. Donald junior talk about an other dad give son some money? Hahaha, must be so frustrating for Real educated people in America! For me it is, and iam not Even American 😂

  31. bad guys don't do anything while people are looking and they cover their tracks. They are in George Soros's pocket. He was responsible for Ukraine. and we all know Biden knows Soros as well as Obummer. They all know each other, that's the problem. The good thing is none of them have that much more time to be alive. Rockefeller might have made 101 but none of them will live to see what they dedicated their lives to achieve. Satan lied to Eve and told he she wouldn't die. God told Adam he would surely die and they did. So will Soros. Would love to see his face when he realizes he died and still exists. He will be gnashing his teeth and wishing for mountains to fall on him. God will be waiting to see all of them someday and kind of soon.

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