Donald Trump hits out at Bidens, Somali refugees and Ilhan Omar at Minnesota rally

Donald Trump hits out at Bidens, Somali refugees and Ilhan Omar at Minnesota rally

The “Do-nothing” Democratic extremists
have gone so far left that they believe it should
not be a crime to cross our border illegally
and it should be a crime to have a totally appropriate,
casual, beautiful, accurate phone call with a
foreign leader. I don’t think so.
President Trump made a totally unsubstantiated
claim about Hunter Biden and his father.
It’s not unsubstantiated, you crooked son of a guns,
it’s 100 % true. [Crowd cheers] Joe’s son Hunter
got thrown out of the Navy, and then he became
a genius on Wall Street in about two days.
By the way, whatever happened to Hunter,
where the hell is he? And your father was
never considered smart, he was never considered
a good senator, he was only a good
vice-president because he understood
how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass. [Crowd cheers Now, now.
Yeah, that’s right. How do you think
Joe Biden and his, uh– [Crowd boos How do you think
his son’s feeling right now? Right after embezzling
a lot of money, taking a lot of money,
the crookedness right, he’s not looking
too good either. Yeah, maybe “lock her up”
goes to “lock him up” I don’t know.
“Lock him up”, I don’t know,
I like “lock her up” a little bit more but–
Thank you. That’s a good idea,
I like that idea. [Crowd chants “Lock him up!”] “Congresswoman” Omar is an America-hating socialist.
She minimized the September 11 attack
on our homeland! How do you have
such a person representing you
in Minnesota? I’m very angry at you
people right now! As you know,
for many years, leaders in Washington
brought large numbers of refugees to your state
from Somalia. Without considering
the impact on schools, and
communities, and taxpayers.
I promise you that as President,
I will give local communities the greater say in refugee
policy, and put in place enhanced vetting
and responsible immigration control. We will always protect
American families first. And that has not
been done in Minnesota!

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump hits out at Bidens, Somali refugees and Ilhan Omar at Minnesota rally

  1. The Democrats have shown their colors and there intentions by attacking robbing and beating Republican supporters in the streets of Minnesota under ilhan Omar's personal protection from prosecution,clearly s lawless and despicable organisation,

  2. I can't continue to look up to this snake! He is just putting on a show and now he's swearing too! The President of the United States swearing. He is desperate and running scared, pulling out all the hateful rhetoric that works on our worst fears — IF we let him. This was the last straw for me. I'm out.

  3. Look, the two party thing we've got going on simply doesn't work. I say we make Trump Emperor and give him sweeping powers to go after the communists.

  4. Obama will leave Trash Heap Biden and family hanging in the wind. Like the Clinton family the Obamas will stop at nothing to protect their stolen riches. Why do you ignorant leftists think Hussein is totally silent? He's scared to death. That's why.

  5. UNITE Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia UNITE and take a stand to Western Colonial Oppression and Far Right.
    Help Me Fight this Global Oppression.
    I'm only small but we will grow

    Raphael LemkinOne of the people Responsible for Colonialism genocide and cultural cleansing upon Asia Africa North Americas South America and Australia

  6. "The Guardian" of what? That manure pile called socialism? Laughable reporting. You and others like you are going to be having a fire-sale real soon.

  7. The truly corrupt trying to call others corrupt. Great comedy act, it has been some time since I have seen a clown Act that appears to be so popular!

  8. If this is the president of that country, i don't want to imagine about the guy who cleans the streets.
    Yes i know how i dare to compare ,one has moral and ethics and the other not

  9. I think it’s important for Trump to confirm his hated for even legal immigrants. His supporters keep pretending it’s just the undocumented brown skinned people he hates. Turns out he hates the ones here legally too.

  10. Note Donnie,don't have a pop at others not taking part in a war when you dodged Vietnam. The Kurds had no reason to participate in WW2 even though individuals very likely served who left Turkey for places like the UK. He really does not have a clue. They stand there and listen to a man who reckons there were military aircraft on US soil way back in the 1770s. 🤔

  11. Everyone should take a picture of there ballot vote and text it ,email it to fox news or the white house! Proof baby! Let's not have this again .

  12. Most foolish President on this earth, is he a leader of militant or a leader of most devoloped nation, this is a disgrace to American history along with deceitfulness of his action, divide and rule, I feel sorry those crowd who losses moral ground other than being clandestine 👽

  13. The Democrats physically assaulting and robbing trump supporters are a clear example of the anarchy and lawless society we can expect under the Democrats

  14. Why doesn't he speak with his robotic alien wife first. He is a crooked immigrant himself and so are his children.
    Trump, Go back to Germany and take your minions with you to the land to of your forefathers namely Hitler's and stay there alien.

  15. Most of those Somalis in Minnesota were born there , so what are you talking about when you say “ you’ll protect American families” .
    Is the American president sane ?

  16. America's president is shameless and mad person how on earth the world's greatest country''s president can talk like what a sham

  17. Guardian is another corrupt news media. The President didn't hit out the Somali. He said he will ask the state permission before he drops the asylee in the state.

  18. The ultra left vermin are getting him voters and to be honest with their pandering to China I'd happily vote for Trump too, no harm in being left or right but we are getting extreme versions of both in the UK, the EU Empire and America, facts are Trump has the US in better shape than it would have been under the left.

  19. I don't understand if this man is a racist or he's mentally sick.
    One thing for sure, we all.know that the people voted for him are not innocent no matter how they tries to be humans.


  21. Who is immigrants Donald Trump where is he from original and who is from America the Irish or the Europe history tell us the Native America are the original America’s Not Europe who can find a land that people live already when you came and rewrite history tell us Columbus found America I Think Donald needs history lessons Bernie will teach him lessons soon

  22. They'll be locking Trump family and friends up soon Eric Trump, and the people will be dancing in the streets. The grate Oz is going to jail.

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