100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Doesn’t Care Anymore

  1. Ignoramus, sick and evil
    causing nothing but division, chaos and upheavel
    blind dark demagoguery only in diguise
    to those craving the fake paradise.

  2. What blows my mind is that if you commit crimes you don't get a pass no matter who you are… But because of some memo from 73 that says the FBI won't actually do its job against high crimes and misdemeanors means that impeachment is the only recourse… That literally puts the president above the law… He can be charged when he "steps down" but when if he decides not to?

    What if he controls the house and senate, or has his political opponents attacked and killed by goons or threatens them with actually arresting them, and will never need to fear being impeached no matter how much you throw at him…

    Because he is literally Emperor… Then he can hand his title and power down to his children.

    This sounds ridiculous, but this is how ALL empires got formed… From a takeover of the system that birthed it.

  3. The key to survive as a secretary of a government agency in this “administration” is to make as little noise as possible, essentially do a Ben Carson.

  4. The criminal confabulator and fantastic fantast attempting to Mislead All Gullibles Again,
    Making up Asinine Gibberish Again. Treasonous, Hideously, Udeniably, Gravely Unconstitutional.

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  6. Kimmel certainly is a liberal commie traitor and his show absolutely sucks, And military aid was already approved for Ukraine 2 weeks before Trump's phone call, Kimmel is too dumb to know this Kimmel's heroes are ANTIFA and AOC and her new green deal which would destroy America's economy. Kimmel is a poster boy for liberal commie Hollywood trash .

  7. I want to see the server 😂😂😂😂😂 oh my FGod, I don’t think Monty Python could have done better, well done, mixing the facts in such a hilarious way makes it all the more funny as fk.

  8. Jimmy kimmel just entertaining the inteligent sheeple.. It so amusing whatching him be the first to laugh at his own jokes.. Cringy af for high-iq people to watch especially those politically unbiased or truth seekers. Bad news for you jimmy, Trump won and will win again cause he is honest, industrios and very direct but also transparent..which nobody was before him

  9. God forbid we should investigate the Bidens, Obama's, & Clinton's, etc?!
    The Investigation would take a millennium!

    Similar corruption on how corrupt the late nite & daytime talk shows & most major mass media outlets are all controlled by their Extreme liberal globalists puppetmasters.
    Let's Investigate their corruption?!
    Once again, it will never happen. They keep the brainwashing going on the down-downed sheeple who believe their hypocrisy & delusional reasoning.

    All bought & paid for, to take America down.

  10. This coming from a person Kimmel who stood on a street corner with a mick and TV cameras asking women to put there hands in his front pocket. He also peed off that the government would not pay for his son's medical bills.

  11. Hey, dONAD dUCK, YOU ARE THE SERVER, serving America to 'god's' chosen people that are now our KINGS, making the American people THEIR SLAVES.
    Joe Magnets

  12. Trump is right. Crowdstrike. And money totally dependant upon a company dependant on Russian oil fields. Things going on and OUR President is not supposed to insist upon expeditious and deliberate act?

  13. Ok there was a time I watched jimmy kümmel and didn’t like or understand his jokes. Now he’s on 🔥 FIRE 🔥🔥😘😘

    Also look at all the non-trumptards in the room who clearly can ID a quid pro quo even when it’s not EXPLICITLY stated.

  14. Those people dying…..I keep seeing them used but never lamented. What a wicked world. Thankfully humans only have a short while of ruling it any further.
    How wicked is this world when the only thought given to the slaughter of humans is political arrows between advertisements for Viagra,beer, and cars.

    We were warned humans would become this devoid of love, but seeing it is beyond heartbreaking.

    Say whatever you like but Trump is a true reflection of the greed and Indifference that is the vast majority.
    Selfish, no humility, lazy, disrespectful, and that describes what the culture refers to as the good side. Yes, it's truly that bad.

  15. what ever made ya believe he cared from the start?….make America great again….A) you are not going to make America great again by shifting it away from the very foundation that made it great to begin with…..and that is opening your door and extending aid to those in need….not out of obligation or seeking anything in return….but simply b/c it was the RIGHT thing to do……B) how could such a mentally unbalanced evil/mean individual with no moral compass, lacking basic home training n an ounce of compassion ever make ANYTHING great!!!….the man is trailer trash but we got our 1st clue when a recording of a 60yr old man in a professional business setting out of the blue starts ranting about how he can get a way with grabbing women's pussies n getting away with it cause he was rich!!!…n the defending the indefensible started cause the spin became locker room talk…..ummm…a locker room is a casual informal setting……the loon was in a professional setting n billy bush is not a personal friend of his….

  16. You are human garbage, you deserve to live in a socialist country. If you said all the bullshit about one of those leaders like you do Trump, your stupid little fuzzy head would be displayed on a stick in the middle of town, you ungrateful dipshit.

  17. If there was a server? That server would be long gone if you want the so called server look for the pieces at the bottom of the Mariana trench! Trump's keeps going on about a server that does not exist and has never existed!

  18. Democrats, leave the President alone. Stop being jealous that you would love to have balls and run the country the way Trump's doing it. It's doing great by the way…

  19. The democrats would be having a fit, crying and sniveling if no US troops were in Syria and Trump decided to send troops into Syria to back the Kurds


  21. Lets just remenbert tha TEFLON is not a good tenent and before he lives the white house is gonna take what ever he can !!.

  22. You can tell people are tired of Jimmy's anti Trump BULLSHIT, his ratings are falling through the floor, just like CNN's and others that continually degrade Trump, his backers and this nation.

  23. This administration will go down as the greatest embarrassment in the history of America. I hope they take the republican party down with them in this dumpster fire.

  24. Where are all the jokes about Obama? The war crimes? The foreign regime changes? The broken promises? The mass surveillance?? Trump will never be as bad as the Clinton Obama administration

  25. That servo brin works for pediophiles. ? Nah, Trump is concerned but John brennan and Hillary with putin their master said eating babies is NWO religion.

  26. The trump hater will be remembered for bringing communist ending capitalism and explaining to their non gender kid we eat in trash can like Venezuelan cause we hated trump all the tax break for rich company that use to employ us now we got universal healthcare and everyone is onfood stamp but it not enough food so we eat out of trash can and all the rich are poor or out the country we are so happy to live like cockroaches thank you fake new and China the most powerful country in world 🌎

  27. Trump probably never cared about being a President he was forced in the race by his boss Putin . Who made sure he would win. Putin have always had Trumps back. Trump can' t resign because of pressure from Russia. When you borrow money the borrower become a slave of the Lenders. Trump may still be in debt to someone. some where.

  28. He should stay little bit longer, make looks Democrats, like bunch of Idiots and hopeless people and then leave. World’s like some drama and see how crooks are Americans. We soo that before, we like to see again.

  29. Beginning of the absolute end of an empire. All empires fall, this orange idiot is just expedited it by a thousand years.

  30. I guess the messages on the bathroom walls are really getting to them!!!! Funny thing is with every wipe of their ass the toilet paper is getting bloodier and bloodier because this hemorrhoid named trump is flushing their so called political party down the toilet!!!!

  31. there wont be an impeachment, pelosi seems mentally impaired, a neurological disease, as long as communism is a big threat, as well, he doesnt seem to lie either, an unusual character trait, honestly, you dont see that everyday



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