46 thoughts on “Donald Trump and Xi Jinping join G20 leaders in Osaka

  1. 全场焦点…我看是…

  2. May, Trump's closest ally, relegated to the second row. Ah, better position ready to kiss some US a$$. Oh, and by the way Trumpty Dumbty, the US has no 5G network without Asian involvement, accusing China of stealing non existent US technology. Gotta love that 5g network fallback plan the US has. Oh, that's right..

  3. G20 only world leader show but they stab each other at the back. Everybody knows rich gets rich, poor becomes poor.

  4. What do you think the G stands for in G20? Its not government or global idiots. Do your research. New world order.

  5. Are we just going to ignore the fact that China has had crazy tariffs on goods from the west for years now and trump is the only one who stoop up against it?

  6. I am amazed that any leader would even want to stand next to the Saudi Crown Prince. Fortunately he didn't bring his bone saw with him.

  7. memorial photo, lunch and dinner only
    Are you politician or fashion model ?
    When is Korea unification ?
    Do you have humanism ?

  8. The people that start wars there all in one room while live in comfort and us the normal people have to deal with it!

  9. I support Donald Trump against 🇨🇳 China, because 🇨🇳 their company has always stolen innovation & ideas. Without 🇺🇸 us, China can't do anything

  10. Chinese! Get out of the Philippines territory and stop acting like it’s your property. STOP POWER TRIPPING. You never know what’s going your way if you don’t STOP

  11. Non discriminatory hear that America and allowance of all participants non bigoted in short . Layman term keep your words or eat your words

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