Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Joke About Election Interference And Journalists | Hardball | MSNBC

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Joke About Election Interference And Journalists | Hardball | MSNBC

president Trump is dropping new hints that he won't protect the integrity of this country's elections even as we approach 2020 in a bilateral meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the 2020 summit over Japan right now president Chopp actually joked publicly about the Kremlin's attack on our democracy in 2016 here's what he said when asked by NBC whether he would put he told Putin not if he would tall buddha not the meadow in the 2020 election here's how I reacted well Trump's latest comments are reminiscent of his remarks at the Helsinki here last year when he contradicted his own government and denied Russia's interference in 2016 directly it also comes after Trump told ABC News this month it if offered foreign dirt on a political opponent looking forward he'd take it but that's not all the press also appeared to commiserate with Putin by knocking the press as the fake news that exchange was as difficult here was captured by Russian state TV before the United States media entered the room here goes I'm joined now by David corn Washington bureau chief or mother judge and Charlie Sykes editor-in-chief of the bulwark Charlie I don't think you can capture this in satire I don't think anybody's seen anything like it here he is a guy who grew up like you we did in the Cold War who knows what the Russians are all about knows what the KGB is all about they know what Vladimir is coming from and the land we know what Soviet media is government controlled that Boston by the government you screw around you're dead and there he is chuckling with this guy about our free media compared to Russian state-controlled media like you don't have fake media it's beyond vomit material your thoughts no it is and there's no historical parallel for this I mean a lot of us thought to a Helsinki was the bottom but with this president there is no bottom so here you have the present United States joking and making fun of this whole issue look you know this is something that I think we ought to understand that the president not only things that he was vindicated he got a will late but this way that he got away with the Russian conspiracy that he was vindicated by the Miller report which of course he was not and because because of that he's making light of it this is one of the reasons why the Democrats in Congress need to move ahead more aggressively because this is a president who number one is making light of it but he's also sending a signal to the world and he's sending a signal to Vladimir that that in fact he's not taking this seriously that he's treating it like a joke and that he's not going to aggressively protect next year's the integrity of next year's election and that in itself might be an impeachable offense well here's the couple a couple questions making fun of how many Russians were indicted by the mall report the whole operation twenty five or something up to the so he's denying all that well then the Russians weren't trying to screw with our license I mean he's you know stunned silence doesn't work well on TV so I will have to come up with some words here but you know he's been saying from the beginning remember throughout the campaign even after it was announced by the US government that Russia was doing this he kept saying no they're not he aided and abetted the attack with his own lies and denials and that comes through in the mower report and he just simply has never taken this seriously because as you've said before he played ball he winked at them he said go ahead get those he's doing it right here and he's doing it right it's a love story and it again and the thing is you know the House Democrats need to do something charlie is right and I can't believe that I always agree with him these days but the but he gets away with this because not a single Republican comes out and says mr. president you are wrong you need to protect the election and you're putting our own journalists at risk too no one complains he's leading a cult and he gets to say whatever he wants to protect himself you know what Charlie used to drive me crazy when it was somebody like Nightline in the old days would put somebody on from Russia so-called media commentator there's no free commentary in Russia it's all controlled by the state it's a communist country basic when it comes they don't have a First Amendment and here's Trump laughing with Vlad about our media like heat and saying you don't have this problem what does that mean also keep in mind that it was actually applicants okay with a murder journalist I mean this is part of the problem of the I'm sorry to use the term normalization that we've become numb to all of this we've become numb to this outrage we've been numb numb to how he he behaves on the national stage so in in Russia Vladimir Putin murders journalists so this is stunts this is absolutely stunning now at least Justin Amash is the one Republican who's been willing to stand up against this but unless unless Congress moves aggressively to say look we we don't think this is a joke then the president's going to continue to brush it off and so I'm by the way Chris I'm glad that you're devoting a segment to this so that we don't spend the entire day the entire news cycle talking about the the Democrats circular firing squad because we still have a president of the United States who is not fulfilling his number-one constitutional responsibilities which is to protect this country from its enemies well you know what I'd rather celebrate a true democratic event like last night's debate here than this hell but I want to ask you about this sub n BS thing during the 22 g20 summit that's going on right now over Japan President Trump had a friendly moment with Saudi Crown Prince guest:so MBs Mohammed bin Salman who appeared center States which Trump during the traditional photographs of world at any other you got another Bobbsey twin here and the Washington Post notes it's a far cry from the isolation the Crown Prince faced at the previous summit last November in the wake of the Jamal Khashoggi killing David again backing the question of a Free Press if they don't like Everett reporter they they chop him up and put him in boxes or whatever they deal with him and Trump is fine with that he's fine with you tart a in El Salvador with Arawa and Turkey with Kim of course in North Korea he likes authoritarians he likes autocrats why he has no values there was a transcript that came out this after this week of Rex Tillerson being jailed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee they asked him what are the president's values can you describe his values he said I cannot because he has one value okay Trump and that's why all this we're gonna get to this later because we got eg coming on this later in the show but here's a president you know it's unbelievable what goes on Lindsey Graham said if Trump denies that it didn't happen I mean that's how the Republican Party behaves charlie right now all it takes is a denial and and that didn't happen it's like it says something it's an ocean of metaphysics it didn't actually happen because he said it didn't happen what reality is that Charlie well that that is reality in ocean well this is this is what I think Hannah Arendt described is the annihilation of truth that that after a while the point of lies isn't necessarily to make you believe one thing or another it's to make you doubt the existence of truth or the existence or the or your ability to use your critical thinking to determine what is true and that's kind of we are in that moment right now we're all part of Donald Trump's pathology but this is not a personality quirk alone this is a President of the United States who is dangerous and David's point about his fascination with authoritarian thuggery is really crucial here that Donald Trump clearly has this fascination with people like Putin with people like MBs you know and and the disdain for our closest allies look this has real consequences and at some point somebody like Lindsey Graham has to understand what this means for our role in the world and look and that because there are consequences to those rings hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

28 thoughts on “Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Joke About Election Interference And Journalists | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. "all leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a party filled with enemies of the people, are hereby to be considered outlaws, and are to be arrested immediately and brought before the revolutionary court". 

    Russian hero V.I. Lenin said this in a speech denouncing the press in his decree of November 28, 1917. vrag naroda . ( enemy being the Vrag!) Usually discarded by sophomores in philosophy 201. He chose to quote a decree against Emperor Nero in 68 AD, who literally burned the capitol Rome.

  2. Q: Why does Trump like Putin and MbS?
    A: Because they pay him bribe money.
    Please stop over-thinking the question. And please start answering the question in simple terms – it's about money. Duh.

  3. he doesn't even look at Putin when joking about not meddling in the usa elections. Not even in an opposing joke will he look putin info the eye and joke about it. he's taking it seriously alright. he's seriously afraid of disappointing putin.

  4. Trump being sarcastic, and the liberal media trying to make a major story of it. You’d have to be a donkey to take this seriously.

  5. The news presenter states; while foaming at the mouth, such nonsense as “soviet press” and “Russia’s basically communist”. Unbelievable the level of moronic behavior exhibited on this show. Pure clown world 🤡

  6. If you see a Democrat…."Well, don't hold back. Follow them. Get up close and personal and offer….TISSUES"

  7. Putin is in the room and reporter goes will you tell Putin not to meddle in our election, he says ok I’ll do that and tells Putin don’t meddle in our election. What else do you want him to do in this situation ?

    He went there to make deals and negotiate on behalf of US not to make enemies.

    He didn’t choose these people they happen to be the elected representative of those countries and he needs to respect that and work with them.

    Isn’t the very purpose of such events to shake hands and be friendly with one another to negotiate and try to work together.

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