Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Today, we continue our exploration
of the recent update shared by the team behind the groundbreaking scientific
experiment, the SAFIRE project. As described in our recent interviews with
physicist Wal Thornhill, the SAFIRE project is an independent audit of the
Electric Sun model first proposed by engineer Ralph Juergens
in the 1970s. As Thornhill noted, Thunderbolts colleague
Dr. Donald Scott also extended Juergens’ Electric Sun model through his
recognition of what is called the PNP transistor action of anode tufts or
photospheric granulations on the Sun, which were successfully reproduced in
SAFIRE’s phase one — proof of concept. In this episode, Dr. Scott shares his
thoughts on SAFIRE’s most exciting results to date, including the evidence, that is
produced, of low-energy nuclear transmutations. For over a hundred years now,
since Eddington first dictated that he knew the answer how did the Sun make
all its power and all that energy, where does it come from, it came from the
fusion of hydrogen into helium. And they, everybody immediately sucked that
up, because Einstein was in his glory at that time, the atomic nuclear chemistry
was in the news and so yeah, that’s and we got it, that’s the way it is, stars make
their energy from hydrogen to helium fusion. And then, some hundred years
went by and nobody had questioned that until finally, I guess
you know, we also realized that there has been 200 years of people looking
at the Sun through spectroscopes. And we’ve managed to discover about 68
of the known chemicals, that is to say elements, on the Sun, in the Sun’s
atmosphere, they’re there, they’re in the Sun, where did they come from, if the Sun gets
its energy from this hydrogen helium fusion? OK, I see where the
hydrogen and helium came from, but where did the calcium
and the manganese and the titanium and all the rest of it come from? And the standard answer is oh, it was made
by explosions in novae stars, way up somewhere in our galaxy or even
in other galaxies, and then those explosions blew it all over the place
like, it’s like fairy dust, fairy dust spreading through the cosmos and
then it, that settled on our star. But that has nothing to do with our star,
stars are only hydrogen and helium. What Monty did was not to falsify,
I mean, I say Monty but of course, it’s everybody
on the team. But to simply give a real, we have done it
here in our lab, not explanation but example that yes, you can form these other
elements in a very, well, let’s say non- hydrogen bomb kind of way, that is to
say, you do it in the laboratory in a, yes, it requires something, this
magnificent SAFIRE, but the only reason we need SAFIRE is because
we can’t duplicate the Sun in our own laboratories here on Earth,
we’d burn the place up. So what we’re trying to do is to
model the Sun, we’re trying to come up with example here in our lab of how the
Sun works, and he’s done a very good job and he’s produced exactly
what we see in the Sun. It is obvious now that those other
elements are indeed made right in our Sun and very probably in all other
stars, at least most other stars, and it is done not in the core of
the Sun but on the surface. If you look at Monty’s film,
those other elements appear on the surface of the anode and
it’s done electrically through electric plasma, and I just think it’s almost
obvious that we don’t need any more fairy tales about explosions of
novae in Alpha Centauri. I did predict that, back in my,
when I first wrote my book in 2006, I said that, “Whatever
nuclear fusion is taking place on the Sun is likely occurring in the double-
layer above the photosphere, not deep within the Sun’s core. And the
products of this fusion process are the metals that give rise to the absorption
lines in the Sun’s spectrum.” And I think, Monty’s work
has certainly shown that that is very likely the answer,
that’s what’s happening. The point is that it really
isn’t that important. It’s not our purpose to disprove or
falsify their answers, but SAFIRE has offered a very good reason why there
are the other types of elements and even some molecules formed
that are not from these novae explosions gazillion
light-years away. Couple of observations I made
when I looked at that film. You will notice there that Monty was
very excited by, and I can see why, I am excited by it too — he found in the very
powerful scanning electron microscope photos, a sphere, and he found that at the highest
magnification he was able to get to, when they were looking and they found
all these other calcium, sodium and all the rest of it in there, that had
not started there but was formed there. Right down in the middle of this was a
little sphere, and I’m not sure if they figured out what that sphere
was yet, but the first thing that occurred to
me was uh-huh, a sphere! Well, have we in the Electric
Universe ever come upon anything like that? Well, what about C.J. Ransom and Wal’s
blueberries that they formed in C.J.’s lab? And we saw those, they’re called “the
Martian blueberries” for the reason that they were first discovered on the
surface of the planet Mars, and as Monty pointed out, nobody knew or could figure out why
these things were in such nice little spheres? So there they are, they found,
it could be, at least I think they should further investigate is that,
the genesis of these Martian blueberries in a process very much like this. The other thing that I did notice
is, if you look very carefully at the image that Monty presents there, in
that video, at those little spherules, you will see that the equator, if you will,
is slightly raised and it looked like the last Space News with, who was it, Wal
talking about Bennu and the other one and yeah, they have this strange shape,
and there is this raised equator. Well, if you look very carefully at that
little sphere that Monty found with his scanning microscope, that too has a
raised equator, and so we’re seeing when things begin to jibe like that, that
begins to make you think gee, maybe we should see and think about why they’re
the same, what’s going on there. That’s all I really have
to say about the video except to say that I think it’s
magnificent, I think the future does maybe hold jobs for the SAFIRE-like
reactor, for the remediation of nuclear radiation from decaying
atomic fuel, you know. As said, you don’t have to bury it in
there in Nevada someplace but can we make it, can we decontaminate the
fuel by somehow treating it? It’s all in the future and it’s
all possible and it’s all wonderful. But the point is, I think, what we
really should celebrate and be happy about is, that SAFIRE has definitely
shown that we don’t need these explosions on these far, far distant
stars to explain how the fairy dust got spread through the cosmos. It’s formed right there on
the surface of our Sun.

100 thoughts on “Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

  1. The Electric Sky – Don Scott

    The Electric Universe – Wal Thornhill & David Talbott

  2. Perfectly right, the sun is totally solid protons +condensed, the light and energy probably comes from planets magnetic interactions then attracts electrons in the plasmas and creates all the elements the lightest ones escape first like hydrogen and helium, heavy ones come to earth in super flares, or get recycled in the suns atmosphere,

  3. If I notice this correctly in this video that sun model appear metallic.

    What and why we think this experiment should use a metal sphere ? and not typical material found on/in an average star?

  4. I know you did not just say this. If it's formed on the sun, then where did the original mass come from if not from fairy dust. I saw the data of different elements, no surprise.
    The sapphire project will be selling that at discovery store soon. Looks like magnetic field manipulation around a sphere. I do not see a new concept that is transferable
    to physical element manipulation on an eclectic of harmonic platform. Nice to look at though.

  5. Why would you assume that there are stars billions of light years away? These are just assumptions, theories and lies.

  6. How does one of any age find schooling and jobs that matter in this field of work that makes a difference? Not all of us can be Donald Scott or Monty Childs?

  7. Greeting's, Hopefully research in this field will not be 'classified' and stolen from humanity. Never underestimate the power of greed. be well and be safe.

  8. Indeed Safire Project has put a contented smile upon those that have been following the "Electric" Universe concept and for many varied reasons. Massive Kudos to all involved.

  9. So if this SAFIRE electric sun, was the actual size of our sun, would the tiny sphere it created, be, say, the size of earth? or comparable? Is this how planets are formed?

  10. I am curious if the little spheres that form in a handmade potters glaze are not also because of electrical charges.

  11. Scalability This demonstrates the validity of the Electric Universe model, both on the atomic and cosmological scales. With that in mind, scalability, like the octaves in the musical scale, provides the tool to create and generate various resonant effects. It is not surprising then that it is possible to have 7% input and 100% output. (And pay close attention to the fact that the number 7 is the protagonist)

  12. Truly amazing news. Thanks guys. Our universe is electro-magnetic. Electricity is everywhere. From mV inside our brain to giga and tera volts inside stars, galaxies and beyond.

  13. Here's the kicker. If mainstream science has no clue what the sun is or how it works then their estimates on how old it is and how long it will last mean nothing.

  14. Great work guys. Is there any plan to Open-Source the SAFIRE Projects experiments in order to have their findings repeated by another 3rd party? If so, what kind of time frame do they anticipate?

  15. This past January I was on a flight and happened to sit next to an chemical engineer in the petrol industry. Our friendly conversation led to science & my passion and interest in the EU and my upcoming petroglyphs tour in NMX & AZ. He listened intently and patiently and asked “where do the heavy elements come from in your star model”. I mentioned electrical transmutation on the stellar surface….and that we would have results from SAFIRE in the months ahead. I sure hope he sees this video and considers the research being done here! I want him and others to hear from those who are doing the science. Amazing! Thank you Drs. SAFIRE, TBP!

  16. You guys are getting pretty close to overthrowing the current false paradigm using working models, accurate predictions, real experimentation, and common sense. I give it about a year until you are all labeled antisemites and drummed out of every single online platform. Prepare for war, good luck and thank you.

  17. As a sceptic. How do we know the pictures of the sun are not animated CGI creations? How many agencies worldwide also have cameras supposedly looking at the sun? The color of the sun in the plasma discharge pictures is this actual color? Or all of this artist renderings? Thank you.

  18. This is the most exciting and fascinating work being done in any field of science today. Thank you gentleman for having the cajones to challenge the paradigm. True shifters of thought and progress.

  19. Excellent update on Safire presentation by Monty on see the pattern channel… answers a lot of the questions that were left hanging in original Bath presentation 👍

  20. Is no one going to mention the similarity these sphereules have to Iapetus? Especially with the raised line around its equator?

  21. At 1:03 we can see a human finger print. Think about what are the composition of a finger print. What it will become when it will electrified and turn to plasma ?
    Will it coalesce into small spherule ?

    #safireproject what are your procedures to : sterilization of the chamber, anode , cathode and other instruments inside the experience?

    If I can see finger print directly on the anode (the most important part of that system!) I afraid that could be the case for everything in the chamber…

    Please I want to be wrong about that!

  22. You guys are awesome, I love the videos and one day you'll be recognized for being ahead of the curve and hopefully that'll be soon.

  23. Being from the south of england I have always mused about the true origins of dover's famous white cliffs of near pure chalk but it is the 'impurities' that are the source of my wonder, flint, is it possible given this model that flints ARE the frozen remnants of the 'thunderbolts of the gods'??? by way of being electrically eroded martian surface which cooled enough 'in flight' to arrive as a super-heated liquid stone raindrop?? Or possibly even some sort of solar emanation?

    **related to the kinetic decline of flint. Flint is shown to be connected with the goddesses who are the Eye of Re, with Re himself, with snakes and lions. New facets of flint ideology are uncovered, including the connection of the material with the northern sky
    excrpt The Ideological Significance of Flint in Dynastic Egypt

  24. I know the Earth isn't flat. Lol. However I am of the opinion that the sun is a solid body traveling through the dust of the galaxy creating a plasma on its surface much like a welding torch. All stars are. All the planets follow the earth much like the debris after a comet.

  25. Aha, once again.. We see the electric sun, star in a jar has produced what ITER the magnetic controller they wanted to use to "perfect" fusion.. lol. So you got ahead of them on this, but now.. and this is a challenge that I would love to help with, because i already see it, as I saw all of this and was trying to tell for years.. Okay now you need to gain control .. this will be done with magnets and a certain number of magnets and a certain configuration of spinning magnets.. And using your electric model of alternating the direction of the concentric rings.. done with magnets inside of the anode and/or at other points.. One thing to add about magnets, our earth as a magnet is connected electrically, and magnetically at varied angles..there is a connecting filament to and from every piece of matter, as yet unseen..counter rotating spinning magnetic fields in the inverse of the electric model.. How about open sourcing and building a real project for humanity?

  26. Bull shit ! Doctor, if the mass or weight of the test sphere remains the same, there is something there, but not what you are thinking. Tell us, does the weight or mass change during the experiment ???? Tell us

  27. One wonders about the validity of some of our established science. As always, the only counter argument mainstream has is smear and personal attacks to denounce proponents of alternate scientific explanations. This seems to be their "scientific method". Many of the readers of these experiments are university graduates, professionals and scientists themselves. The establishment has the raw nerve to dismiss these independent thinkers as charlatans. Who is the real charlatan?

  28. Interesting. Main stream has always ridiculed the alchemists of the middle ages. They might have the last laugh after all….

  29. Am I looking at an hexagon forming at the top? Am I also seeing counter rotation in, and around the hexagon? WOE! GREAT WORK GENTS!

  30. It is important when discussing something to be specific. While Don Scott says that the claim is that these "68 known … elements" are the result of "supernovae … blew it … like fairy dust … and it settled on our star" he is not being specific enough, or oddly specific incorrectly.

    Current theory (though totally conjecture) is that these "heavy elements" are a result of our sun forming from material accreted from supernovae of the enormous "first generation" suns, not that the material has arrived after our sun's formation.

    I am impressed that it took years of me following for me to catch anything resembling incorrect. Keep up the good work.

  31. How about those beeds found in South Africa in the Gold Mines dated at 2.3 billion years old? People were dumb founded and thought they were made from some form of who knows what? Supposedly nothing existed 2.3 billion years ago. But now I am pretty sure those sphere were made from plasma discharge.

  32. So could the giant sphears found on the earth in different locations have been formed in the sun and the last mini nova launched them toward earth ? Would they be made of one element or different elements?

  33. Is it just me or does anyone else see a parallel in the electrical activity of the cosmos and the electrical activity of the brain? Neurons firing like pulsars, Galaxies like thought centers etc.

  34. So why does the plasma universe model disprove relativity?
    From what I’ve heard, relativity has very good experimental confirmation.

  35. @5:54
    That ball looks like 2 halves have been fused together. It reminds me of Vesta that also looks like it's 2 halves have been fused together. Or the small balls found in South Africa.

  36. Can someone please give an explanation (reducing this down to the lowest common denominator) for those of us who need to have this simplified…What? why? etc?

  37. I was so excited when I learned of the recent results of Safire. I knew that the creation of all those elements would change the game of astronomy FOREVER!

  38. Two things,… at time 8:12 about you can see what could be called the north pole an Hexagone formed. The other is the spere does have a raised ridge around the middle. We also see several moons of gas planets having ridges and raided areas around there equators. Some moons have pancake equators. This seems to be due to the fact it did not get the full electrical plasma. I have been saying the moons were possibly made in gas planets, gas planets were in the process of becoming stars and that the many moons were in different stages with one being the forming of earth-like planets. The material that forms in the star and protostars make planets. Much of this information is pointed to in several of the thunderbolt's project videos. Sorry for the bad work at creating this comment but I was excited and not that well versed in English composition.

  39. E.U. "electric sun" model SAFIRE project encountering low energy and mild temperature atomic element "easier-than-expected" transmutation, makes one want to look at COOLER (CRYOGENIC CONDITIONS) where ELECTRIC currents applied ALLOWS for greater SUPER-CONDUCTIVITY, that may lead to much higher RATES of TRANSMUTATION through a PLURALITY of more ISOTOPE-to-ISOTOPE pathways! (open up doors of newer higher efficiencies of RARE EARTH METALS "production" for industrial needs)

    as well as, give us opportunity to remodel an "ICIER COOL ELECTRIC SUN MODEL" that can LEND itself to EASE of generating a broader spectrum of heavier elements we commonly SEE being churned out from our Sun (and stars, in general)

    we KNOW the Sun's ATMOSPHERE is where it is HOTTEST, but the Sun's interior COULD be much cooler, rocky-metallic, yet SOLID, barely "molten".

    from an ultra-cold CRYOGENIC "small scale" laboratory apparatus approach, we may simply UNLOCK a "transmutation-friendly" barrier, via super-conductivity (electromagnetic force friendlier = accelerated micro-scale fusion reactions) which occurs LESS efficiently on larger "hotter" stellar scale.

    the OPPOSITE to how one normally views "atomic nuclear reactions" (which is "intensely hot" with lots of gravitational pressure)

    it seems "counter-intuitive" but i think its IMPORTANT to explore such ULTRA-COLD cryogenic super-conducting "electric plasmic sun" modelling "just in case" we presume it "not true" or "it makes no sense" … and MISS it, by looking ONLY at "warm to hot" scenarios !!!

  40. This is a much bigger deal than your recent videos have claimed. I respect being measured. But mainstream science needs to wake up and deal with these experimental results. It changes everything.

  41. Here's the problem. If EU theory is right–and becomes conclusive in real terms–then bluntly, that means standard cosmologists are dickheads, including Einstein. Not because they were/are supposedly wrong, but because of what they ignored and sidelined, for decades, out of what can then only be understood to be arrogance, foolishness, or just self-serving professional apathy. The things is EU theory is far from a new idea with only eccentric and unqualified proponents. It's been 'out there' and comprehensive for a very long time.

    So, if transmutation is irrefutably proven (and it probably is now) then the standard cosmology establishment will do everything it can to sideline and trivialise the meaning of these findings. And they will isolate people like Wal Thornhill and Donald Scott. No way can those guys, and the people like them, be given a major public voice. They cannot be allowed to become "heroes" even if they should be.

    Interesting to watch this progress 🙂

  42. Atomic transmutation by……….resonant frequqency – for completion sake give us the audio of this
    experiment! And what are the results of the "Star in a Jar" experiments carried out on board the ISS
    (zero gravity)? It's a Plasma Universe based on a cavitation process. No whatsoever "Dynamics" without
    Space! We are Electro – Cymatic resonant and harmonic. ……………..OM

  43. My two cents: what science terms 'black holes' are most perfect spheres; less than perfect spheres are magnetars emitting jets. It may even be found that the most perfect sphere is the is contained by the conversion of super hot to super cold.

  44. Spheres ????????????

    We have made mini planets with heavy atoms.
    Now they get ejected through some undiscovered process and start orbiting the saffire sun.

    Is there any possibility.?

  45. If elements are being created on the surface of the sun and then being deposited back on the solid core of the sun, doesn't that mean the sun is growing?
    If they are growing, do they always stay the same type of star, just get bigger? Can stars start out as one type of small star and grow/evolve into a large star of some other type?

  46. “We can’t duplicate the sun in our lab.” This is literally exchanging one fairytale for another. The best one out there imo is that the sun is hot for the same reason you can set a fire with a magnifying glass, and you can explain the corona by looking at the bottom of a pool in sunlight. As long as they uphold the solar system and electric sun model, thunderbolts should be regarded as disinfo. The kernel is that there is electricity in space.

  47. Transmutations of heavy elements without supernova explosions! This is an experimental result that will shake the currently established astrophysics to its very core. It will in fact destroy it all. An incredible result, that, if confirmed, will have far reaching consequences in all branches of physics.

  48. If Mainstream Science has got the workings of our Star [Sun] completely wrong then they cannot say how old it is and therefore how old the Human Race is….

  49. Hal Puthoff has had his fingers in many pies over the decades. Most recently To The Stars Academy and Safire. What Safire has discovered is not new. However anyone or any organisation releasing similar results in the past been censored or suppressed. I think Safire is the legitimate avenue to finally release the research into the EVO, transmutation, remediation of nuclear waste and excess energy production. There are many more applications including weapons which may be why the research has been kept out of public view for so long. People have been seeing transmutations and other processes for decades with a variety of devices and experiments. I welcome the Safire results and look forward to more to come. It doesn’t matter so much who gets the credit for it as long as it is noted the past contributions to the study of condensed matter physics.

  50. Movin' on up! Up up and away! Riding on the orbs and spheres of Safire plasma along the electromagnetic currants of the giant brain that is our Universe….=D
    Thank You Safire Project and Thunderbolts team!

  51. So the sphere forming on the SAFIRE anode is super tiny but in relationship to the size of the sun, would that be, say, Earth-size? Perhaps that's how planets are birthed from a parent sun and how moons are formed from a parent planet. Ones that get away too soon/quick become comets.

  52. This transmutation process is evident in the geology of the American south west. Look at the l layers of minerals!!

  53. Looks and sounds more like a chemical vapor deposition, there should have been all the elements from helium and on up from there with the addition of a single proton for each element with a decreasing quantity of each individual element.

  54. The SAFIRE project and its findings are a big win of open mind over mainstream concrete.

    I have been following this channel for at least 2 years, but one thing gives me no peace.

    I know Wal Thornhill negates the existence of black holes. Usually a plasmoid is a better explanation, but what is the alternative explanation for what astrophysicists call the devouring of stars by hypothetical black holes?

    Has Wal ever clarified this issue? Does the plasmoid also devour stars like a hypothetical black hole or no devouring occurs and our interpretation of the data is horendally stupid?

  55. Mr. Shashi Singh (an excellent instructor of physics who is honest) has given the below writing the thumbs up. Moreover, he wrote: "Awesome !" and "Absolutely right."

    Excellent !!!
    It's all clearly correct.


    E=mc2 is DIRECTLY AND FUNDAMENTALLY DERIVED from F=ma. Carefully consider what is THE SUN. The Sun is E=mc2. The Sun is ALSO F=ma. This explains the PERPETUAL MOTION of the Sun, AS gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. GREAT !!! ACCORDINGLY, GRAVITATIONAL force/ENERGY IS proportional to (or BALANCED with/as) inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. (Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.) ALL of SPACE is NECESSARILY electromagnetic/gravitational (IN BALANCE), AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. This is, IN FACT, proven by F=ma AND E=mc2. (BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand.) So, consider what is c (A POINT, A PHOTON). A PHOTON may be placed at the center of THE SUN (as A POINT, of course), as the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the SPEED OF LIGHT; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY.

    The BALANCE of being AND EXPERIENCE is essential. Dreams balance being AND EXPERIENCE. In dreams, it is you AND other than you are IN BALANCE. Indeed, there is no outsmarting the GENIUS of dreams. Dream experience is/involves true/real QUANTUM GRAVITY. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in dreams, BODILY/VISUAL EXPERIENCE is invisible AND VISIBLE IN BALANCE. (THE EYE IS THE BODY.) Dreams make thought MORE LIKE sensory experience in general, thereby improving upon memory AND UNDERSTANDING. INDEED, the ability of THOUGHT to DESCRIBE OR RECONFIGURE sensory experience is ULTIMATELY dependent upon the extent to which THOUGHT IS SIMILAR TO sensory experience. MOREOVER, it is ALSO a very great truth that THE SELF represents, FORMS, and experiences a COMPREHENSIVE approximation of experience in general by combining conscious and unconscious experience. (THOUGHTS ARE INVISIBLE.) Dream experience is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE. BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand. Dream experience is always that of what is the BALANCED MIDDLE DISTANCE in/of SPACE. GREAT. Dreams combine, BALANCE, and include opposites.

    By Frank DiMeglio

  56. Any day now this will lead to ' cold fusion ' and the promise of endless safe power. For some reason it will only work with thorium. Then the government of the US will be told yet once more that we NEED thorium. Then ( hopefully ) they will lift the ban on mining rare earths in the US, the ban that is in place because all of the US deposits of rare earths are dangerously contaminated with thorium.

  57. From a purely financial standpoint, if you 3x the price per barrel which economy suffers the most? Obviously, China. Therefore, China, IMO, is investigating everything via data mining which might reduce this vulnerability and putting money on the table. Japan, too, is modeling future scenarios where oil prices skyrocket due to manufactured calamities and obviously are very wary of nuclear reactions. People are looking very hard for 'alternatives' right now.

  58. Wal mentioned an equatorial ridge on the recent comets, but there's a much larger body in the solar system that the Thunderbolts Project already covered, that of Lapetus

  59. When the Earth and the planets are part of the same system as the Sun, it is not strange that the Sun contains other elements than hydrogen and helium. You know, because the planets do. He should not sound contemptuous, it is him who is out shitting.

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