Donald Scott: Breakthrough – Counter-Rotation at Center of Galaxy | Space News

Donald Scott: Breakthrough – Counter-Rotation at Center of Galaxy | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at A new scientific report may provide
stunning support for the role of a form of electric current called a Birkeland
current on the cosmological scale. A team of scientists using the ALMA telescope
to study the doughnut-shaped cloud of gas and dust at the center of the galaxy
NGC 1068 made a shocking discovery — two separate disks of gas and dust are
rotating in opposite directions. reports on the team’s discovery,
“Unexpectedly, they found two counter-rotating disks of gas. The inner
disk spans two to four light-years and follows the rotation of the galaxy,
whereas the outer disk (also known as the torus) spans 4 to 22 light years
and is rotating the opposite way.” The lead author of a paper on the discovery
states, “We did not expect to see this, because gas falling into a black hole
would normally spin around it in only one direction. Something must
have disturbed the flow, because it is impossible
for a part of the disk to start rotating
backward all on its own.” Those who have followed this
series might understand the potential significance
of this discovery. In 2015, retired
professor of electrical engineering Dr. Donald Scott published
his mathematical model of the structure of a Birkeland current, which he
identified visually as counter-rotating cylinders, and it’s being seen at vastly
different scales in the cosmos, from galaxies to planetary aurorae. We asked Dr. Scott for his
thoughts on this latest discovery. Well, a week or two ago,
National Radio Astronomy Observatory announced their again of course,
“unexpected discovery” that in another galaxy, it happens to be M 77, the galactic
disk was experiencing counter-rotation. While the part of the disk that
is closest to the center of the galaxy rotates in one direction,
the outer regions of the disk rotate in the opposite direction, and so
there is counter rotation. And the only explanation
they could offer was that, “…counter rotation always results
from the collision or interaction between two galaxies. What makes this
result remarkable is that we see it on a much smaller scale, tens of light-years instead
of thousands from the central black hole.” And of course, their amazement
is the result of two different errors that are actually compounding each other
and making the whole thing worse. The first is, since they still refuse to
acknowledge the existence of any electrical effects in the cosmos, the
only tool available to them is the attractive force of gravity. So of course, they declare
that any case of counter- rotation has to be caused by some sort
of collision or near collision or near- miss or something like that. And the second error, expressly in this press
release but in other places of course as well, they repeat the self-contradictory
idea that black holes that suck in matter due to a singularity — that’s an
infinite concentration of matter which is impossible — they also spit out
matter at incredibly high speeds up to five hundred kilometers per second, which
is more than a million miles an hour. It’s all getting sucked in, how
can it be blasted out again? But anyway, how can this have
anything at all to do with the counter rotation in this particular
case is not really discussed. I feel that their mentioning
of the black hole that exists there is just a red herring
to distract the reader from asking the obvious question, how do you explain the
counter rotation in the first place? And I submit, there is no known scientific
process that naturally produces two concentric discs that rotate in opposite
directions, other than the natural counter-rotation that occurs
within a Birkeland current. It’s just that simple. So very similarly in another case I’m
familiar with, there is a galaxy NGC 4550, and a well-known British
astronomer tried to explain an earlier case of galactic counter-rotation in
this galaxy by saying that another galaxy that was spinning in the other
direction must have come close to or collided with the first galaxy. And anyway, I discussed this in an
earlier paper that I published. But the reason the counter-rotation of stars
within a galaxy hasn’t been discovered as often as it might, I suggest, is because
1) the galaxy has to be oriented in such a way that the red-blue shift that
reveals the counter-rotation can be measured. It has to be oriented so
that it can be measured. For example, galaxies that
are face-on to us will not show spectral evidence of counter-
rotation, because it takes the stars, the stars that are involved have to
be moving at least partially toward us and then away from us as they rotate
around the galaxy, and that’ll be so if the galaxy is at an
angle but not face on. But also, in my estimation, the primary
reason that this hasn’t been discovered, as much as it’s seemingly being
discovered now, is that it’s easy not to see something if you don’t
really want to see it. And so we do know of the
existence of several galaxies within which counter-rotation has been measured,
but in the explanation, none of them have a satisfactory explanation if electrical
phenomena such as Birkeland current structure are intentionally
excluded and ignored. And by the way, if you do a web search,
anyone who sees this, just go ahead and do a web search using a search
engine on ‘galactic web’ and if you do that well, I just did this morning as a
matter of fact, and I found a Wikipedia description of the galactic web and it
says the following, “In the standard model of the evolution of the universe,
galactic filaments form along and follow web-like structures of dark matter.
It is thought that this dark matter dictates the structure of the universe
on the grandest of scales. Dark matter gravitationally attracts normal matter
and it is this normal matter that astronomers see forming long thin
walls of super-galactic clusters.” Well of course, what they’re
missing is that the strings are made up of plasma and the
formation of filaments is a very normal thing within a plasma. That has nothing to do with dark matter
or anything else, any other fairy dust they conjure up to explain what
they can’t normally explain. It can’t be explained without
thinking about electricity up there. Anyway, they confidently say these
kinds of things about dark matter as if they actually have seen some and
measured what its properties are. Maybe they will now say, dark
matter causes things to spin! They haven’t said that one
before, but that’s a possibility. Anyway, the filaments that make up the galactic
web undoubtedly consist of plasma in the form of force-free currents. They carry electric currents to and from the
galaxies that form along them and when these filaments emit visible light, they’re
then properly called Birkeland currents. And we’ve talked a lot about
Birkeland currents here on Space News. We know that the cross sections of those
Birkeland currents have regions of counter-rotation, it’s the only thing in the
universe that naturally does have counter-rotation. And of course, the galaxies
that form on those filaments will probably also exhibit that same counter-
rotation because that’s how they’re formed. Astronomers ought to know
these things as well but they don’t. They’d rather talk about things smashing
and crashing together and reject the idea that anything
electrical is happening. Therefore, the only tool they
have to explain things is the attractive force of gravity, so the only thing left
for them is to assume collisions or near collisions are the cause of
just about everything they see. Their Big Bang story
says that everything blew apart. OK, if you accept that, fine, but in
addition to blowing apart, then what causes everything in
the universe to spin? We don’t know, no answer. Every time we hear about or observe counter-
rotation of disks or cylinders anywhere, especially at galaxies that have a
common center, think Birkeland currents, don’t think collisions or explosions. So every time we hear about counter-rotation,
just think about Birkeland currents. It’s the only thing in the universe
that does have counter-rotation.

100 thoughts on “Donald Scott: Breakthrough – Counter-Rotation at Center of Galaxy | Space News

  1. Counter rotation occurs with gears, or maybe any interacting spheres… like pool balls or marbles so other electro/magnetic stuff adheres.

  2. Dark Matter reminds me of the Emperors New Clothes……the Scientific Community is convinced the Emperor [the Standard Cosmological Theory] is wearing cloths [of Gravity]…..TBP is exposing the truth [lie] consequently people are waking up the the fact that the Standard Cosmological Theory is not only naked but also getting humiliated.

  3. The Electric Sky – Don Scott

    The Electric Universe – Wal Thornhill & David Talbott

  4. Why has th James Web telescope taken so long ??? It will destroy mainstream science. Probably trying to think of a good way to destroy it before it gets of the ground

  5. I believe these kinds of reports are some of the best evidence for EU, along with the SAFIRE work. It really feels like things are ramping up towards a massive paradigm shift in our understanding of science. Then again, maybe it's just wishful thinking. At least I know that most of you here in the comments of these videos (as well as the producers of them, of course) also feel similarly. Keep up the good work and keep up the hope EU family o/

  6. If you picture a Berklin current as a turning threaded shaft like a screw, the motion of the inner current would pull the outer ring along the current while spinning the opposite direction.

  7. Why would it be difficult to consider electrical currents in space when rotating magnetic fields are responsible for creating electric currents? Space is full of great rotating magnetic fields…

  8. For a 'Gravitational – Black Hole' —– this is —– IMPOSSIBLE.
    For a 'Birkeland – Current – Z-Pinch Point' – this is – NORMAL.

  9. Just like ufo counter rotation propulsion theory. Wonder how this fits in with David LaPoint channel Primer Fields and natural toroidal fields.

  10. Re your comment on Black Holes and plasma (?) ejection on the opposite side, I've read about them since the late 1970s. I've always wondered how anything escapes from them as the physicists posit that if matter gets trapped inside the event horizon, it can never escape. I feel vindicated in a micro manner.

    I'm not a scientist, so please forgive this question: When there are multiple counter-rotating disks, do they always have to counter-rotate in reference to the adjoining disks due to the Birkeland current effect as seen at 4:05? As always, another fascinating Electric Universe video!

  11. Yet another 'hit' for the EU paradigm. They are certainly mounting up. I wonder how much longer this will go on before Occam's Razor is finally applied and the mainstream science establishment are forced to stop ignoring it.

  12. Someday my theory will be presented and accepted. One main factor, volume is a man made measurement, much in the way time is.

    Essentially, there is no 'floor'. There is no stop, there is no 'too' small. Volume is a matter of perspective.

    Gravity and electricity. Existence is movement, which is this electric force. Gravoty is this electric force in a rotating sphere. Yes, its properties change, but thats because what is happening is a constant 'expansion' both out AND in. How this movement is matter, I dont know, but all matter is doing it. Then for some reason matter rotates itself into spheres, seemingly to separate itself FROM itself, since an expansion in all directions will eventually culminate into a new static mass. So, this separation into spheres prevents that, and creates an engine of speed in the process, as the more matter the higher rate of expansion, thus the faster spin. This is heat and light. Mass is matter's speed, amd this is why its coupled with weight. Its one and the same.
    Time is relative in measure, not perspective. An observation ON an atom would report the same time lapse, yet record MORE time in the equal time back on the lab clock.

    I can go on….

  13. What makes matter spin in our universe?? Well it’s the news analysis coming from Bucknell University, Pennsylvania of course! Right hand rule.

  14. Counter-rotating discs seem to have something to do with anti-gravity effects.
    1) Anti-gravity device by Alexey Chekurkov (7 minutes)
    2) Indoor demonstration of Alexey Chekurkov's anti-gravity device (2 minutes)

    3) Detailed information from on Alexey Chekurkov's anti-gravity device

    4) Mantim Lee's technical analysis of Alexey Chekurkov's anti-gravity device (231 minutes)

    5) Thomas Townsend Brown's experiments and Alexey Chekurkov's "anti-gravity" device

    History of anti-gravity devices (28 minutes)

  15. look up double torus manifold. it explains spin, which is the cutting edge of these studies and gives you a better foundation than swimming in murky void

  16. if they say black holes again in 2019 or 2020, how about some white holes or piles. just for posterity. i wanna see how creative they are

  17. the fact that my AOL screename was plasmamonkeyy like 20 years ago, and i copied that name from a video gamer online back then too. i even used an animated tiki mask for my icon that talked rather electrically in its own made-up language but yea weird. its like dude, what is life how did i know when i didnt. i am a gas-rich dwarf galaxy. im a capricorn my chart is smushed like me, born on a long solar eclipse and i inhale all the weed n knowledge

  18. Perhaps mainstream astronomers are looking for dark matter in the wrong place…
    have they ever checked between their ears?

  19. I do believe that counter rotating disks are caused by Burkeland currents and Galaxy collisions, do you think it's possible to get tornadoes and powerful winds in these disks.

  20. Why cant you tell the rotation of galaxy from face on? You said you can only tell if the stars were coming towards or away from us and it depends on the angle on the galaxy but didnt elaborate any more on why you cant measure it face on and why you can if it's on the right angle. 4:45

    Edit: You bumbled your words, it just seem to me like you were purposely didnt finish your explanation. 5:03 Just curious

  21. I am engineer, but i'm my clases I had only basis of electric theory (I studied mostly automatic/programming). Could you recommend some books to study this topic? Something about plasma theory or current knowledge about electric Universe (is there even something like that?)?

  22. "It's the only thing in the universe that does have counter-rotation."

    Sir, I beg to differ: there is loads of counter-rotation in my marriage.

  23. Now I'm wondering when, if ever, we'll be able to detect counter-rotation in the Milky Way Galaxy even though we can't see it from the angle currently necessary to detect it. What would that take to peer through a galaxy edge-on and detect a sheer zone where the stars are moving in opposite directions?

  24. If at some point in the future, the "high priests" of science concede that what Donald Scott is saying is correct, and his ideas go mainstream and enter into the accepted narrative, he will become a legend similar to Copernicus or Newton.

  25. Could the webbed plasma streams in the atmosphere, with escaping earth gas, the electricity in earth, and then with a planetary motion force, (planet positions, or solar winds, or comets, or lightning, or contribution of all of them), contribute to the cause of causing these conflagration fires to erupt on the ground? Like the ones in California?

  26. One would think that after no less than 18 studies involving literally hundreds of scientists and many years of effort that have shown absolutely NO EVIDENCE of dark matter, they would finally realize that they are "pursuing the wild goose" and begin listening to plasma cosmologists/EU theory; or at the very least would start casting about for a better explanation for known phenomena than something that cannot be defined, cannot fit in with most physics, and cannot be found! And this is at least the 50-60th paper that says "we didn't expect this finding!" Hey, mainstream scientists, give up your snipe hunt and open your eyes to electricity and magnetism!!!

  27. with the preponderance of cosmic plasmic helical electric birkeland (multi-concentric counter-rotating) current web connecting all galaxies as z-pinch plasmoid beads-on-a-string … the "not-so-black" grey-holes emit plenty of radiation so as to FULLY DISQUALIFY any silly fictitious (stronger-than-actual "gravity") notion of "super gravity" (super mass or super enery = mis-dubbed as NON-OBSERVED dark-matter or dark-energy) which "consensus science" has been grasping at WITH NO SUCCESS … their ERRORS Compounds their self-inflicted "unresolved + unresolvable mysteries" (stuck permanently in "unexpected surprise" syndrome)

    thus …
    leaving us the OBVIOUS role of ordinary good old electromagnetic forces we SEE in real life (tiny scale and huge cosmic scale) underlying the more reliable E.U. cosmological model!

    ultimately, every ELECTRICAL CURRENT SURGE … would be accompanied by an EXPECTED "bump" in radiation "brightness", such as the center of galaxies, where such Birkeland currents flow, we can expect such radiation surges to fan out towards the periphery, affecting all stars connected in the same galaxy

    if the center of OUR own Milky Way galaxy experienced a HUGE "birkeland current surge" (momentary brightning) … i would expect our sun to "follow suit" (as well as all stars in our galaxy) … something "scary-big" is imminent !!!

    if SEVERAL of our nearby Galaxies (local group) ALL "in close proximate timing" experienced a HUGE "birkeland current surge" (momentary brightning) … something EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA "scary-big" is imminent !!!

    LIKEWISE, the very opposite …
    if ALL the visible galaxies (far + near) experienced a HUGE DIMMING (birkeland current "LULL") … i would expect ALL stars IN our Milky Way Galaxy (+ in whole cosmos) to "follow suit" and likewise DIM … while our Sun turns BLACK … (or grey, if you prefer) … and our Moon appears deep RED … while the Sun's Corona itself "drifts larger, more expansive" yet it still "shines nearly the same"

    = (the NET ion-electron FLUX equilibrium (Coronal Diameter) merely adjusts FARTHER outwards, if our local solar AXIAL birkeland current DROPS …)

    as the WHOLE Cosmos "DIMS" … JESUS CHRIST … can be SEEN coming … brightly … while rebellious humankind reacts in DISBELIEF!

    science is so enlightening … and fun!

    now watch the cosmos go through MULTIPLE BRIGHTNING + DIMMING …
    … enough the make most hardcore skeptics FAINT of HEART … (or hardened hearted)


  28. PLASMA–Energy rotating in opposite directions, reminds me of the human body energetically the magnesium is circulating in one direction and the carbon in the other direction, we are walking Belkin current!! We -Who are created from the elements of the earth, Connect to our earth energetically through the ball of our feet, K one, Birkland flow up into our body. ….creating out blood foundation: PLASMA.

  29. ☺😊😀😁😂5 Smile's Explains venues and the reverse rotation it has its all based on this a blackhole water test and a object on the top spin one one way then spin the other the opposite direction and drop it will not last long. Looks like a organisms on the in side the web. Magnetic field Flux you could be right 😆.👍it's small only 22 light year across ours 100 light year interesting 😆.👍 spin in O g create pull no!or sentripical force? Hope the spelling is right? Otherwise nasa and the handle on the international space station it flops out spins one way and every 5 turns has a second opposite or nother direction spin? Could also be the answer?????? What's the weight difference between the two????? Could be multiple sources that causes it nice more studying required 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆.👍

  30. Could the reluctance of accepting the electric universe be part of Cognative Dissents? They can’t wrap their minds around the reality of electricity in the universe?

  31. Watch this guy explain why no one “ Can “ land on the Moon , it’s a light for one thing like God tells us , it’s the Lesser Light to Rule the Night , but hear what this guy said a long time ago in video called : 1965 scientist claims the moon is plasma , landing on it won’t be possible . By: ABC News ( Australia ) . This scientist knew way back then !!! What a great video you brought forth to the table !!!

  32. Yep, it’s electric! ”Lorentz Force" lab experiments easily show how positive and negative electromagnetic charges cause rotation. Reverse those electromagnetic charges to achieve counter rotation.

    Other lab experiments show how electromagnetic z pinch propulsion points can eject matter at high speeds through the center of the z pinch point. Black holes are not required. ( 3:24 )

    Web search Z Pinch Point Propulsion

    We do, however, heavily reply upon light penetrating the black holes in our eyes providing knowledge and insight. I guess black holes do have a purpose.

  33. Brilliant as usual, for matter to come together it would have to be sticky. Electricity is sticky but matter isn't.

  34. If only we had an observational technique to measure the current and voltage output of galaxies we could estimate the real base lines, recalibrate equipment and see everything as it truly looks.

  35. Wait a minute, he says counter rotation is measured by red shift or lack of red shift, or blue shift?my problem with this is that that particular point would be validating redshift indicating speed, which Halton Arp's work seems to contradict. Please explain…

  36. When we look at a hurricane, we can assume that the gravity in the center is pulling all the rain into the middle and sending it into another dimension of course.

  37. Can you find background music that is less soporific, and not continually playing? And have the presenter on camera some of the time? Those two things would help hold the viewers' attention.

  38. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I wish mainstream would realize that just because a few Mysteries have been solved that there is Grandeur Mysteries a waiting

  39. Greeting's , To ALL : A question arose in another comment section"what was/is the power source of the Birkland currants?" ANYONE ? thank you and be safe.

  40. Why aren’t they accepting this model of the universe? What’s with the gravity hard-on they have? I just don’t get it, science is always being reimagined and new explanations and phenomena are being discovered all the time. Why is this provable, scalable and easy to understand theory being tossed out the window by mainstream science?

  41. Man, I wish the mainstream would just accept this as fact.. I grew up (36 now) learning as much as I could about the nature of our universe. Black holes, dark matter, quantum mechanics is the most fascinating thing to me, even now i love hearing anything new about our universe, BUT after a few short episodes… then a binge, I am a new believer. Why? Because the eletric universe just makes sense and feels right… thank you as you have flipped my understanding of our reality upside down and I'm loving it seeing thru my new set of eyes!! Brilliant:)

  42. Even if there is no counter-rotation, what falls into a black hole should do it in a single direction? These little foolishness of thought is what causes science to stagnate.

  43. Sounds like Dark Matter = Electricity or “charged plasma”.

    Perhaps a white paper simply citing the transitive property would suffice to “discover” dark matter.

    And before you laugh, I bet that is how it will go down.

  44. I deeply value the work of both Thunderbolts and mainstream astrophysicists. Thunderbolts in many ways seems to me to be a rebuttal to mainstream astrophysics. Can someone please reply with with a rebuttal in turn from mainstream astrophysicists more recent than Segan? I have struggled to find any…

  45. Energy is comfortably able to flow in a current – (any current – electric, wind, water), but extra energy above a comfortable flow will radiate away – a) in waves normally, but more energy may create rotations (e.g. whirlwinds). If rotations cannot manage the extra energy then counter rotations one within the other will disperse a huge amount of energy and we see this in weather patterns on Earth and Birkland Currents – even more than just two if on a galactic level. I would like to see more research into understanding how ordinary energy affects, say, the two-slit experiment, etc. and scrap Dark Matter altogether.

  46. Dark matter! LOL God of the gaps! Science seems to have forgotten Occams Razor. I have a couple of tons of it in my garage…

  47. I'm a simple man. Love to play bass. Have a one track mind, and a four string bass. But to me, the big bang theory doesn't make sense at all. But the Electric Universe theory does, a lot. I'm mean, it's not gravity and dark mattern (well perhaps my dark soul) that makes my instrument booming. It's electricity. Joke aside. I think we are about to reach a paradigm shift. All the "DeGrasse Tysons" out there needs to swallow their pride, and get serious. Byt hey, what do I know. I just a bassplayer.

  48. yea ok,it is very interesting for sure..
    but mate,, you have a go at mainstream science for making statements such as
    "we now know for sure" etc and then go ahead and say ridiculous things yourself such as "the only thing in the universe" ????????? how the red hot F would you know mate ay ?????
    seen the entire universe it in all its splendour have you??.
    possibly took some intergallactic tour the rest of us dont know about.??
    you dont know mate,is the answer.
    even if your understanding of the universe and the physics involved was a thousand times greater then all the worlds scientists knoweledge combined,youd still know nearly nothing..your guessing just like the rest of us.

  49. I do trust your data and the theory of the electric universe, but in my mind I have one big hurdle, and that is the accuracy of Einstein’s relativity. How can relativity and electric universe be reconciled? Quantum mechanics as well, but that’s another beast all on its own.

  50. We have two kind human model:
    – one looking explains, based on logical structural in revolution race.
    – second, they are regress.

    GR8 work thunderbolts…

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