100 thoughts on “Don Lemon skewers Trump defenders regarding Ukraine call

  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_the_50_largest_cities_in_the_United_States
    Take a look who runs all the shithole crime infested cities

  2. Where's Michael Avenatti? Where's your bud Don? Very very sad. Poor Omarosa too. Why don't you book her? She has the Trump "N" word tapes after all.

  3. What's wrong with trying to get to the bottom of the Russian probe?  Those investigating the Russian Collusion asked foreign governments to help them out with their investigation.

  4. Read the entire transcript; not just snippets. You decide. Don't let the media tell you what to believe. Do you own research. If you listen to the MSM you'll get nothing but manipulated information and lies.

  5. The media is 100% supportive of democrats….anti-Trump since he came down the escalator with Melania, Why? What did Trump do to piss off so many in the media? He won…He won against the Evil Media Machine and they're pissed. So, if you vote democrat, you are in goose-step with this brainwashing that's been going on for more than 3 years now. Vote against the Evil Media…Vote Trump 2020.

  6. Schiff is a traitor he is nothing but a scumbag, Obama was corrupt and Bill Barr will find out the truth and whole democrat party will burn to the ground CNN has lied for three years look up yourself Joe Biden is on tape saying”I’m here for 6 more hours if the prosecutor is not fired you will not get your billion dollars” so who is the liar, CNN IS FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA

  7. Hang in there Don. You're the only good thing about CNN anymore. Hope you are recruited to a network worthy of you. One that appreciates you.

  8. Every time I hear someone talking in the media, interview, etc….talking against Trump, its like they're all "parrots" saying the same thing over and over, yet NOT offering one iota of genuine thought. If you are anti-Trump, how much of this did you get from fake news CNN or other media outlets? 100% I'm sure.

  9. The White House has a lot to do with ratings I would say because it has very low ratings at the moment since you want to be sarcastic about my comment

  10. Don – worst journalist of the year – Lemon "SKEWERED" Trump supporters, you say? Oh, THIS herevideo is the proof of said skewering? Oh man, looks like we're all going hungry tonight if we're waiting on them shish kabobs Lemon is "Skewering" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    This is nothing more than a low energy meme, Lemon lecturing Trump on ANYTHING is the literal equivalent of a Port-A-Potty telling the toilet that he's full of shit

  11. Draft Dodging Donnie Wins 2020 election with Putin's Government Telling the world "We Want Draft Dodging Donnie To Win" on RT. Mitch makes sure Russian Intelligence gets a free hand in our elections. His wife gets cah in a bag every week. You heard it here first! Like everything else, you herd here first. I know 1 year ahead because I am the head of The Mob. The Squad has no hope/ Putin is the Consiglieri of The Mob. Suckers! I won 2020 already. The voting machines are already hacked.

  12. Somebody please explain to the Trumptards that in THIS COUNTRY, WE PROTECT whistleblowers or those who come forward identities or else there would be NO whistleblowers. In CHINA, N KOREA, IRAN, IRAQ and other Dictatorships they don't which is why they are fucked up.

  13. It's ashame that Don Trump would be such a lemon head because he's turning on his own race, since it's the democratic party that formed the KKK and it's the Afro-American community who has been benefitting mostly from Trump's presidency more than they ever have under democratic administration. Lemon seems to ignore the fact that most black leaders favor Trump over democrats. Lemon doesn't seem to be black, but white washed, or is he really black? I think it's time Lemon's black brothers gives him a hint on who's side Trump is and on who's side the democrats are

  14. Your the 45th's enemy..Don lemon, (by name a lemon) your an idiot who has sold your integrity as a Media Actor, just for fame and fortune. Shame you do not stand behind your PRESIDENT for all the people of America. But "NO" Its all about the dollar for you. For fame, for being checked out in gay clubs and pretending you made it in life. You have…but as a lie and fake. You are so FAKE. But I do enjoy and laugh at the comedy channel you work for…very funny.

  15. I love reading the comment of the far left
    The democrats are backed in a corner
    Nothing to impeach trump for
    Transcript proves his innocence
    Democrat party is on the verge of collapse
    And you guys are so delusional you honestly think you have a win get out of the echo chambers guys you might want to see the real world

  16. I can't believe how many people on this thread is ok with what trump is saying AND doing. None of them belong to the 1% so trump doesn't give a shit about them. Why are they on a left leaning site barking? I wonder if they know how stupid they sound.

  17. CNN used to be believable. Now it's Gay Lemon and the Comedy News Network. I bet him and Fredo takes turn sucking each other off.

  18. All the people believing any of this needs mental help. notice how there's a new very serious crime being committed each week and for the last 3 years. But each and every time its been debunked. no proof! MSNBC has had to recall each and every one. And the president is still running the country. msnbc ratings are lower than ever! Going bankrupt. Don Lemon is still know as the worst news caster. but you people are still here thinking your getting honest Quality news. lol!!! wow!!! after Trump is finishing his 8th year of being President of the united states of America tell me what you think about these fake news junkies lying to the country. your hate has blinded you…

  19. This is just so sad… American is a freaking grade A joke anymore.. It really breaks my heart that so many people claim to follow and love the Constitution but they don't. They Only care about the 2nd amendment period and nothing else…

  20. What a horrible news station CNN is. Where is the mention of the agreement pres Clinton signed with the Ukraine stating we have a agreement with them to exchange info for the investigation of criminal matters.
    After I read this agreement https://www.congress.gov/106/cdoc/tdoc16/CDOC-106tdoc16.pdf I see that the news media and our paid reps are so full of lies it is a shame. Look, I don't care for Trump and his nasty mouth but come on, to spend out tax dollars for this is a shame and the MSM news stations like CNN drum up fake news is supported political agendas. They are supposed to be unbiased news sources that only present all facts in a matter, but I see those days are long gone. Shame on them all.

  21. lemon plays with himself wanting some guy to smell his fingers afterward in public , skewer's other peaple? LOL typical CNN……🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Looks like corrupt fake news media CNN is afraid of what the probe into he Russian Collusion hoax. will reveal.

    Was corrupt fake news media.CNN one. of. the. co-conspirators ?

  23. Lmao lmao lemonhead is just amazing lololol. Right when i think he can't get any more deranged he opens that bias mouth of his and lies to us even more. How is he still on the air????

  24. C'mon Dems, it's been 2+ years. If you have a case, bring it on. Let's see what ya got. We dare ya. (Snicker..snicker, as if the do-nothing Dems would EVER to more than talk and accuse).

  25. Joe Biden did this exact same thing. He openly bragged about witholding funding until the prosecutor assigned to investigate his sons shady business dealings was fired.

    Why cant you guys abide by the same standards you set for others?

    Also Don Lemon is accused of sexual assault. Why has he not been censured like you demand everyone else who is accused should be?


  27. Jake Tapper Held that Lier in the Fire! Chuck Todd did and Interview with GOP Senator Scalise…and allow the Interview to End With Scalise's Introduction of a Lying Talking Point [totally outside The Debunked Ukraine Scandal] Standing On The Platform As The Last Word Heard……I Was Very Disappointed In Todd to be Out Manuvered By Scalise That Way! NEVER LEAVE A LIER WITH A PLATFORM TO STAND ON….AN ALTERNATIVE FACT SHOULD NEVER SURPASS A FACT. AND ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE HOLDING THEM IN THE NARRATIVE! GO JAKE TAPPER AND CHRIS WALLACE. AND NAPOLITANO! WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR FACTS LET THEM FLY! YOUR VIEWERS AND LISTENERS DEPEND YOU YOU KEEPING FAKE NEWS OUT OF FACT NEWS! THANK YOU DON LEMON!

  28. President Donald Trump was a 12.8 on the Political Richter Scale.It was a seismic shift,he was a seismic shift.But nobody saw that coming ? the deep state didn't see that coming ? ! President Donald Trump is a symptom not a cure.

  29. Don lemon is CNN going to fire you for playing with yourself in a upscale restaurant . No morals.Heard you took both hands out of your panties and shoved them in another mans face and told him to sniff. What kind of sick person would do that. It’s okay I heard he’s going to sue you now. Your are a sicko. Seek some help.

  30. Lemmmon congoloid fudgepacker abducted by aliens and probed they brought him back shaking thier heads he's in the same credibility class as jussie smolett

  31. Ok Media. So stop showing him so much on your TV channels, that will accelerate his meltdown, for the more he appears in the media, the more it feeds his narcissistic supply.

  32. Came here to write a post, not to watch don’s dumbest comments on president of the US. Trump 2020!
    Don, my suggestion to you is to watch Tucker, to learn what REAL journalism is.

  33. Hey don have you put your hands down your pants and put that nasty hand in someone's face anytime lately cuz your full of bullshit something really smells disgusting

  34. Don Lemon, there is no meltdown on Trump's side! There will be a meltdown on your side, real soon!
    And no…Trump will not be impeached…period! However, many of you on the Left will be indicted for treason!

  35. Facts…how about three years of a bogus Russia Collusion Investigation which produced no criminal results!

  36. Don Lemon…you're a joke! Only voters with the IQ of a bear listen to your diatribe!
    And yes we Trump supporters will support Trump to the end because he's is on the right side of the Law!
    As for a Civil War…we are coming for you if there's one! We are armed to the teeth!
    The American Militia is ready, willing and able to defend President Trump and the US Constitution from domestic and foreign enemies!

  37. Quid pro Quo – Latin for "This for that" is good to know. – However, its the Clinton signed Ukraine Treaty that stands out which aids each country with Corruption crimes.

    In 1984 I believe, signed by President Clinton to willingly exchange research of possible wrong doing between countries. i.e. Why hire Hunter to pay him millions?

  38. Quid pro Quo – Latin for "This for that" is good to know. – However, its the Clinton signed Ukraine Treaty that stands out which aids each country with Corruption crimes.

    In 1984 I believe, signed by President Clinton to willingly exchange research of possible wrong doing between countries. i.e. Why hire Hunter to pay him millions?

  39. No ones freaking out except you stinky finger, the chair man of the Committee lied to America. Get you story straight you cupcake.

  40. Well Mr Don Tardmuff and all the rest of ya . So far nobody has showed any hard evidence that Trump did anything wrong and I’m especially not gonna take the word of Mr Don the wife beating Chet and that is a fact

  41. WARNING!! After real Americans Re-elect President Trump the Angry mob Democrats and their hench women klantifa will be Rioting,Looting and destroying Property AGAIN!! Stand your ground America!!

    Here it is for all you yanks… Enjoy.
    You know why trump spoke to the Australian Prime Minister on this topic, CNN Is only giving it's viewers half the story, he was speaking to him because there are reports that a certain high ranking member of Australian politics was involved in the Steel document (which is now known to be fraudulent) and the Popodopolus and female Russian offical scandal that happened in before the 2016 election.

    As an Australian I say Trump has Every right to question his Australian Counterpart on these reports that allege an Australian offical to have actively conspired with others from the USA, the Uk and the EU(both gov and non gov) for the outcome of benefiting nominee Hilary (who they all had business and government ties with) and damaging nominee trump leading up to the 2016 US election.

    Popolopolus was a part of Trumps team, it is alleged that contacts in the EU and this particular Australian politician(who was based in London at the time) were involved in setting up the meeting between Popolopolus and this supposed Russian non government Offical which ended up being a honey trap style set up, and it's also alleged that the Australian politician was secretly recording all his conversations with Popolopolus , and passed them onto Hilarie's team and those tapes were used by the democrats in discrediting Popolopolus later on.

    Now this little web when you include Mi5 agent steel and his fake dosier, if the reports are found to true then it will show that two of America's closest and strongest allies the UK and Australia had members of their respected governments were actively attacking the campaign for one of the presidential nominees, so trying to influence the USA presidential election!


  43. Don lemon and the rest of CNN are fucking insane, and so are most of you idiots that think there is an impeachment going to happen, your tax dollars are being wasted over absolutely nothing… look in the mirror, look at the idiot looking back……

  44. Schiff is a liar! Schiff talked to the whistle blower before the report was filed. Then as if we have forgotten, acted all mad on how the channels in which it was handled acted by the DOJ. Remember the testimony by Joseph Macguire? It's basically like I set this curve ball up to be a perfect curve ball but instead got a knuckle instead.

  45. Trump isn't worried about anything. He's playing you guys, like he always does. Dandy Don is a intellectual and moral lightweight. He adds nothing to the conversation. He's not smart enough to see the facts when slap him up side the cock sucker

  46. Vote all Democrats out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government
    Fucking scumbag Democrats are the party of the devil
    CNN communist news network fuels the propaganda for the scumbag Democrat socialist communists
    These people are poison

  47. Biden said don't look at me look at Trump. Don't look over here. Nothing to see here. Hahahaha. Whos afraid now. the Democrats are going crazy.

  48. Favor asking for something of the goodness of the other person. Can you do me a favor though. Yes or no. that simple Key word Favor. and that is a fact.

  49. You are Marxist Socialist propaganda outlet .. peddling lies and misinformation about the elected President .. elected President … you are committing treason, and the american people know this, if you want to be in the white house, then win the majority vote .. not this way .. you are revolting

  50. You make me sick with your disgusting narrative of the facts.. how you select and pick interviews to feed your salivating, sick socialist followers .. Trump 2020

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