Dollar General Clearance Event Guide Part 1

Dollar General Clearance Event Guide Part 1

so I'm in Dollar General and this is all I was able to get today boo I'll just wear it I'm just playing I'm just playing this is me right here the whole you bow all of it all of it all of it let's keep going let's keep going mama okay and that's not it but this is the store number one but yeah okay okay guys so let's just get a shot of this clearance aisle it's pretty well set up as you go in different stores some will be set up well some will not some will have clearance all over the store and some will have it in one area this store has done their best to prepare in advance so let's take a look at some of the things that they have and see if we have any coupons that can match up with things okay so we're looking at these Ritz crackers okay there are 90 cents today so they'll be half off let's get a look at the UPC okay Oreos the fireworks Oreos and remember whatever you're seeing on the tags it should ring up half off of that okay and we'll talk about what to do if it doesn't ring up we'll talk about that later but and you'll be seeing some penny stuff in this video too as well because as they prepare for the clearance sale they start to bring things out of the bag and some of them are actually penny items okay so let's just get a look at some of these UPC's and some of this stuff you will find on the regular shelves okay and we'll discuss coupon matchups and all of that later but for now let's just get a look at some of the things that are on sale if I come across oh really I'm seeing some penny items if I come across any really hot deals with coupons I will try my best to mention those as we go we know we have coupons for the Olay this Clearasil in the back the rapid rescue we have coupons for that too okay so let's get a look at that so you want to go ahead and clip your coupon for that remember don't panic all details will be at the end of the video ok so dial garnier that's going to be a hot one this one is not labeled but garni is definitely gonna be a hot one dove derma care they don't carry dove derma care anymore in most dollar generals at least not this style bottle so if you see derma care it's worth getting a price check Pantene and remember look at all of these multicultural products don't forget to clip your 5 off 15 multicultural coupons because you'd be able to use those with the extra 50% off yes so it's like getting double it'll be an extra 50% off plus you'll be able to use those head and shoulders the coupons on the app for the head and shoulders Clairol we do have several claro coupons ok several soif it's gonna be a very big one suave and Old Spice Olay ok and don't get overwhelmed watching the best thing to do is to pull out a pen a piece of paper get your notebook whatever it is that you do to organize and start to write this down Garnier this is going to be a very big one and I'm not gonna be super super hype in this video because this is a big deal and I want you to be prepared so I want you to take it seriously if this is your first time shopping the sale it is not easy there will be other shoppers in the store it is not easy so you need to be prepared Huggies very very hot item to clip Huggies if you don't have a paper coupon make sure you clip the one that's on the app ok the DG brand is also gonna be on sale ok so this is what it's currently marked so it will be half off of that and you can feel free to check the app for the DG brand to see if there are any baby offers because they do that periodically okay here's another hot one Swiffer this is going to be the best one Swiffer Swiffer because they're gonna be 225 and we have a two dollar off coupon on the app we also have one in PNG so get ready for that with the Swiffer look at these prices okay so when we take the half off we'll be able to get some great deals mr. clean that's going to be a very very hot one mr. clean it's usually two dollars with the clearance half off that we have a $1 off coupon on the app so it mr. clean most likely will be free it might be a moneymaker in some places so definitely clip you're mr. clean Digital let's keep looking bounty this is a great one let's get a close-up of what it's marked right now okay so you'll be able to take half off of that okay this 12 equals 24 premium of the DG branch let's get a close-up of that okay so right now it's marked 450 so with the sale you know it'll be 225 check your app to see if they are offering any brand discounts with the DG brand but either way for two dollars and 25 cents that's a great deal for that size great deal here's some more mr. clean products okay so we have a dollar off coupon on the app from mr. clean Garnier hair colored Vidal Sassoon hair color is going to be one of the biggest things that we see during the sale that's going to be a moneymaker or free it's gonna be the easiest to use those hair color coupons because most of the hair color is going to be marked down to about four dollars okay most of our hair coupons are for three dollars off so if it's priced four dollars and we take half off of that that's two dollars and then you use a three dollar off coupon well you just made yourself a dollar okay so the hair color is definitely going to be a moneymaker here's one a day vitamins definitely clip your one a day coupons chapstick it's already marked 125 so it will be an additional 50% off of that preparation H is going to be a moneymaker we have $2 off coupons so I know a lot of people who have Publix have been using them at Publix but save them because preparation-h is going to be a moneymaker okay is Mark 337 so you take half off of that and then you'll be able to use your $2 off coupons which makes it a moneymaker you will make money on this to apply to the rest of the items in your cart Glade definitely Glade we have some new Glade coupons that just came out okay so don't panic again I'll put all information on all coupons that you need to clip where they come from all of the details at the end of the video keep watching keep watching but I want you to get visuals on this stuff because here's what's gonna happen you're gonna go into your store and this stuff is not going to be marked okay it's not going to be marked and I'm showing you the hottest items okay I'm not just gonna show all things that don't have coupons I'm mostly showing things that will have coupons is Rachael Ray zero grain 6:05 now okay so we're looking at about three dollars with the sale and I believe we have $3.00 of coupons for that I'll have to double check to be sure but that's something you should be prepared for lots of coupons for different band-aids make sure you clip your band-aid coupons that's gonna be a really hot one and let's get into this makeup don't forget to clip your oral-b didn't think Gillette is going to be a big one okay but let's get into the makeup there's gonna be so many different brands okay everything from wet and wild to Maybelline to covergirl you know we have so many covergirl coupons and it's gonna be a moneymaker so just be ready because if we look at this lash blast it's 225 and we have a lash blast coupon for I believe two dollars off we have one for three dollars off okay so it's already marked 225 so you're looking at paying less than 115 and then using that two dollar off coupon you will make money okay so covergirl will be a moneymaker clip clip clip true blend we have coupons for the true blend for three dollars off okay so this will be free plus a small money maker because it's gonna be a little less than three dollars and then you'll be able to use that $3 off coupon so your makeup coupons need to be clipped you don't need to be doing this in the store you don't need to be doing this at the last minute this needs to start getting done now there's so many different varieties of makeup in here I'm just gonna dig a little I don't want to dig too much when I first started I used to dig down in these bins and do penny shopping I don't really do that anymore $6.00 covergirl okay and there are printables on coupons com that you can print for some of these items so don't get discouraged if you don't have the inserts don't get discouraged if you only have one digital account you still have options to print print from work print from school wherever you can print here are the chic razors these will be a great deal we have a four dollar off coupon for these I believe and check your DG app as well so these should be free or a moneymaker okay we have some Barbasol coupons as well okay so these are 337 I'll have to double check and look and see what those coupons say but I'm showing you the brands that you need to clip okay I don't want to show you all of the junk I know others will do videos and they'll show everything in the clearance aisle but that does not benefit you because you're not coming into into the story to just buy anything you're coming to get the best deal so Gillette mach3 cartridges this is gonna be a great one because these cartridges are already expensive okay and the fact that they're marking them down is even better okay so we're looking at the covergirl concealer this is a great one for 50 okay and we have coupons for $2 off we might have $3 off on a face product I think concealer is considered a face product so just be on the lookout for those okay Maybelline Maybelline is also included we have maybelline coupons and usually what comes out in the inserts is also on the DG app so don't neglect to look there okay dawn is included so that's great let's keep looking more mr. clean okay and there will be deals that you see that are things that you want just because you need them for your house that's fine you know treat yourself if you must but I do I do suggest that you stay modest with what you get because you didn't come in the store to spend a lot you came to get a great deal okay but I'll skim this aisle anyway just so you can see a few more of the things and then we'll move on we want to cover as much territory as possible and we don't want to spend so much time so let's go ahead and move on okay so I went ahead and left that store but while I was in there I didn't want to fail to mention that I was seeing penny stuff not that much stuff that I wanted sometimes I leave it for other people but um these cookies looked interesting and they were a penny so I decided to go ahead and get bu so just a heads up if you're shopping tomorrow and you see these they are a penny it's the shortbread cookies that are filled filled with the orange puree okay so it's these I'll show you the bar code just in case I know some people need to see a bar code to feel confident about getting it so there it is okay so yeah these turned out to be a penny so I got them there's some more stuff that I saw on the shelf and I was like wow is that really here but I'm really particular about when I get penny food I try to make sure it's not expired if it's expired I'll leave it usually and there was some penny toys that I saw that I just really didn't want but um yeah be on the lookout for some of the penny stuff tomorrow when you're shopping too that's one of the best times to get penny items well I'm on to the next door to try and you know look at the next clearance items let's go and do that together okay so guys so I kind of got sidetracked the manager just asked me to help point out the discontinued items to her so that's actually what I'm doing right now I'm waiting on her to come back so I can show her some things that are on clearance cuz she's been slammed lately she hasn't had the time to really you know go through all of the clearance stuff so that's kind of what a lot of managers rely on me for not the ones with the blue stripe these are new sorry it's gonna be the ones way up high those are discontinued yeah but tomorrow they'll be half off of that mm-hmm okay guys so I'm in the next store and we're seeing a couple things that are more of the same see diapers here scanning scanning scanning these totes might be included okay but one thing I want to bring to your attention yellow stickers are different from orange stickers okay so some source might argue that yellow stickers don't necessarily mean that the item is discontinued or that it should rings up 50% off but you can argue that because it was in the clearance section that hey it should be included it was in the last chance section you see this last chance and the receipts and the advertisement all the signage for the sale says last chance section is on sale so if something does it ring up half off and you got it in the last chance section then most likely you do have a little room to argue okay but launch stickers are usually what you're looking for but this store looks like they just use yellow stickers but I know most of this stuff is on sale so I'm just gonna continue to go with the matchups on these items because I know most of this stuff is on sale so we have the single rolls of brawny paper towels okay that'll be a good deal that'll be cheap this is what I was saying about the hair color look at this Garnier hair color mark two dollars and 40 cents okay 240 if this rings up half off tomorrow it'll be a dollar 20 and you guys know we have Garnier coupons so that would definitely be a moneymaker again with the dark and lovely the multicultural items definite definitely a go with that kind of stuff we're looking at the Clairol hair color is really gonna be it again with the multicultural items these have an orange tag so we know for sure that these will be half off okay and so don't forget to stack that with your 5 or 15 of the multicultural okay I'm talking fast we have a lot to cover let's look at not this one let's see what am I looking at let's look at this the Palmer's okay these will be half off tomorrow too okay and then we have an IP for a dollar of one Palmer so a on Palmers okay and then this is a multicultural item it is listed on that five all 15 multicultural so you would definitely be able to use it on Palmers I'm seeing lots of Palmers products here in the last chance section so definitely you get a dollar off and it would be half off already and then you get the five on 15 with that so it's kind of like you're tripling you know in a manner of speaking not really that's not what triple means please don't take that literally but you'll get the half off with the 50% off sale then you use your $1 off one IP and then if you spend $15 on multicultural hair items then you save an additional five off 15 so there's three deals there okay so we're looking at the era detergent I haven't seen any coupons for that but if you have any it would be a great deal those are all half off this is the one I get pretty excited about look at the emergency okay so the emergency is priced at 450 it'll be half of that okay and then we have $2 off emergency coupons I liked what we had $3 off coupon but we have $2 off coupons which should make this nearly free okay so you're close to freedom there the ester see we have coupons for ester C as well so those should be pretty much close to free I'm not seeing these as moneymakers but you should be paying like less than a dollar for some of these and some of them should also even be free okay so great deals with those lots of freebies let's keep looking I already told you about these okay these are definitely a moneymaker okay and I'm seeing more of the gillette more of the same mostly store by store so I want to like take it to a point where we're seeing things that we haven't seen yet okay so we're going to go ahead and move on and find some things that we haven't seen yet this is one of the last things that I want to show you in this store because this packaging this branding is not being made anymore okay so if you find anything with this packaging get a price check on the hht get a scan to see if it is an additional 50% off if it's discontinued if it rings up discontinue ask them if they're willing to take that additional 50% off because it is the last chance item discontinued means last chance okay a lot of managers will understand that and honor it some managers will give you a hard time because they are not yet experienced enough to know that discontinue means it should have been put in the last chance section anyway okay so if it gets scanned on the hht that's the handheld okay if it gets scanned on that and it rings up discontinue then they need to give that extra 50% off but they do not have to they should but it's not an argument you want to take up with the district manager it's just really not worth it okay there's too many stores too many deals you can say okay and move on okay and find yourself a manager that actually understands and will not give you a hard time because a lot of managers will just give a hard time for no reason you have to pick your battles move on while you're arguing you could actually be getting a great deal somewhere else okay so every time I'm in the store I either run into one of you guys and I start talking or I'll run into cashiers that I wanted to talk to and I start talking or gossiping so I'm gonna do something different this time and I'm gonna get out of the store and go to the next one without running my mouth for hours so hey guys you know how I said I was gonna leave Dollar General well I'm still here and this is why I ran into Black dynasty what do I mean so you're saying tomorrow you'll probably end up bringing yeah I'll bring everything everything out because I'll be here at 6:00 in the morning we don't open till 8:00 so give me two hours to what kind of it's like the household stuff no but I'm I'm pretty sure that the chairs like lawn chairs and stuff should go all of the summer stuff so all of our pools the floaties stuff like that right the clothes the yellow clothes but you don't have any oh here's my question for you I know some stores do but some stores don't if you scan things with your hht and they bring up discontinued do you give them that 15 on it should go ahead and take it off in the rare chance that it doesn't like but it says this contain you know things are newly entered as they continue store store manager okay I'll do it okay put it depends on the story haha I mean but anything that goes through hht if it's all just getting all of our discontinued items gonna be half off so if it stands in a sense this continued it'll already be the additional ten yourself okay okay like if something normally sells for a dollar but it's been discontinued and it's 80 cents tomorrow it'll be 40 cents okay doors are you know some stores have more stuff than others and different stuff and also some stores have different percent off of their like their apparel so apparel some stores don't happen on sell at all some stores have the yellow dot apparel on sale for like fifty percent so somehow it'll be fifty percent with an additional fifty percent okay so I think I asked all my questions even the ones I didn't ask you answered yeah so thank you okay guys so good news I'm at the next door and I'm seeing some things we didn't previously see other stores I'm looking at Nivea lip balm so that's a good one we can add to our list let's keep looking tums smoothies advil that's a good one we have several coupons for that Johnson & Johnson this is a good one these will be free okay cuz with the 50% off we're looking at $2 and we know we have that $2 off one coupon so this is great seeing the Johnsons gift sets also great the tiny traveler said okay look dayquil Tylenol okay we have tylenol coupons so that's that's gonna be a good one I'm still looking we have outclass Elser coupons so that's another great one we're seeing emergency and Esther see again vagisil and B's ethnic hair care products lots of good ones in this store I'm gonna keep looking so let's get into some quick your mileage may vary items okay so when you go to the store a manager informed me today that not every store is going to be having the same discontinued items this time around and we're seeing that pattern and that trend and Dollar General lately I mean the sales cycles have been off the clearance has been off between stores and I know these people and they do not lie to me I get to use their H HTS and scan the stuff myself and I was in one story and a scanned up discontinued in another store and it didn't and it's just due to a lot of the changes that they're making on a corporate level so don't be discouraged if you go on one store and something doesn't ring up you can try it at the next door but I recommend getting price checks when you go ok so this is one of the things that ranked up discontinued at one store and not at the next but if you see the bouncy six rolls not six plus something equals something else just six get a price check and see if it rings up discontinued remember you want to get price checks not at the register but on the handheld because it'll show the clerk it'll say this item is discontinued please move to the last chance area okay so that way they'll know ok this should have been a last chance it should be 50% off ok so make sure you get a price check on the handheld let's look at the next item ok these were some of my favorites at the last sale ok so it has to be the 8 equals 12 of the Scott okay so it has to be 8 equals 12 these will ring up discontinued again everything that you're seeing in the picture is everything that people are posting all of these things it really is it varies from store to store so do not again do not get discouraged get those price checks but this is one of those items that you should be on the lookout for ok so these are some more hot items that should ring up discontinued or that it's at least worth getting a price check on the Purex let's look at what what the cent is it says fresh cherry blossom hopefully you can see the barcode on that go ahead and screenshot it this gain has been discontinued almost everywhere for a while in this style bottle so if you see this then this should definitely be like hey I'm getting that because it's discontinued almost everywhere in most stores you don't see this bottle anymore so yeah another one that we're not really seeing anymore will be this gained tropical sunrise 105 count this is long gone discontinued so if you see this grab it this is a go mr. clean the green bottles definitely discontinued the game sent this will ring up half off of the 180 in some stores it's even cheaper than that and of course there's a digital for a dollar off on the app so if you don't have any other mr. Clinton coupons look on the app that is that's an easy one I mean it's right there in the store and we have coupons for it so like wow here's a good one to snuggle this bottle these actually I love these the way they smell they smell so amazing all the snuggle stuff and I got a ton of them at the last sale but um they are discontinued and if you see the packs of them of the softeners they're like packs the 30 count is discontinued as well if you see the ones that come in like little tabs like you know how they have tied pots I guess they're like snuggle pots and they are just like fabric softener pots there's a blue pack and there's a purple pack there are packs that say 26 count those are not discontinued so 26 is a note 26 count on snuggle pots is a no but if you find a pack of 30 count snuggle pots that is an absolute yes okay so these are some more items that I'm not seeing people have too many pictures of but these are all discontinued also okay guys so let's talk coupons let's talk the coupons that you're gonna need for this sale of course you're gonna need your PNG s so I hope that you've already clipped your PNG coupons so you're gonna need a lot of these there are oral-b toothbrushes let's see if those expired these expired so we won't be using some of these so go on your DG app there are coupons for the oral-b on the DG app because as we see a lot of the coupons from P&G expired but clip you're always discreet because I'm seeing several of those in the clearance aisle so you want to clip the always discreet let's see what else you can clip from PNG you're definitely gonna want to have your always radiant I did see a lot of always in the clearance section so always is going to be a plus and it might be as low as free because most of it was clearance very low like under $3 some of it was as close to $2 so you you're definitely gonna want you're always coupons okay so Venus and Gillette a definite yes I didn't really see as much Venus today as I would have hoped to but I saw tons of Gillette so this is what your Gillette coupons are looking like from PNG they have not yet expired but they will expire soon so you're gonna want to be using these if you're shopping the sale on Sunday a lot of these options will be limited to you so definitely it's definitely like a get there as soon as possible take advantage of the sale as soon as possible type sale because some of these expire very soon and here's some of our Head & Shoulders coupons unfortunately these have expired so you'll need to look on the app for those but clip your head and shoulders if you can ok so here's one that you definitely want to clip you definitely need downy there's so much downy included in the sale various sizes you can get a good deal I think we're gonna be getting downy for under $1 some of us will be getting downy for free depending on what our stores have so you need to clip these especially the $2 off one okay here's one that nobody can afford to leave at home Swiffer Swiffer is going to be free or no more than 50 cents tomorrow so for the sale so start clipping your your swiffers I'm clipping both of these I have both of these clipped here's mr. clean okay so if you've already used yours on the app or you don't have another one there's one in the P&G here's the other mr. clean coupon just giving visuals of what's actually in PNG okay so that's all from there I don't see these on sale this is this is not expired just yet but I haven't seen any of these on sale just yet but there is the unstoppable scent the downy UNSTOPABLES with this scent is included in the sale if you find the smaller size so I don't know how that would work out but that is an option so here that was everything you need to clip out of the PNG let's start looking at coupons and guys this is I pulled out my trusty dusty binder I don't really take this around very often but when there's a sale this you can't really afford to miss anything in the store there's no time to be going out to the car cutting inserts I'll do that on the regular day but with the sale like this you need to have everything that you need with you okay so I've got my act coupons clipped and ready to go because the pink act bubblegum is discontinued if you find one of these go get it checked this one is discontinued for sure you might be able to get it for free if you can find it the Bubblegum here's some Advil coupons I have those clips I have tons of advil clipped in here let's see what else is back here okay more of the same we're gonna keep going Clorox you need to have your Clorox clean this one to save a dollar on any to participate in Clorox or pine-sol and you will be seeing a lot of Clorox and pine saw okay so you need to have those clipped and we talked earlier about Clearasil okay so I have all my Clearasil coupons clipped so yeah wrap it treatment I think that's the one that we saw okay so I have the in it says two dollars off and I can't remember right now how much it was but two dollars off we might be looking at free okay and then I have a ton of covergirl coupons as you can see there's so many covergirl coupons there so you need to have them when I was telling you guys earlier about the variety of covergirl coupons I mean look there's so many different ones there's so many different they're not all the same there's a variety there were so many because they were in 7:29 and 812 smart stores so there's so many covergirl coupons so clip as many as you can there's also covergirl IPs so click those as well you're gonna need them you're going to need as many covergirl as possible this will be one of your money makers okay so since multicultural products are included I have my cream of nature coupon because I want to get some multicultural coupons and use them with that five off 15 but carefree you need to clip your carefree coupons this is a must care free is definitely on sale okay I've seen that in almost every clearance section that I've won – and the front of the store Colgate you're going to end up finding Colgate okay so clip those this is for caress botanicals that's a new item so we don't anticipate seeing that on clearance Duracell batteries you will probably see them go ahead and clip that vitamins are always clearanced out so I have all my vitamin coupons clipped just in case oh also let's talk about this once again because I have a stack of these IPS so yeah there's about 40 of these who's been getting the free bag of dang not me because I've been too lazy to go to the store and I have about 40 IPs they don't expire for a little while so I just ran across them in here I just actually start putting coupons in this trusty dusty binder yesterday so it's not that fool but it's getting there here's the emergency you need emergency coupons we saw when I was browsing some stores we saw the emergency this is what the coupon looks like let's see what else we need energizer you may find batteries on sale I know I've seen Duracell so you definitely finish I saw finish and the store wasn't the quantum but I did see finish so who knows what what will you know be clearance you're gonna need your glade coupons because I saw a lot of Glade plugins wax melts the works so you're gonna need Glade coupons so clip your Glade here's some haircolor from Garnier ok so these are things where note we know we're gonna see this one is four dollars off an e to Gagne okay so there's more on the picture than just this one okay what is that olia okay there's more than just that one so everyone is included this for that was off too so you need your Gagne you definitely need your gang coupons okay so I have a stack of gang coupons in there let's see what else is in here that you need for the sale I just want to give you some visuals just in case you're wondering like what everything looks like Johnson & Johnson I have stack of these you go like a dick stack of Johnson Johnson if you want to know where you can get coupons from or where I get mine from so that you'll have a large variety look in my description box and all the information will be there you may need serial coupons I did see cereal these are usually clearance at some stores Kotex is a big one clip all of your Kotex I have all of my Kotex clipped stapled and ready to go I don't know what motor ins are doing in there but it can stay ok all of my Kotex especially these these are the ones you're going to need the most the liners they are discontinued and they've been discontinued for a while but I still see them when I go in certain stores just like I see penny items and stuff sometimes I don't pick up stuff I don't need or I can't donate or I'm not when I'm not reselling it's like I'm not bringing any more junk home but yeah I've been seeing Kotex liners some of them are discontinued if you know what you're looking for you can find them on the shelf if you don't follow me on IG do that because I post as I go sometimes in the store ok so if I'm coming across different clearance items I will post it on Instagram so if you get on Instagram my name on there is one cute coupon or same as it is here on YouTube so look me up on Instagram and I post there a lot more often than I can post on YouTube because everything doesn't need a video okay here we go L'Oreal you need these the hair color is definitely clearance and so there's so many laurio expert items that are clearance you definitely need your laurio coupons ok let's see what else mods there is applesauce that is clearance ok so if you're into that clip your mods and that's what it looks like we'll see what else we have here just looking for things that we need and after I did this for the sale getting my book together I'm sitting here thinking seriously like you know what I might start doing this again I might start putting my stuff in the binder it's actually making life a lot easier so I'm like maybe I will start using a binder again who knows we'll see if you see it in upcoming videos then this is why okay you need your plate X plate X there's a lot of plate X that's discontinued so clip your plate X Bella dog food you need that to palmer's if you're doing the multicultural deal clip the palmer's print it on coupons calm because it's a fellow of any Palmas product and as you saw there are Palmer's that are included in the sale poised if you are doing this sale without your poised coupons that is a huge mistake poised as always always discontinued I guess they can't sell it fast enough poise is always sitting on the shelves discontinued I get so much boy I still have poise I did a couple of yard sales I sold some I gave some away I donated some and I still have so much poise love you guys see how dusty this is I'll tell you how old this coupon binder is I've had this for over ten years yes I have for over ten years of couponing so it's all dusty with this probably was a pili or something this circle probably was appealing off of a product or something and now it's just stuck there forever suave you definitely need all of your swab coupons I have all of mine the men's the kids everything what I usually do is I usually just kind of staple the stack together and though there there will be like you know a ton of them I try to do like ten per like a set of ten but sometimes I staple you know so many together as many as I can staple at once if I'm in a rush but summer's eve summer's eve coupons I didn't see any summer's eve on clearance but I will tell you this summer's eve is only two dollars at Dollar General so I mean a good deal anyway and then we have a dollar-fifty of IP so if you're not doing the dollar off you can still use a dollar 50 off printable for the summer's eve in the summer – Eve is only two dollars that dodging or okay so that's the deal you can get even without it being on clearance here's our chic coupons there's tons like I said I have a ton a variety of chic coupons back there you need those you definitely need those i soft Scrubbing Bubbles and one clearance section today so clip Scrubbing Bubbles stay free is a go I saw tons of stay free click that let's see what else there will be I didn't see any thermacare this time tide you need to have all your tied coupons especially the ones that for the yellow liquid not the pots these are now sale yet but for the tide the yellow liquid with the green the green cent whatever the green cent is that one is discontinued the yellow liquid tied in the green cent is discontinued okay regular tide of course because there are a few regular sins that are discontinued let's see I got a lot of clipping to do guys I felt like I had clipped a lot but I'm seeing all these empty pages and I'm like oh I don't know oh this is off subject for a second but zest Coast this body wash is only a dollar at Dollar Tree so free with the coupon let's see anything else in here no not really I just started clipping yesterday and I've still got my work cut out for me if I want to be great at this sale so I'm gonna go ahead and end the video but I hope you guys were able to learn something keep watching like comment subscribe and watch the images at the end write them down write the coupons down and get ready to be great for tomorrow sale yay yes

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  1. I really hate the Dollar Generals in my area. The people who work there are nuts and they have no common sense. If I ever go into a Dollar General again, please just shoot me!

  2. I subscribed to you, I like some of them but some of your videos are so long and some things are pointless.

  3. I want to say after watching several of ur videos and u happened to show up on my feed…u r so kind and amazing. I can tell u really want to help people who need it! I am amazed how u break down the basics to your tubers. How refreshing.

  4. I just wanted to say Iโ€™m a new subscriber and I love you and youโ€™re channel ! And me and my boyfriend are slowly moving into our apartment in a month or two and you helped me so much saved so much money on household items and everything i need ! I literally look everyday for a new video !!

  5. Half the items I bought with the digital coupons didn't discount the amount :/ how come ?? I didn't notice until I got home

  6. My local Dollar General sucks. They don't have much inventory and the clearance section is all the stuff that is useless

  7. I was stoked and still am but ! Got ready to check out at DG…their system was down for repairs! The saving grace was my clipped 5.00 off coupon!.. I will keep trying I also neglected to put in referral code on fetch and cannot figure out how to do after the fact! I will not give up!

  8. so far I have purchased from the clearance ile. it say's "clearance price as marked" and at the register, it never rings up for any less than that price. Example "light bulbs price marked orange tag $3.50 I thought they would ring for $1.75. Nope, 3.50

  9. Ladies and Gents: there is a Dollar General Penny Shopping facebook group. It is a closed group, you have to request to join, there is also quite a few penny shopping newsletters, but in essence, penny shopping is trial and error and a lot of effort by other shoppers.


  11. How do you know when it half off. I never seen signs in my DG that clearance is half off. Is it just at certain times?

  12. (Raises hand)
    Sooo, how would we know that it's 1/2 off the 50% items?
    And when are items at a penny….and how would we know WHAT is a penny?

  13. I didn't have any clearance hardly except summer items…..your store has a massive clearance section ๐Ÿ™ wish mine did

  14. Your store is so much better than the ones in NY. I went to three stores and not to much stuff. Smh. I did get Schick razors for free with the $3 coupon it was $2.70. and playtex tampons free they were $1.57 each and I had a buy 2 and get $4 off coupon. Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner was $1.32 and I used the $.50 coupon. I didnโ€™t do to bad. Thanks.

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