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  1. The election has NOTHING to do with the popular vote and only votes from states. So Kalifornia always gives its 55 votes to the Liberal member while Texas always gives to the Republicans. IT should be based on fair so let's say Kalifornia has 50% of its votes for either side then 50% of the electoral votes go to either party. Right now My Vote counts for farts in Commiefornia. Fair Share and all should go to the % of either party.

  2. And now they continue the efforts to undermine our Constitution, to allow the elite coasts to rule the nation.

  3. The EC still feels like a game that can be easy to rig. I wonder if you could do EC votes in percentile proportion to pop votes so is one candidate gets X% of the votes that score is adjusted based on the EC votes, then have it so the fewer voters come out to vote the less EC votes are worth, that way in order for EC votes to be worth a damn they need to get more than 80 percent of the voting public out to vote, else its just 20% or so of the pop vote. The US is rather backwards on voting frankly it should be like a bank account you get limited credit to place a vote around voting time, get bi or quarter annual vote records of your votes. Its no less nonsensical than the supposed anonymous ballot system that's not anonymous in the least…… just make it a federal crime to leak or share voting records openly..but noooo we can't have reason…. anonymous voting is more important than making sure the votes are from living legal voters…. I guess that's why they randomly block voting and make it harder for the masses to vote efficiently(more polling station open on weekends and holidays,ect).

  4. Without the Electoral College our government would crumble, because the majority parties could easily over power the smaller parties and form a tyrannic government.

  5. The US is a Constitutional Republic.. not a democracy .. it is even noted in the pledge of allegiance .. and to the “Republic “ for which it stands ..

  6. Well I am always saying this in all videos I encountered with regard to electoral college. Philippines is based on popularity votes. Every election the candidates focus on big provinces that is rich in votes. So after the election the biggest program and economic progress happened on the big provinces. The small provinces remain poor. The small provinces cannot even unite because the population of the big provinces is much bigger than them. That is the big problem of the popular vote.

  7. federalist 10, the majority will oppress the minority, not direct quote. White is the majority race, imagine if the popular vote which is majority white always votes in white presidents. Mob rule, yes democracy, but one that always will oppress the minority.

  8. A straight popular vote could lead to a person being elected president with a plurality, maybe under 40 per cent. If you don't like it, modify the electoral college, or have a run off election as the French do, or whatever, but not a straight, simple popular vote.

  9. of course this is a 7yr old video with outdated information, changes have been made and people lie. SO, if you can handle the truth here it is = https://youtu.be/HPXTWA3pqsg

  10. Corruption is Legal in America <- This is the real answer to "Does your vote count?"


  11. "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch."
    -Benjamin Franklin

  12. What wasn't emphasized, was that the president is elected by the states, not directly by the population. How each state arrives at the decision of who to vote for depends on how the individual state runs its elections – and currently IS democratically determined directly by the people. This gives each voter a valuable vote (within their state), but does not allow large states to wholesale dominate smaller states, except by having a larger elector count.

  13. A perfect example of why you don't want NY and CA picking your next president by getting rid of the electoral college. The Presidency is a state by state election, not a popular vote.

  14. Typical Dumocrats!! They are a bunch of crybabies!! Everytime when a republican wins for president. Dumocrats. Whine and complain we(Dumocrats) didn't win because electoral college! Excuses excuses!! Trump 2020!!

  15. the USA is a federal republic and a constitutional representative democracy. (just to clean up the arguments in the comment section)

  16. Electoral college is fine, the winner takes all is the problem. The US was created as seperate states uniting, not 1 big bad government(nation)

  17. People might disagree with me, but I believe that every vote really does count, even in the Electoral College. In classes like Statistics and Probability, I’ve learned that there’s almost never an event that has a 0% chance of occurring. The odds might be incredibly small, but not impossible. So even though this video claimed Michigan was a safe blue state, it went red in 2016. Therefore in reality, despite having very slim odds, any safe state has a chance of swinging the other way if enough people vote.

  18. No explanation is ever complete without and explanation of WHY. With all the jackasses out there trying to convince the dumdasses to get rid of it you should have explained why our founders set it up the way the did. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY BECASUE DEMOCRACY ALWASY FAIL. We are a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, a new form of government that provides the bst form of protection for ALL people. The Democrats want to destroy that just like they have in California.

  19. The popular vote drive is a thinly disguised democrat move to let the votes of states such as NY and CA control the presidency. Also the democrat drive to lower the voting age would open the door for brain washed youth vote the will of their socialist leaning teachers.

  20. Why can't everyone in the U.S. just vote and be tallied. Whoever gets the most wins. No reason for it to be complicated. If there is a logical reason please feel free to comment and elaborate.

  21. Last election is a perfect example of what's right about the electoral college concept and why the founding fathers came up with it.

    In 49 states, Trump was ahead in the popular vote overall, and had a majority of the electoral votes, then California weighed in and Trump's popular vote went below Clinton's by several million, but the electoral votes still made Trump the winner.

    The whole idea was to not let one state with a huge population overrule the popular vote of all the others.

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