Doctor vs Engineer vs Business | Deciding on a Career

Doctor vs Engineer vs Business | Deciding on a Career

29 thoughts on “Doctor vs Engineer vs Business | Deciding on a Career

  1. I want to be an engineer because it’s a high paying job but i absolutely hate physics. I WANT THAT CASH WHAT SHOULD I DO ??

  2. Unfortunately for USA/Canada doctor is out of question for 99.999% of students. Due to extremely low percentage of people who actually get in and graduate. So essentially you can only offer Engineer and Lawyer for vast majority of viewers. Business is kinda weak nowadays, payment is very low, so I'm not even sure it's worth mentioning. You can probably make more money in McDonald's minimum wage than in some businesses lol. Golden days of business are long gone. The only one who makes money in business now are huge hits and companies like amazon etc. So scratch that one off too as a career (Just remember that for every person like Jeff Bezos, head of amazon – there are tens of millions of broken, poor folks who weren't as successful and are barely meeting their ends n life). Yep. For plebs – it's only engineering and lawyering.

  3. Engineering majors to get into medical school. They tend to gravitate towards the more high-tech fields like radiology .

    Business majors can attend medical school if they take the prerequisite courses , and gravitate towards leadership positions in hospitals, insurance companies, etc.

    Technically any college major can become a doctor, if they take the additional prerequisite science courses. To my friends in med school did this. One was a history major (now a radiologist) and the other was a philosophy major (now in Nioh tonight I'll adjust and a well-respected bioethicist) . My guess is they couldn't get jobs with those degrees… LOL. Only half joking. and thinking about it, there was an engineering major in our medical school class also. He got tired of designing missiles for the US military. He went into radiology. I think he work switchie email designing better MRIs and CT scans.

    Shy people can find careers in things like radiology and pathology after med school. Students that are great with people and enjoy it become pediatricians and family practice doctors. Etc.

    There are definitely better ways to make money and retire early. If you're smart enough for med school, you will very likely find something you enjoy doing that you are a great at. The money usually follows because capitalism works.

  4. Can you do a video comparing lawyers and doctors? People often compare the two professions. I took the LSAT and MCAT and scored decent in both. I’m so torn. I want to know inside views of lawyers and doctors! If someone had dabbled in both, that’d be an amazing video!

    Thank you for all the videos Dr. Jubbal. I find them so helpful and have been telling the colleagues about it in my MBA classes!

  5. At first I wanted to become a businessman but I am kinda sorry and have doubt's .But I definitely am gonna try to get into business because I really wanna do make a business. But I have my doubt's and I am seriously worried if my business will either fail or won't take off.

  6. I think one thing that should be discussed in any medical profession is when someone dies in your care. I was a firefighter for 4 years and wanted to continue into medicine, however after experiencing 3 death calls it was extremely off putting. Yeah I got a thrill out of helping others, but when someone died either before we even arrived or after making it to the hospital those ones weighed on me the most. Not trying to discourage people, because there are people who can do it. I just feel like its something not a lot of people mention.

  7. I feel like taking pharmacy degree and go into business by opening a pharmacy because I like business but I feel that the degree is too general, therefore makes it hard to find a job

  8. Hahahahaha your video was just about medicine and it`s because you belonged to it. You were not able to explain engineering and business in true sense and it`s probably you were not familiar with engineering and business stuff. Go and do some research about engineering and business. Everything in the universe; living or non-living is engineered. Medicine is very limited field while engineering has changed the whole world and when engineer starts business, he rules the world like Jeff Bezos and so many other engineers.

  9. Why would go for engineering any day. I work and earn a salary.

    That's it. Doctors, it will take too much time in my life to help person, and I can't work with blood.

    So fuck medical school.

    Business is exactly the same thing, too much in my hands and then I get money from nothing.

    So fuck you business school.

    I'm going to engineering school

  10. I really enjoy Engineering, but would also like to high up in a company or even stet my own. I'm thinking about going for an engineering degree and then MBA

  11. I work for the Veteran health adminstration. I have a bs/ba in public health and health adminstration and also a masters in health admin. I have been pondering around the idea of obtaining a biomedical enigneering degree paid by my employer. However, I love working in health adminstration and I'm afraid to change career paths but biomedical engineering sounds so interesting!

  12. these are the three professions I’m debating between rn your way of thinking on why you like the professions is similar to mines for engineering and business but medical my reason is due to my moms health her whole family’s genes are filled with disease passing down through the line

  13. As an Engineer, I would like to say that AI will not replace Surgeon until 2040. Choosing the right career is important

  14. I feel like we're persuing a similar dream. I'm a 4th year medical student with a dream of improving my country with improvement of health outcomes through biomedical engineering innovation in the future. I'm currently attending business workshops and running a business working with a friend who is a qualified engineer . For me the plan is to be familiar with it as early as now. Having said that, this video is very eye-opening for me.

  15. I'm glad to hear 60 hrs on avg is the work week of an attending because while in going into the nursing field I have told people I'd like to work 60 hrs (5 days x 12 hrs ) so I can keep learning from patients, save money and I'll have two days off. People have said that is crazy. I understand it's crazy, but I enjoy the health care field in all honesty.

  16. Just a correction. Engineers can do a ton of different types of jobs, and some of those are highly interpersonal. Some of them even involve scrubbing into medical procedures, if you are a Biomedical engineer and work as a device representative act as the expert on a device's function during a procedure.

  17. Currently in dilemma where I am an engineer thinking about switching careers to becoming a medical doctor. Help

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