47 thoughts on “Do Worship Leaders Know Their Disney Songs? | One Second Song Battle

  1. This is one of the first things to actually make me laugh for real and be happy in a long time. Thank you for making this video. It helped shine some much needed light in the black hole of my life.

  2. OK i usually pride myself in knowing all Disney movie songs, this just proves me wrong!!!!😂 😂
    Justin is cracking me up big time

  3. I heard the first note to how far I’ll go and I shouted oooh I know this
    On a public bus
    But how could I not know it
    I mean it was written by Lin Manuel Miranda

  4. I'm confused, is there something against Disney in church? I'm not Christian and Christians I know have nothing against Disney so like it's an honest question.

  5. *2nd favorite disney song begins playing*
    Everyone in video: Uh…….
    Me: looks up How Far Ill Go and jams out it, pretending im not too old for it 😂

  6. Is it sad that I knew all of these? The bonus round took me more than the first second, though. 😂😂😂

  7. That was so funny I beat all of them but some of their answers were hilarious 😂 “there’s a movie called Be Our Guest?” Come On Lol 😄

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