DLC news, New WIP images, and Branches | Rust Update 11th October 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly roundup of Rust development news, and after the big update to main last
week where we had such treasures as Map enhancements, Tesla coils, crafting and UI improvements,
and free horse armour DLC, there have naturally been a couple of small patches since which
you may have noticed, to address the usual unintended bugs and features.. Well, because it’s that time of year again,
I mean isn’t it always that time of year for something? Next week there will be another
mandatory patch, not a wipe! Just a patch, don’t fret, to insert the usual seasonal content,
which will no doubt include some as yet undisclosed playthings.. I wonder what they could be?
Oh yes, Instagram… We’ll talk about that in just a moment.. But first we have to have a little ‘chatette’
about something else.. As you’ll know if you’ve been watching my
vids, there are several musical instruments being developed for Rust, and this might either
be causing you major excitement or minor annoyance depending on your playstyle and interests..
There’s no right or wrong answer here, I’m not diminishing anyone’s opinion, you like
what you like.. But regardless, there is an important fact
that was mentioned recently and I think it’s best if I read it directly in Facepunch’s
own words.. “Just to note on all these instrument sneak
peeks and commits: Since expanding the Rust team this gives us
the opportunity to experiment more without sacrificing time from development on new features,
bug fixing and optimisation. The instruments are going be bundled together as a paid DLC
package. The cost and number of instruments included and release date are yet to be determined.
Current in-game musical items will remain free. We’ll do a follow-up post explaining more
in the near future.“ So, Rust’s first paid DLC.. If you don’t count
skins and store items.. And it’s pretty much roleplayer stuff, not gonna give you a tactical
advantage.. unless you find an effective way to weaponise it.. As one commenter put it,
‘Instruments are just cosmetics for your ears’.. But what do you think of this development?
Has it put spit in your valves? Will you be buying them? Or can it only lead to treble? Leave a comment down below! Further to the ability to see your sleeping
bags, where you last pushed up the daisies and being able to place custom waypoints on
the map for you and your team mates.. It seems there are even more related features coming
down the pipe, as a new ‘chat improvements’ branch seems to be indicating that there will
be different chat channels including one just for your team.. There’ll be a tab system for
navigating these and different chat colours. Not only but also.. the ability to mute certain
players and see a list of the 10 most recent chatters for easy retrospective muting.. seems
to be in the works.. Because as we all know, sticks and stones may break our bones, but
words really really hurt and make us feel all sad and have to eat chocolate and pies..
And we need to be protected from them at all costs.. Hey, maybe soon we’ll be able to kick
the last people who killed us from the server too so we don’t have to interact with them
any more.. Oh and you know how sleeping bag clusters
can be expanded so you can select them easily, yet vending machines tend to stack on top
of each other and jostle for your attention like some sort of retail-based totem pole..
Well it looks like the same thing is going to happen with those soon too.. Marvellous. There are actually a number of different and
intriguingly titled branches being worked on at the moment.. HDRP of course, which is
a long term one.. LODoptimisations which has been going on for a while and seems to be
getting applied to pretty much everything in the game.. But then there’s also one simply called ‘comp’,
and the commits are very interesting.. They talk about such things as player tokens..
getting the map as a jpg, along with monument coordinates.. and pairing notifications.. Details are scanty, I’ve got my own ideas,
but what do you think this all means, let me know your thoughts down below.. As well as this there’s a branch called io
renaming, which seems to relate to electrical components, and Garry started working on one
called UiCoup, coup? Coup.. Which looks like it has something to do with text and icons.. In a really great move, if you’re a content
creator like me or have any interest in using the demo recording function of Rust, Garry
added some new console commands: demo.jump allows you to specify a time to jump to in
a demo and demo.skip followed by a number allows you to skip that amount of seconds
with negative numbers allowing you to actually go backwards in time! Amazing, thank you Garry. Last week I showed you a bit of footage of
the new vehicles and especially the vehicle lift, which it now seems from the commits
will be what allows us to edit them.. At least that’s what I can gather. And talking of which, lets go over to the
Facepunch instagram now, which is the current bleeding edge of Rust concept art.. And a
repository for the most insightful and positive comments you’ll find on the net.. On Gmod
pics you’ll see such observations as ‘Rust pls’, ‘rust’ and ‘Rust’ And on the Rust pics you’ll read pithy on
topic exclamations like ‘Good way to ruin your game I will be playing my last rust wipe
before this comes out I had a good couple thousand hours but when they keep adding new
stuff and not optimizing it,it makes me mad that I have a good custom built pc that cost
me well over 2k$ and I still get the stupid game freeze for 0.4 seconds thing before i
shoot sometimes. Don’t get me started on the x on the trees I really just wish they
would focus on lkhjgasldhkjfgDFGLDHKJGBAK;SJBDFA;SJKD Anyway, there are a couple of new pics to
look at, firstly a launch site office interior shot as seen through the HDRP lens I presume..
And as seen on the thumbnail, a completely context free model that I think could be the
result of the modular weapon system that we saw before.. although there isn’t any scheduled
date for when we might see this, so don’t get too excited.. What do you think though?
Does it look rusty enough? Leave me a comment please. Skyrim, Minecraft, two giants of gaming which
for some reason are still trundling along and captivating gamers everywhere.. Well I’ll
tell you why.. they both have ridable horses and pies.. Sadly though it seems that even
though Rust now has fully functional neddies, it won’t be following in the footsteps of
the greats as over on the Rust suggestion page, this week pies were officially rejected,
despite being in the top 5 for months.. Don’t worry, I’m not salty.. I just feel sorry for
Rust that’s all.. I stream on Twitch, both Rust and other things
so join me over there now, leave me lots of comments down below about what you think to
Rust’s development, positive or negative, I don’t mind.. All I ask is you don’t shoot
the messenger.. You can keep up to date with me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my steam
group, a massive thank you to my patrons too for supporting me, all my links will be down
below in the pinned comment. I shall catch you all soon but in the meantime, keep calm
and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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