100 thoughts on “Disappointment at Pentagon after surprise US troop withdrawal in Syria

  1. do you see how all the media dems or rep are against this move 🤦🏾‍♂️ ah, this country !! I wish we as the people had the rights to do what ever we want with our own tax money, not few people that choose for us what we want for their own benefits.


  3. What an ignorance…. leaving Syria…. I'm Republican and Christian…. never seen this level of ignorance from a POTUS before.
    God bless all those unfortunate fighters

  4. If the only reason we are there is to keep ISIS at bay and the Turks from slaughtering the Kurds, then we will be there for hundred years. Let's see, an ISIS cell pops up in Paraguay and Botswana … SEND IN THE TROOPS. The Pentagon might love it, but, in fact, it's a ridiculous policy more akin to a Mad Hatter's tea party ("The last time she saw them, they were trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot.") So now — today in fact — the Kurds are threatening to release 10k terrorists on the world if we leave. We are being held hostage by our own allies? Bottom line: The Turks and Kurds need to work out their own problems. The US can offer to mediate but IT'S REALLY NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. The Turks (Ottomans) and Kurds have been going at it for centuries. The Turks made relative peace with Greece in the '20s by moving Turks out of Greece and Greeks out of western Anatolia. They certainly can work out their problems with the Kurds

  5. President Trump has made the right decision to withdraw US troops from Northern Syria, only after he got full assurance from Turkey President Erdogan – who was warned, under no condition Turkish Army will ever enter Kurdish territory or attack the Kurdish people. Erdogan replied he will never attack the Kurdish people. If Turkey attacks, Trump warned, that will be the end of Turkey and Erdogan. President Trump is no fool like Baracko bama. That's what the Kenyan call him. Trump negotiates first like a business dealer. So both come to a win-win agreement. Middle East history has revealed that wars in the Islamic countries create more problems than solve. Those at war with others are seldom at peace with themselves for 1400 years.
    The United States under President Trump is determined that there shall be no more wars and equally determined to be ready for the next one. Why not live in peace, you have nothing to lose?

  6. Wow just 100 US military personnel were going to hold back Iran… shock and dismay…. or out of harm's way. How good is US Airforce? Good enough to restrain just about anything I'd say

  7. Read your bible Lindsey Graham…remember Ezekial's war ?
    Stage is set, way is now clear for an invasion of Israel by Russia, Iran and Turkey as prophesied.
    Got Jesus ? Time's running out quickly.

  8. Kurds didn’t real fight with isis they just pretend did

    Look old archives search in google or you tube … Kurds made agreement with isis with out fight fulll of bus and trucks of isis fighters escape from Raqqa (capital of isis) …

    When Turkish officials ask USA state department why Kurds can make agreement with isis let them go … USA state department said we respect what they did agreement between isis and Kurds

    Anyway Turkish army killed 3000 isis member when did first military operation to Syria but main stream never reported…

  9. "I want to make it clear that there was no "quid pro quo" with the Kurds: we supplied them with arms and they fought along side our troops, beat ISIS and lost 11,000 men but we never said we would not betray them.There was no quid pro quo. What they did for us was great but we never meant to keep our side of the bargain. However there was a quid pro quo with Erdogan. If we let him invade he investigates Biden. MAGA!

  10. Putin's puppet at it again! Time to see those tax returns Comrade Cheeto keeps trying to hide from everyone. What has he got to hide?

    In the meantime poor hard fighting Kurds get thrown under the bus like Rick Perry and soon-to-be impeachment bus pancakes Pence and Rudy.

  11. srtm77 Your comment put everything into perspective. Pentagon should watch the Wall and clean up places like Baltimore and Chicago. Take care and protect US People. No more Police Dog Sam.

  12. This comment section is disgusting. All the Kurd lives that were lost in helping take down ISIS and yet you're all willing to leave them to be slaughtered by the Turkey government. I hope God helps you all realize how blinded you are.

  13. Yea bring our troops home! Such a great thing to do.
    We just lost a ally and Turkey gets the opportunity to invade Syria.
    Pentagon is disappointed because it makes us look dumber, and people are cheering Trump 2020 lol. Pick another Republican with some better thoughts.
    Leaving a ally for dead is totally ok with us, I guess.

  14. I think this is a good move. For the first time in a long time new solutions shall need to be formulated no-matter how reluctant those involved might be. This is like Henry Ford saying I want a V8 and the engineers saying it's impossible.

  15. stabbing your allies in the back, nice! Great Work America. It doesn't matter what this man does, you will bend and bend to support him, when is enough enough? I thought you were better than this.. FOR SHAME

  16. Pentagon completely blindsided- sadly that's not too hard to do lately. Do we need a turn over of new employees?

  17. The withdrawal of the US troops from Syria is one more major victory for Putin. I can see him pulling the strings of his puppet.

  18. I'm positive Trump is withdrawing the troops just because it would benefit Putin who has established military cooperation with Iran and Turkey regarding Syria. Trump has worked for Putin since he took office.

  19. Why right there, right now with Turkish troops massing at the border? If Trump wants all our troops home, why not bring them home from the Phillippines, Germany or somewhere with a stable peace. South Korea maybe?

  20. They better help the Kurds. These people helped and fought next to Americans for a common good. Don’t leave them to the Turks to slaughter. We know what the Turks did to the Armenians. Shame on us if we let that happen and shame on the president and the pentagon if they allow a massacre or genicide. I will leave the Republican Party if that happens. 🧐☠️

  21. This is what obama said in 2013
    "In 2013 President Obama stated unequivocally that he would 'not put American boots on the ground in Syria,'" Malitz continued. "By breaking that promise today, President Obama is putting American lives at risk and drawing the United States further into a conflict that can not be resolved militarily."

    When he announced military action in Syria in 2013, Obama pledged U.S. ground forces would not be deployed there.

    "I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria," he said. "I will not pursue an open-ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan."

  22. Lindsey Graham is a closet homosexual. Jeffery Epstein had a few special young alter boys for Lindsey. They have video so Lindsey has to keep kissing Donny's rectum.

  23. It just confirmed that boots are not needed on the ground. It seems this is a strategic military move that advanced tech needs to be applied in the field. Reagan's "star-wars" billion$ project might had been reset and re-activated. We had USA bases rocket test launches seen in the past 2 years and filled our eyes with commercialized tv series like "what on earth" with the "basic 101" documented satellite geo-photos (and so-called opinions). Turkey and Iran (and China/Russia) are the threats alright, but certain logic applies – the basics of "primitive to advanced tech". If the public can access and consume simple tech micro-tech gadgets like cellphones, then the superpower do have the unimaginable advanced tech in warfare with the uses/warfare application of the macro-chip. Superpowers are always on-the-move developing war arsenals and on the constant move doing intelligence field work. Be aware of military and secret budgets. (Is one left to become stupid?). Anything is possible – from plans of space hotels, R&D of advanced robotics to the plans of going to Mars. Politics will always exist when politicians/lobbyists/advisers talk on their own coktail ideas.Maybe sometimes intel applies, and some are not designed for public consumption. Have a nice cold water. This is just a comment laid.

  24. Time to stop fighting every ones wars for them. We need to protect ourselves first. The middle east will always be a problem, but it doesn't have to be OUR problem! Go TRUMP!

  25. This is the only video on Syria, and one of the shortest videos in the list for Fox news …LMAO Where are the 5 on this? Where is Hannity on this? ….Crickets ….. Such a Bias Channel this is!

  26. This shows you that FOX is really no better than CNN. They pay lip service to Trump because they know he's the most loved president in a long time, but their masters (the party of Davos) are displeased so they must shill for them. Same with Lindsey Graham. Trump is cleaning up this swamp. MAGA

  27. Good decision .. turkey should take ownership of that part of world not us .. satelling refugees in a safe zone inside syria is best option .. after turkey makes it safe send all syrians back

  28. President Thomas Jefferson was correct when he said that Europe were countries and peoples at eternal war. It would not be at the US advantage to entangle itself in European strifes. This logic doubly said for the middle-east for places like Syria. Think about it —- what has the US gained over 20 years of our military entanglements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. It is NOT to our nation’s interest to stay in these countries spilling American blood when there is no exit strategies and other more affected countries in these regions could BE DOING MORE. President Trump is getting things off dead center.

  29. It’s unfortunate how none of you even realize the long term affects of this. Guess what, this will hurt our trust with allies. We have backstabbed the Kurds, this will set precedent, and it will affect us. For the time being, as this looks as a win, this will affect our future to come.

  30. Russia has more morals than America. At least it has stayed with Bashar al-Assad to the end

  31. Because we are going to need all our troops here…..there is stuff behind the curtain that people don’t understand…..this is a true fight for humanity to be free…..and it’s going to get physical soon….God Bless you all.

  32. Trump will be getting my vote 2020. He has the NeoCons wanting his head now. And you guys think the democrats fought dirty? Our president needs us now more than ever! Trump 2020

  33. The Americans are betraying the Kurds. It's despicable behavior of Trump. Shame on the US. At least take care of a no-fly zone immediately.

  34. The Kurds have been the boots on the grond in the battle against IS. It's deeply despicable to betray them now.

  35. well well,nice move. dont forget to continue the genocide operation in the united states being carried out by the military known as gang stalking. next

  36. The Republican Party, once a party of patriots, now a party of corruption and cowardice. Now there's blood on your tiny, draft-dodging bilionaire hands so you can brag about bringing our boys back home. Soldiers don't want to leave their allies behind to die. But this is something you will never be able to understand. For this you will pay.

  37. U.S. working on plan with Turkey to move YPG away, Senator Lindsey Graham says



    U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said on Saturday he believed the U.S. military had been working on a plan with Turkey to ease Ankara’s security concerns over the Kurdish militia in Syria, Reuters reported.

    Graham, known for his reservations on U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops in Syria, travelled to Turkey on Friday to discuss the ongoing situation in the war-torn country.

    Following his meetings with Erdoğan and the Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar, Graham said that he understood the U.S. administration’s decision to pull out American troops in Syria, adding that this nevertheless should be managed in a planned way, without creating chaos in the region.

    According to the senator, the defeat of the Islamic State (ISIS) and curbing Iran’s expanding influence in the region should be priority issues for the withdrawal.

    Graham said that the United States also had to solve the security problem it created for Turkey via arming the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.

    The YPG forms the backbone of the U.S.-led coalition fighting against ISIS in Syria. Turkey sees the YPG as the Syrian branch of the PKK, which has been fighting inside Turkey for more than three decades. Ankara has repeatedly criticised its NATO ally for failing to acknowledge the links between two Kurdish armed groups.

    “And there is one thing as important as those. We should protect Turkey and should solve the problem we created for Turkey in Syria,” Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Graham as saying.

    The U.S. senator said the former U.S. administration under President Barack Obama had created a nightmare for Turkey by providing weapons to the YPG. “Trump should be very careful and should not leave that problem on Turkey’s lap,” he added.

    “The YPG’s political arm is linked to the PKK. The evidence of that is quite clear,” Anadolu quoted the U.S. senator as saying.

    Graham said he believed U.S. Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford was working on a plan with Turkey to move YPG elements away from Turkey. “We can establish a buffer zone in this region that will eliminate Turkey’s security concerns. And while we are doing that, we can also ease the concerns of people who helped us in the past,” he said.

  38. This is what you get when you elect a narcissistic child with no foreign policy experience to the White House – he gets owned

  39. Fox trump gops u just have blood on ur hands in Syria. These three colors don’t run til trump come along. Americans will never be safe.

  40. The world is turning against USA, when i was growing up I and many other European thought that USA was the best country in the world. Now look at you, what happend? You have lost your trusted allies..

  41. The Republican Party I love has lost its freakin mind. Trump is an idiot on so many levels and to those who blindly support him you need to ask yourself how much is too much? Would I take this from a Democratic President? Should I allow my President get away with breaking laws? Is it worth the damage it’s causing worldwide to our allies? Is it worth allowing our President to take a dump on the constitution? At what point do you set you patriotism over Party?

  42. Our Turkey allies, need to deal with Syria. The Kurds need to pull back. The Syrian people, need to return to their country.

  43. "Pentagon completely blindsided by the move"!!! Why can't you understand that this abrupt decision of bringing the soldiers back from Syria is not Trump's choice???? He was pushed to do it to serve his Russian friend Putin. Just wait and see the next ten days how Putin will benefit from this decision!! (Oh boy Russia must have some serious tapes on Trump!!!)

  44. Just let Russia have a port in the Mediterranean for its naval fleet. Just let that happen say the numb-nuts know nothing Trump cult imbeciles.
    "Our supreme leader cult daddy Trump says its a good thing"

    This is what happens when you elect a DRAFT DODGER with ties to PUTIN and the SAUDI ROYALS.

  45. Trump is disgrace he is supported a califate of Turkey, 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😔😱😔😔😔😱😔😃😔

  46. I bet Erdogan told trump that if he did not pull the troops out, he would blow up his towers !!!! trump is not a president, he is a GANGSTER !!! HE MUST BE REMOVED FOR THE SAKE OF EUROPE AND THE USA !!!!! THROW THIS PSYCHOPATH IN JAIL !!!!!

  47. Stab your ally in the back. Good job POTUS. US credibility rating just plummeted amongst it allies. And, like Erdogan gives a sh1t about US sanctions. Only works to get him re-elected. And for all those uneducated Americans who think that America can do anything good likes and that it has no consequences internationally you’re an idiot.

  48. World: please do not send invasion forces to topple down governments so they can be replaced by teroristsic organizations
    US: pulls out troops to let another country to do armed invasion to take down enemy
    World: wh…what.. what the hell ?
    US: WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT, if we invade country its bad, if we let others invade countries its bad, who on earth can invade a country with a little bit of quiet

  49. ISIS hasn't been defeated, and leaving our allies who did all of our fighting, via a proxy war, out to die with no where to go.

    It's like if you had an older brother that taught you how to fight the bullies at your school, & helped you fight them.But when you need him the most he says he's tired, and that this isn't his fight.

    The Kurds are our allies. This is a terrible precedent to set for the US. Why would any nation trust the US?

  50. Pentagon are some of the biggest criminals in human history. ISIS was created, armed and funded by the United States. ISIS = US.

  51. Dam shameful move . from the Orange orangutan. Who has conflict of interest in Turkey. Americans who think back stabing your allies is deacent than you have no fucken dignity which by the way orange orangutan has none.

  52. Iran is going to fill in spaces the US leaves behind in the Northeast Kurdistan. Syria can't hold the Northwest Kurdistan so Turkey will take it. Israel and the Sauds do not want Iran having more power have funded the Kurds (our former allies up to a few days ago)
    (*the Sauds may also be funding IS IS, it is unclear)
    if the Turks and the Persians ally themselves shits going to get crazy.
    US diplomacy has completely eroded and become weak af.
    Ah well at least our boys will be back home, we should start pulling alternate fuel sources off the shelf while we're leaving.

  53. Saying who cares what the pentagon thinks is to say who cares what the department of defense thinks. They are ultimately responsible for the troops on ground. Moving troops blindly can get people killed. The pentagon isn’t Congress. It’s literally the headquarters of all the armed forces.

  54. Turkey has 10 million Kurdish oriented Turkey citizens. Turkey is not against Kurds. Turkey is against USA -UK supported PYD YPG-PKK groups that have been getting power since gulf War , whom wants to make a Kurdish state at (Turkey-Iran-Iraq-Syria) by not using politics but using terror in region. Thoose groups are frightining people by their arms and they changed demography by terror in last 30 years. Thats why İran, Turkey even Esad or other Arabic oriented Syrians are against them. Only way to stop terror by guns is using guns again. Nobody has the right to change demography by guns, like Israel done in Phalestina

  55. In 2003 the US needed Iraq and Saudi oil. Fast forward to 2019 and the us is the largest oil producer and has more proven oil reserves than than any other country in the world(shale oil). It’s time the us let the Middle East be governed by itself.

  56. The Kurds in Northern Syria are the Communist branch of the Kurds and are not the same Kurds that have helped us in Iraq and other middle East areas. They want to establish a communist state in Syria. The media are either uninformed or in agreement with this group (It wouldn't surprise me which of these are true). Now isn't it smart to pull out rather than help the communist group win, establish a communist state in Syria, and then align with Russia and China. I hope that the conservatives criticizing the move are just uninformed.

  57. Trump should concider building a wall around THE middle east instead. With a pipeline for oil out & water in return. They produce soaps in overload every single day.

  58. You freaks in the media can wail and protest and stamp your feet and pull out your hair and say the sky is falling, but nobody except the totalitarian warmongering left is hearing you. We the people put Donald Trump in power to do exactly what he's doing.

  59. Its always when we withdraw or plan too that everybody cries we're losing all that we gained or we are destabilizing the area. Let them police themselves do you see them helping us out in our country? Its time we stop using American lives for some other country's benefit.

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