23 thoughts on “dirty harry_my policy

  1. I figure a naked man running through a dark alley with a butcher knife and ketchup on his hot dog, isn't out collecting for the red cross.

  2. For the record, I have absolutely no idea what SFPD Technical Adviser assigned to this movie (if they used one) allowed the Police Chief's '7 point star (badge)' to be made "upside down", but I do know that it couldn't have been done by the good folks at Irvine & Jachens (Badge Manufacturer for the SFPD, amongst many other police/fire agencies that are located in Northern California).

    Cause they would have flatly refused to make it that way.

    I'm pretty sure that Ed Jones Badge Company (the makers of quality Police/Fire badges for many agencies across the bay in Oakland/Berkeley) would have said No to that as well.

    That technical flub has always bothered me.

  3. “When an adult male is chasing a female down an alley with the intent to commit rape,I shoot the bastard. That’s my policy.”

  4. I grew up watching this film and the rest of the Dirty Harry movies. Miss those movies and those like them.

  5. Magnificent actors, acting and dialogue. They don't have that today! The 70's were the greatest decade for film.

  6. And now you have all of these same idiots running California, look at what a great state it has become! These movies were great!

  7. Harry should tread lightly when speaking to the mayor, or else he just might get put on double secret probation.

  8. Too bad the snowflake politically correct rear end wipe producers don't make movies like this anymore….

  9. Poor Harry wishes he could just blow the mayor and chief of police's heads off then get back to work.

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