32 thoughts on “Dirty Business: what really happens to your recycling

  1. God, that was a depressing truth. At least the soundtrack is splendid. Wonder what the state of recycling is in my own country…

  2. WAIT…❗ 25 year plan❓❓❓ A plan is needed for NOW, not next year or next month, now ❗ Imagine the number of jobs that could be created.

  3. Watch, (60 Minutes Australia) MOUNTAINS of Aussie plastic waste dumped in Malaysia. A real shocker of a video. Hundreds of illegal, secret factories in Malaysia alone. I always wondered what was inside those shipping containers on those ships.

  4. Serve every water and every soft drink in steel bottle and after having it give it back to the manufacturer …PERIOD

  5. Humankind are genuinely governed by international "mischievous" fools/dimwits/halfwits/lowbrows/twits/smurfs/mongrels/rascals/rapscallions/the like of such archetypes to hold such power over humankind… sheds light on the incompetence and unintelligence within humankind!

  6. Correction: China imposed the ban on plastic waste after the orange faced idiot in Washington imposed sanctions on China. Get the facts right before producing a film blaming China. Other countries including Canada, United States now dump waste into landfills as a result of the tariffs and sanctions.

  7. This is truly disgraceful. Excelent reporting Sky.

    Shipping waste abroad is a ludricrous concept and obviously open to abuse. From day one we should have invested here, provide incentives to build the infrastructure which in turn provides increased employment. More jobs means more tax to go towards paying for the solution…..not rocket science.

    Which competent political party will step up to address this?

  8. It's not "can and can't be , it's will and won't be recycled. Unless there's profit for local authorities and business then it wont be. We live in a world that should be renamed WALL-E.

  9. Recently a legendary invention has been done by Bangladeshi scientist. The product is biodegradable poly film. It is not plastic film. It is looked like poly plastic but not plastic. The product is made from renewable material. It is 100% water soluble, 100% biodegradable, 100% degradable in ocean, 100% home compostable, 100% degradable in soil, 100% recyclable for many many times, no green house gas or methane gas will be produced when it will be degraded with soil. Rather when it will degraded with soil; it produces natural fertilizer which increases the fertility of land. It is eatable for animals/ocean animals/birds. Because animal stomach enzyme is capable to digest it. This bio film is stronger than any other biodegradable film/ fossil plastic/petro plastic. It is made from cellulose. Not made from starch. It is more cheap than any other starch base bio film in price and cheap like poly plastic. If the whole world use it; our ocean will be safe.

  10. A tory comes up with a idea that businesses exploit nothing new there then probably owns half of the exporters.

  11. This means Government and companies need to take recycling more seriously. This is a joke people keep saying why everyone country's foundation are falling apart will we have the answer's recycling trash is a low costed resources that can be used to builded roads, buildings, new technology. World industry need to modernize to make money of a low costed resources right now 🏂

  12. trashy thing… both plastic and the video… especially the comments! It is business as always! If anyone really wanted to take care of the problem (=interfere in the business… and recycling is BIG business) the way to go is hitting where it hurts… money!!! Try to make all the chinese trash (and include all the trash manufacture that western companies produce in Asia) junk flooding the west being charged for the environmental damages resulting from the (criminal) way that they are produced… and you´ll have a HUGE reaction! This is business! Asian manufacturing countries (especially China) and a large bunch of western rich lads have been profiting hugely at the expenses of the rest of the world. Yes… the western working average lad is, in fact, sponsoring all of this. the world is flooded with junk because they are produced with very few or NO concerns at at all in regards to pollution or recycling (especially Asian and in particular, china). That is the elephant in the middle of the room!!! Not this roll of stupid and fake "pseudo-concerns" that are pointed here… it is not "seeing if Thailand can cope with what china has rejected"! How can this lad call himself a journalist???

  13. like anything governemental. it looks good on paper but it s total b.s. they shuld throw the bales of plastic in volcanoes, it would blend with the lava. not worst than the plastic in the ocean. some claim to be able to turn plastic to oil, why are we not doing that locally,instead of having garbage cruise our oceans. it s total insanity.

  14. I bought a doobie at the store and it was in two plastic containers inside a cardboard container… can't I just get a doob like I used to from the guy down the street

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