Director Tim Miller Gives Update On Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie

Director Tim Miller Gives Update On Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie

Will the Pryde of the X-Men ever make it back
to the big screen? Or have plans for a Kitty Pryde feature officially
fallen through the floor? In a recent sitdown with ComicBook, Deadpool
director Tim Miller discussed the long-awaited solo feature for fan favorite mutant Kitty
Pryde, which he had been developing before Fox Studios’ acquisition by Disney earlier
this year. His comments were, we’re sorry to report,
not encouraging. Before the much-ballyhooed merger, Miller
had been all set to direct the flick from a script by comics legend Brian Michael Bendis. Pryde has been a Marvel mainstay for nearly
40 years; with her ability to phase through solid matter and her quirky, sardonic sense
of humor, she quickly endeared herself to readers, helping to propel sales of X-Men
comics into the stratosphere in the ’80s. The character seems like she would have been
a fine fit for Miller, who did an excellent job of bringing Deadpool’s ass-kicking, profanely
humorous aesthetic to the screen in the Merc with a Mouth’s first solo outing. Likewise, it would have been fascinating to
see Bendis’ big-screen take on the character; among the many heroes he’s created for Marvel
over the years is Jessica Jones, a tough, complex female character who translated well
to live-action in her unfortunately canceled Netflix series. But unfortunately, Miller has confirmed what
many fans anticipated: the Kitty Pryde project is dead in the water. Miller said, “I love the X-Men. I don’t expect Marvel to call me and say,
‘Come do the X-Men,’ so I’m not waiting for that. I was really excited about my Kitty Pryde
movie. […] It’ll never happen now.” “The X-Men don’t have room for whiny brats!” “Just who are you calling whiny? I’ll show you! I’ll —” “Hold it, Kitty.” Miller’s comments are a pretty radical departure
from Bendis’ response when he was asked for an update on the project this past February. In response to a fan query on Twitter, Bendis
said that he was working on the script at that time, failing to even make mention of
the impending acquisition of the studio which had greenlit the film. Alas, things seem to have taken a significant
turn for the worse for the project in the intervening months, and that’s not all the
bad news that Miller has had to endure as of late. His second feature directorial effort, Terminator:
Dark Fate, flopped mightily at the box office despite relatively solid reviews, making it
another franchise that probably won’t be coming back anytime soon. We’re of the opinion, though, that the helmer
shouldn’t be quite so pessimistic. Deadpool was a rousing success, single-handedly
proving that R-rated superhero pictures were viable in today’s age of non-stop PG-13 blockbusters. It remains to be seen if Disney will bring
him into the fold to put his talents to use with a new Marvel property — but it’d probably
be a good idea to reach out. While nothing is official yet, all signs are
indicating that Marvel Studios will eventually give the greenlight to a third Deadpool movie
at some point in the near future. Star Ryan Reynolds, who was born to play the
role, has openly expressed his hope that the three-quel will get the green light sooner
rather than later, and the writers of the first two installments, Rhett Reese and Paul
Wernick, are confident that it’s just a matter of time before the flick is put into production. For that matter, Marvel Studios’ brass have
indicated that they expect to eventually recast every member of the X-Men except Deadpool,
and Disney CEO Bob Iger has publicly said that the Mouse House would be just fine with
Marvel making an R-rated superhero film. Add to this the fact that Reynolds was recently
seen popping by Marvel Studios’ offices for a visit, and it all adds up the strong possibility
that we’ll get some news about Deadpool 3 before too long. Other than a potential third outing for Deadpool,
though, it looks like every single one of the Marvel-related projects that were in development
at Fox before the merger are dying on the vine. The Channing Tatum-starring Gambit, in development
for the better part of a decade, recently received a vote of no-confidence from formerly
attached director Doug Liman; Logan director James Mangold has said that
a planned spin-off featuring Dafne Keen’s X-23 is unlikely to happen, and James Franco’s
Multiple Man failed to reach a significant stage of development before the merger, meaning
that it, too, is almost certainly done for. “So good.” It simply makes more sense for Marvel Studios
to develop these characters for the screen in their own inimitable fashion rather than
to continue on the course that Fox was plotting — especially after the critical and commercial
failure of the final Fox-produced X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. Having said that, a Miller-directed, Bendis-scripted
Kitty Pryde flick sounds like something we would want to see, and if Marvel head honcho
Kevin Feige has any designs on introducing the character into the MCU, he could do worse
than to bring the pair in for a chat. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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64 thoughts on “Director Tim Miller Gives Update On Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie

  1. If little Timmy Miller thinks I'm going to waste my money another one of her stupid ass movies she has another thing coming.

  2. Maybe he can make her a violent psychopath like she is in the new X-Men franchise from Marvel Comics? Tim Miller seems like he would be down with that from his recent work.

  3. Question: If you have seen DOFP, would Kitty have been able to be killed since she can't physically be touched?

  4. I would love to see her mini series with wolverine in Japan come to life on the big screen. That would be an insane movie

  5. Tim Miller isn't anything special of a director. At least in my eyes this is good news. Dude doesn't need to have any part in what Marvel has in store. Deadpool was enough.

  6. I am hoping that Kitty Pride will appear in 'Deadpool 3' for a cameo or more screen time. Kitty and Deadpool will make a nice couple for lewdness.

  7. No, actually, it is NOT something we would want to see. Miller ruined the entire Terminator franchise when he had the idea to kill off John Connor… for shock value. It worked. Now I want him to stay the fuck away from any franchise I care about. I don't care that he made Deadpool. Deadpool 2 showed that he wasn't the reason the first movie succeeded. Miller can go on making indie movies for all I care, as long as he stays away from ruining the properties I care about.

  8. Tim Miller and Rian Jhonson should direct together and take their "HACKNESS" to a higher level just for the morbid pleasure to see how much horrible can a franchise or established characters can be ruined.

  9. she definitely need one u know how they be abusing/wasting her
    shes a good one shes a good one
    this is the opportunity give her life s family in the marines story

  10. deadpool pops up surprising everyone even kitty but deep down she wanna fuck him knowing he's gonna be with her forever

  11. So this is a good idea what they're doing even care if I get allowed to make their can a film with the other directors Even Karen faggy would like to see that they're doing.

  12. I'd be down for a Domino R-rated solo movie, too. Not sure Disney have the balls, though. I'm still skeptical they'll have a Deadpool that isn't watered down.

  13. Forget Kitty Pride! All we need is a Standalone Evan Peters Quicksilver Movie I mean really…it is everyone's favourite X-Men Member and who would want him in the big screen one last time. And also we haven't even seen X-Men Origins Gambit which we really wanted ever since X-Men Origins Wolverine came out

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