Diplomat Worried Trump Would Stiff Ukraine After Leveraging Favor | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Diplomat Worried Trump Would Stiff Ukraine After Leveraging Favor | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Diplomat Worried Trump Would Stiff Ukraine After Leveraging Favor | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Now it makes sense why the Republics ran into the Schiff today. News outlets have reported that the Republican effort was known to the White House before it took place and was in support of it because they knew the testimony today would tie the whole scheme together and that Pompeo would also be found complicit. All of this information is sickening. It sounds like a movie that should be fiction but instead is our current reality.

    Not only do we have to worry about how the world views us because of these events but also how everyday Americans have officially lost faith in gov't. The Republicans should be trying to find out the truth but instead, are trying to impede the process. This is crazy!

  2. Can you imagine if Obama had withheld $400 million in foreign aid to a nation that had been invaded by Russia in order to get reelected? They’d be calling him a war criminal. Instead, they practically put him on a firing squad and obstructed his Supreme Court nominees even though he was incredibly effective, humane, and strategic.

  3. After listening to all of this I feel physically sick. Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Thank goodness that first whistle blower came forward.

  4. One thing Rachel said in the middle of it. Trump was home supposedly to monitor Hurricane Dorian but played golf most of the time. Pelosi needs to take over the Presidency until 2021 so the US can ar least not wait till then to start restoring the country and get it back to normal.

  5. Has this so-called president or his family filed any paperwork for working/representing a foreign government? Seems like since his priorities are more in keeping with Russia's interests and his having done business in Russia that his behavior is more aligned with Putin's oligarchs instead of our Constitution which he swore he would defend and uphold but now seems to be calling parts of it ridiculous. A president is supposed to uphold the laws but this one seems more corrupt and even unwilling to read it let alone follow it or even uphold it. Impeach this so-called president.

  6. please go to George Webb's ytoob site. George is a lifelong progressive who is now dedicating his life [and risking it] by pointing out the things you are talking about. He has been at it for 3 years and has uncovered many pieces of evidence that stand as facts. Bill Taylor approached him over a year ago and brought forward information about what has been happening. Taylor's false name[for safety] given to him by Webb, was "deep blackberry". Please everyone go and check out the three years off investigation at George Webb on this site!

  7. Cake munchin maddow. She is missing informed. Don't listen to her. It doesn't look bad. How is it u can see and Americans can't and it's our right to be able to. You aren't working for the people

  8. wow! Now I know why Republicans are doing everything they can to block testimony… wow! somebody is going to jail

  9. Trump is sooo Stupid! He thinks he can commit crimes with impunity? I mean, he's been committing crimes. This is not what our Constitution framers meant, we must change that!

  10. I didnt vote for Trump as did many other conservatives as well because we didnt trust him. Trump supported to many Democrats in the past and he also was a Democrat for many years. Trump has changed his party many times. One thing I like about Trump is he much more Honest than those snake politicians From both parties.
    I didn't vote for trump but I will be in 2020

  11. There is another side to this… Trump is trying to set it up that Ukraine, not Russia, was behind the hacking of the DNC back in 2016… its possible he is trying to broker for more inclusion of Russia in 2020. Our president really is Russia's inside man…

  12. I just came from this Fox video… https://youtu.be/qQmajTucXeg …where they are reporting that this whole thing is an orchestrated coup by the Democrats… and the dems are denying Trump his Due process and Bill Taylor’s testimony in fact proves that there is no quid pro quo… then they did a montage of other media outlets saying “devastating testimony” and “quid pro quo” to try and poke fun and downplay what is going on. And their followers just buy the spin. They in turn use these points in their arguments… they defend the spin and ignore the facts. It’s hard to watch… but everyone should go to Fox’s channel… take note of all the misinformation and post the truth in their comments.

  13. President Pelosi, for one year. I bet this will be the blueprints for Elizabeth Warren’s chances of getting in

  14. If anyone wants to actually read the transcript between Trump and the Ukrainian president let me know. I’ll send it to you. Then you can see how much the MSNBC lies and twist the truth! The deep state wasn’t banking on him and classifying the document. They thought they could get away with the lies!!!

  15. Having Barr as AG and having a Republican Senate makes me believe that it won’t be until after the next election that anything can be done and only if Trump loses.

  16. Trump sold out the Kurds to Russia. They had no choice but to ask for help. He tried to hand the Ukraine to Russia too. Now who does he work for? Yeah

  17. I like the fact when dealing with these documents that Rachel puts the text on the screen and good print so you can follow along hearing and seeing it helps to make an impression and is a Better Learning method.

  18. Since this opening statement is now on the record I think it would be hard for the Republicans to wash this over. It would be more Republicans voted out of the Senate and Congress along with the president if they decide to go down with the ship. I think God has showed up in the person of Bill Taylor. Amen

  19. The USA can not be trusted, Trump gave Syria to Russia, now he is forcing Ukraine into the hands of Putin. In my mind there is no longer any doubt that Trump has been bought or is blackmailed by Putin. There is simply no longer a credible explenation to the behavior of Trump. I would think it vice no longer chairing sencetive intelligence information with the USA.

  20. This whole scheme is far too intelligent to be drummed up by drumpf, had to have been conjured up by, you guessed it — RASPUTIN

  21. If these guys knew trump was dirty why do they willingly leave and fail to report to FBI. They should stay and keep reporting

  22. Will everyone PLEASE quit calling it Fox News at the very least it is Fox Entertainment. Actually Faux Newsless.


  24. BEWARE of the Russian-President of the U.S.!!!!! He already SOLD our country and its constitution to Putin. Bin Salman, Erdogan, maybe Xi & Kim?????

  25. Mr. Taylor is an honorable man and a true patriot. A shining beacon of hope. A man who stood and said, "I cannot and will not stand for injustice."

  26. Until Trump , Rudy , Sondland , Volker , Pompeo , Perry , and Pence are in prison , I will not be singing the Pledge of Allegiance

  27. Bill Taylor from his days at West Point swore an oath, one that 50! years later he remains true…. Donald Trump couldn't survive 4 simple years to his oath…

  28. Having all of these CROOKS in PRISON for LIFE would be a great Christmas gift to every American. Who really believe in the Constitution.

  29. Sounds like dems dont like getting what they give and I'm sure this isn't the first time something like this has took place when dealing with fire you sometimes have to use fire I like to know what my tax money pays for

  30. What's incredible to me, for two years the Republican controlled Congress and Senate conducted such nefarious policies world wide to profiteer before and during a time of the Trump National Emergency against hostile forces. Is the American president [Trump] using Ukraine money to build the Trump Wall?

  31. Hearing all this made me physically ill, nausea and crying to know that a person like Trump and all his cohorts could actually scheme so inhuman that it is hard to comprehend!

  32. Ambassador Bill Taylor has served his time for america…….and trump "bone spurs'd" himself out of doing anything for america…… I wonder who trump supporters will back?

  33. As a military vet I would like Trump, the traitor and agent of Russia (nothing against Russia), to be immediately physically and communications-wise isolated except for access to a personal attorney as is his right as a US citizen, so that he does not continue to damage national security, the security of our allies, and our national reputation.

  34. I don,t know how Trump could possibly go after Bill Taylor, his record is exemplary. But Trump will find a way to degrade, insult a great American !

  35. i can't believe Republicans believe everything Donald j. Traitor trump said, y'all are a complete fools because criminal like him con not stop his criminal behavior for nothing but money, he's the worst pathetic con artist ever to disgraced america and also world.

  36. all of these FAKE NEWS FOOLS can keep trying but theres nothing they can do the dems are in big trouble and thats all there is to it . folks dont listen to this FAKE NEWS .

  37. Democrats did the same thing to Ukraine through the ambassador to help Clinton to get dirt on Trump And Manofort! How does she know what the testimony was if the testimony was secret???? Corruption!!

  38. What happened yesterday at the Capitol should have prompted a police action. Those smug Republicans should be posting bail today instead of whining to any camera crew they can find. I can barely watch cable news.Thank God for Rachel.

  39. Something Strange is going on. If the USA is backing Ukraine then Why aren't the USA Military Troops being deployed to Ukraine to push back the Russian Troops ? Does Anyone else see this as Strange as well ? The USA sending Millions and Trillion to Ukraine but We have Homeless People in Every State. Doesn't make sense to Me at all.

  40. Roger, stop it. I so tire of your drama. Trump is innocent. There was no quid Pro Quo and he did not collude with Russia or obstruct justice. Get over it and maybe report some real news versus your 24/7 hate trump tripe.

  41. I dont undetstand why we Americans are spending all this tax money on an investigation, over a man that tweets fanatically, and thinks Colorado is at the border of Mexico?

  42. Rachel, you seem to be a warmonger just like Sondlen and Taylor. You seem to think Nazi's are ok. You must have heard about WW2? Russia didn't invade Ukraine but the CIA did.

  43. The fact that he would even say that in real lease negotiations between the president and the president of another country is that he is scum

    You make it sound like the Americans are somehow innocent and they’ve never done this before they’ve put bullets in the heads of leaders they didn’t like what Trump did is really passive compared to American history

  44. putin will not be happy now that trump has reluctantly, and for his own benefit, given the $$ to Ukraine, but he got compensation in Syria, so he will keep the peepee tapes in his safe for the time being.

  45. Ambassador Sonland spent a million dollars of his own money for the right to participate in a crime and to damage the national security of Ukraine and of the United States!

  46. My full Registered Name works on my behalf as my Representative in conveying communications of ideas and the spirit of my Person where I am not Present.

  47. Seniority is nothing for president Trump only cut
    Them off fired or resigned

    All for money power leverage !

    Who is this president thinks just cause he has Money to rule everyone if the price is right !

  48. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

    All the king's horses and all the king's men

    Couldn't put Humpty together again

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