Did Trump Just Start World War III?

Did Trump Just Start World War III?

>>The Trump administration has assassinated
Iran’s top military commander, Major General Quassem Soleimani. And he did so through a drone strike, an air
strike specifically near the Baghdad International Airport. Obviously this is in Iraq. Soleimani let the Quds Force of the Islamic
Revolutionary Guard. And as we all know, after Donald Trump had
pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, his administration decided to list the Islamic Revolutionary
Guard as a terrorist organization. Trump has been escalating tensions with Iran
from the beginning of his administration. And the very first step that he took was pulling
out of the Iran nuclear deal. A deal that Iran was complying with, a deal
that involved other world leaders and of course, included Czechs, but Trump decided no, I’m
gonna pull out. Now, the Department of Defense issued a statement
claiming responsibility for Soleimanii’s killing, saying that he and the Quds Force were responsible
for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding
of thousands more. Now, they also claimed that Soleimani exposed
as imminent threat, however, there has been absolutely no intelligence shared with the
press to prove that point. Also this was not authorized by Congress,
and in order for the Administration to follow through with this type of assassination, without
Congressional authorization, they need to prove that there was an imminent threat. There has been no proof although the State
Department and the Trump administration continue to issue such statements.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.>>Let me be clear, I don’t believe them. Do I believe that there was danger in the
area? Yeah, it’s the Middle East. And so Iran and the United States have been
going back and forth. So you can say tit for tat but that really
is under stating it. We did have a US defense contractor killed
and a couple of troops wounded recently. Our retaliation for that involves killing
25 people and wounding 50. So that is a massive and arguably, disproportionate
strike. But that did not take us to the brink of war. And we were measured in our coverage of that
saying, sure, it’s a good idea. But I said at the time, look, we do have to
have some response to a contractor being killed and our troops being wounded. The question is what kind of response? And in the meanwhile, obviously, we had the
riot or however you wanna characterize it at the embassy. No one was killed there, but it was a scary
situation. Now, our response has not been proportionate. Again, we now kill the top Iranian general,
which is clearly going to cause massive retaliation and perhaps bring us to war. So later, actually in fact right now, the
Republicans are all claiming, they made us do it and it’s all their fault. Half the media is backing them, the Democrats
are tepid. The reality is we pulled out of the deal,
and it was Trump who did it. It was Trump who assassinated their top general. Now, do you think that they might then target
our top generals or our top officials? Well, that’s what we’re concerned about and
that’s what a smart person would take into account before they went around assassinating
generals of sovereign nations.>>So I want to get into the details of the
possible ramifications in just a minute but before I do so, Donald Trump did issue a brief
statement to the press. And here is his so called justification for
going through with this assassination.>>As knighted by direction the United States
military successfully executed a flawless precision strike that killed the number one
terrorist anywhere in the world, Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani was plotting imminent and sinister
attacks on American diplomats and military personnel but we caught him in the act and
terminated him. Under my leadership, America’s policy is unambiguous
to terrorists who harm or intend to harm any American. We will find you, we will eliminate you, we
will always protect our diplomats, service members, all Americans and our allies.>>So the line that I’m hearing from people
who are defending Donald Trump’s actions and statements coming from Trump’s own administration
has to do with how Soleimani he was a bad guy. He was a terrible guy very similar to the
type of propaganda that we heard prior to the preemptive war and the preemptive invasion
into Iraq, right? Saddam Hussein is a bad guy. He’s a bad guy, he’s a bad guy. But here’s the thing, the United States works
with bad guys all the time. Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia murdered,
he ordered the murder of a US resident, a Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. And what did Donald Trump do? First, he tried to help the Saudis cover for
that, and when that didn’t work he made statements about we have a great financial relationship
with Saudi Arabia and that’s all that really matter to him, right? In fact, we’re helping them fight their war
and carry out their genocide in Yemen right now.>>See, this is why I get frustrated with
the media. Because I’ll go further than that, so the
main justification they give for assassinating Soleimani is he helped the Shia insurgency
in Iraq and that killed our troops. Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. And so was I concerned about that? Absolutely, in fact, we were more concerned
than anybody else and that’s why we said don’t go into Iraq. Because insurgencies will rise, militias will
rise and they will kill our guys. And it doesn’t make any sense to put them
there when Iraq had not attacked us even though Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, Bin Salman is
a bad guy we didn’t assassinate him or his top general, why? Because it was started disasters war between
North Korea and South Korea, Japan, etc. See, those are what smart people do. Dumb people go, bad guy, and they’ve created
giant mess like Iraq and what we’re about to create. But on the Saudis, well, if they mean, just
in case a justification was insurgency interact, the Saudis funded the Sunni insurgency in
Iraq, and they helped kill thousands of our troops. So now they say, hey, look, look, look, it
wasn’t technically the Saudi government, it was just Saudi billionaires, all right, let’s
find them and kill them all. Execute them assassinate them drone strikes
all over Saudi Arabia, you agree? I mean, it’s not my logic, it’s Trump’s logic
and all the media goes along. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so many bad guys. So that means you have to kill them, you have
to murder him, right? Okay, well then do we have to murder all those
Saudis who did funded the Sunni insurgency? Okay, if you are principled on that, you would
say yes, let’s go kick the living crap out of Saudi Arabia. But they give us oil for a little less than
other countries do. And Donald Trump said even before he became
president a by my apartments for 40 $50 million, am I supposed to not like them? So as long as Donald Trump is getting rich,
and we get oil a little cheaper, apparently our principles don’t mean a damn thing. So don’t tell me that you get it based on
the insurgencies, when there is this massive, giant hypocrisy, when the Saudis kill us over
and over and over again. You guys remember with the 9/11? 15 out of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. Did we ever hit Saudi Arabia? No, we went and kiss their ass after 9/11,
why? Because Republicans said, hey, listen, man,
they give us oil a little, little too and they don’t really give it to us, Exxon Mobil,
etc, right? So as long as our corporations are getting
rich, you can murder American troops all day long, according to Republicans. But hey, you know what? Donald Trump wants to seem like a tough guy,
take your mind off of impeachment. Maybe get reelected like he said Obama wanted
to do, he said Obama wanna get reelected, that’s why he’s gonna attack Iran. But Obama didn’t do that, Donald Trump did
do that. And so don’t buy into his bias rationale,
which is what I see all over television.>>Yeah, and obviously there’s the concerns
about the insurgency. There’s also as he stated in the video, not
just that he was planning something, they caught him in the act, he was doing something
right then. And if you’re holding your breath for details,
you should take a breath because it’s never gonna come, you’re never gonna hear anything. It’s sort of quaint actually, that, I mean
from everything that I’ve read it was clearly illegal. They don’t have the justification to do what
they did. But the fact that they would care at all seems
sort of old-fashioned.>>Yeah.>>If he just came out and said, yeah, there’s
no justification but I did it. What are the Republicans gonna vote to remove
him? Are they gonna allow charges to go through
against them?>>There’s literally nothing.>>What were the consequences be?>>There’s literally nothing you can do.>>Pelosi probably wouldn’t even add them
into the Articles of Impeachment, there would be no consequences. So I like this nod to the way things used
to be.>>That’s such a great point. Now, there are real consequences, and those
consequences are for Americans abroad. And I’m not just talking about members of
the military. There are diplomats and other US workers abroad
who could be targeted as a result of this. And so let’s go to CNN video. This is Samantha Vinograd, she is an analyst
for CNN. But she actually served as a National Security
Adviser under the Obama administration. I think she makes a pretty good point here. Take a look.>>All Americans citizens are now walking
prime target for Iranian retaliation. The Department of Defense put out an important
statement last night after this operation, indicating what appears to be declassified
intelligence that Qasem Soleimani was responsible for planning additional attacks against Americans. But also that he approved the attack against
the US Embassy in Baghdad. So it looks like they were declassifying intelligence
on that front and going forward, we should really expect more of the same. The IRG Quds Force has demonstrated its willingness
and intent to strike American citizens to strike American diplomats for protections
under international law. So in addition to the force protection measures
needed for American service members. I am equally as focused on the American diplomatic
corps as well as all the contractors that work for the US government and other American
citizens not just in the Middle East but around the world.>>So I thought she made a good point specifically
when it came to how this escalation. And this essentially a call for war is really
threatening the lives of Americans abroad. But look, it shouldn’t just be about Americans,
how many civilians in the Middle East have already died because of US aggression? And so they shouldn’t be an after thought. There are gonna be countless civilians who
die if we engage in war with Iran. And don’t buy the nonsense that I’ve been
hearing over and over again in the corporate press today. About how if Iran decides to respond militarily
it’ll be an easy and quick war.>>My God.>>That is an actual point that I’ve heard
people make. It is insane and I’m gonna provide examples
of that later in the show today.>>I think they accidentally loaded the teleprompters
from 2003 actually.>>It’s crazy.>>Yeah, and so yeah, they said we’d be greeted
as liberators. The Iraq War would take only a couple of weeks. Decades later, here we are. By the way, this has all happened in Iraq
because of the mess we created in Iraq, why? Because we said Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. He was, did that make the Iraq War logical? No, it did not, and here we are again. But credit where credit is due, I’m glad that
CNN had her on and she said that, that’s a very good point. But you’ll hardly ever see it anywhere else
and certainly out of the idiot Republicans you’ll never see this obvious acknowledgement. So we get to call people terrorists all the
time. And by the way, everybody’s doing it. I don’t know, it’s not covered by American
media but Turkey calls the Kurds terrorists. The Kurds call the Turks terrorists. Iran calls the Sunnis terrorists, the Sunnis
calls Iran terrorists, and it goes around and around. And so what does that mean? Well, okay, we said Soleimani, he might be
the general of a sovereign nation, but apparently there are no international laws so we just
murder him. And then the idiot Republicans sit back and
go, okay, well I guess we’re done with that. No, we’re not done with that. They’re going to retaliate and they’re gonna
call us terrorists and then they’re gonna kill us. So look, I’m worried to death about the embassy
in Iraq now. Trump, the moron is like yeah, I avoided a
Benghazi. I’m so strong, I’m so strong. No, you didn’t. Now, that embassy is in great, great peril.>>There are 16,000 us employees at that embassy
>>God, I fear for them, get them out, get them out, get them out right now. And that we’re sending 30,500 new troops in,
what? To be sitting ducks, what are they gonna do? Fight the entire country of Iran? Are we going to war? Are we not going to war? And guys, they’re gonna kill our personnel,
they’re gonna kill our troops way more than they would have before, way more. And when they do there, Pompeo lying on CNN
saying we stopped an attack that could have killed dozens, maybe hundreds of American
troops. Really, where’s your evidence? No evidence, he’s lying. And you say Cenk, did he really say that? I already saw this movie, It was called the
Iraq War. Everything was a lie. And the press was like, I don’t know the Secretary
of State. And then Condoleezza Rice at the time, National
Security Adviser. She said that mushroom cloud it could have
happened. So they sent it I bowed down, I bowed down. I do not bow down, they are liars. And they’re gonna get our guys killed. Anna is right, they’re also gonna get untold
thousands of innocent civilians in the region killed. But look, if all you care about is Americans,
I guarantee you they’re in far greater peril today than they were yesterday. And so it’s not one sided, they get to counter
attack, they get to also kill our civilians. And so now we we should get out as soon as
humanly possible, but instead we’re bringing more people in to be sitting ducks for them
to get killed.>>Yeah, and just like a month or two after
the media was they were falling all over themselves to give Trump credit for ending the forever
wars. He’s anti war people except that he’s anti
war just sending thousands of our soldiers there. So you said that they were sitting ducks,
I think it’s a little bit more malicious even than that. It is convenient to people who want to start
wars to have soldiers there because it’s easy to kill soldiers when they’re there. Super hard for the Quds Force to kill American
soldiers in San Diego or Houston or Alaska, super difficult. But if you put them in a rocket, it’s not
that difficult. And honestly, it reminds me, you know Edward
Gallagher, the war criminal that Trump is so in love with?>>Yeah.>>One of the sickest things he did was he
wanted to shoot Iraqis, but sometimes they were difficult to see. So he would expose his soldiers so that the
other soldiers would start to shoot at them. And then when they exposed themselves, he
gets to shoot at them. But what if you could do that with thousands
of soldiers? What if you put them in a place where they
would inevitably get attacked that would provide the rational for anything you want, assassinations,
bombings, whatever you want. Anytime you want to launch a war, you have
the justification because you placed it there effectively hostages. These people you say you support, you put
in a position that greatly increases the chances they’ll be killed. And all of this, by the way, the rationale
that was given for killing him was to stop an imminent threat. Against who? The Americans that are in Iraq presumably. Take them out of Iraq, they’ll be way, way
easier to kill and you’ll save a ton of money in doing it.>>Right, and I think it’s also important
to keep in mind that Iran is not a single isolated actor in this entire case. Iran has its own allies. We’re talking about Russia, we’re talking
about Syria. There are other countries involved. Our own allies have condemned Donald Trump’s
actions here, in assassinating the top commander for Iran’s military. So look, this is not good, and there are consequences
and ramifications for our actions. And don’t let anyone either in the corporate
press or the right wing or even in the left wing if you ever see it, claim that if you’re
not in favor of this war with Iran or if you’re not supportive of Donald Trump’s aggression
here, then you’re anti-American, you’re supporting the terrorists. I see them launching these ridiculous insults
and criticisms toward freshman Progressive representatives, like Ilhan Omar, for instance. But no, if you actually care about America,
if you actually care about supporting the troops, you don’t put them in harm’s way by
engaging in this unnecessary war. And let’s just remind you guys that Iran’s
military capability is very different from your Iraq’s military capability. We still have a presence in Iraq. We didn’t win, okay? Iran’s military is four times the size.>>Right.>>So guys, when invariably, and I hope to
God that it never happens, but very likely it will, when Iran counterattacks. And our personnel, and soldiers, and troops,
and perhaps diplomats are killed. It was Donald Trump’s fault. Later they’ll say, no, it was all run all
Iran, all Iran, it’s their fault. They’re boogeymen, they’re terrorist, they’re
all terrible people, right? But the reality is they didn’t kill our top
general. We killed their top general. They didn’t break the peace deal, the nuclear
deal that we had. And neither did Russia, neither did China,
neither did Europe, we broke that. And I say we, Donald Trump is an idiot and
a monster and I go, no love for him. But guys, what would we do if they killed
our top guys? We would retaliate even if we despise them. My God if they killed Trump or our top general
or Pompeo. Well, of course, we would counter attack. Of course, we would, no matter how much we
can’t stand Trump or Pompeo. So of course, Iran is gonna do the same, and
when our people are killed, it is Donald Trump’s fault. They will lie to you a thousand times, and
say that he didn’t start it, but he did start it, it is a fact and we know it.

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