4 thoughts on “Did the Apostle Paul know anything about a "Governing Body"? (Franz freedom 20)

  1. Dave and Viv not sure if ya ever heard of this one, but it just takes a few minutes on the cd rom or Library, and we know there was no such governing body, but in their own literature when referring to the present day governing body they will go out of their way to make sure it gets a nice big capital ‘G’ in governing and capital ‘B’ in body but when referring to the 1st century 12 apostles who we know for a fact were hand picked by Christ as is written and are the so-called foundation of this “governing body”, they go out of their way to make sure the ‘G’ and ‘B’ are lowercase. I mean I have never seen such haughtiness in my life. They do it with Holy Spirit too. They don’t capitalize the H and the S but will give themselves an upper case G and B. They even give the satan a capital S. 😂 Unbelievable man. Check it out it will blow you away.

  2. Strange that the Catholic church also claim a 'centralised' body from scripture and apostolic succession.
    Seems that both religions may have more in common than they think.

  3. The idea of governing body appeared in 1945, but the pragmatic governing body was 'released' in 1971

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