Did Julian Assange Step Past Journalism?

Did Julian Assange Step Past Journalism?

if there was any evidence that the u.s. charges against Julian Assange were charges having to do with legitimate journalistic activity I would be raising holy hell in defense of Julian Assange if it even looked to me like this was the beginning of going down that road I mean I'm in the media business I don't want the government you know controlling or regulating the media period and I have reported stories on this program that were told to be in confidence by other people certainly you know I mean with the goal that they would be reported I don't frankly know if any of them violated you know secrecy laws and things like that sir and and certainly you know the New York Times and Washington Post have regularly published things that were stolen that were leaked that's routine journalism and that's what WikiLeaks was doing initially but to have the head of the essentially the publisher it would be the equivalent publisher of the New York Times reaching out to a source and saying let me help you crack a password that's a different thing than thank you for the information now there are some people who are suggesting that Assange is being you know basically busted for corresponding with Chelsea Manning there's nothing wrong with that it is absolutely normal for reporters and sources to talk and for reporters to encourage sources people you always say well Julian Assange said I've you know in my opinion the curious eye is never dry or whatever the phrase was you know you know there was there's probably more information that you can get for me that's not illegal and that again is not what he's being charged with and it concerns me when I see news stories that that report that as if it was bad because it's not now with regards to Julian Assange conspiring with Don jr. to maximize the M act on behalf of Donald Trump in the elections you know the the WikiLeaks and presumably as Julian Assange these this is a WikiLeaks account corresponding with Don Jr it's not specifically Julian Assange we just don't know but apropos of that the the that that is not illegal that's not a crime what it does tell us is that you know WikiLeaks was very interested in the outcome of the election and was aggressively and actively working with Don jr. and presumably others in the Trump campaign to to damage Hillary Clinton and they were quite successful in that by the way I mean just through the DNC into chaos by releasing those stories the first day of the Democratic National Convention releasing we have Hillary's emails the day that Access Hollywood comes out releasing John Podesta Z mails changing the narrative of the news cycle these are things that could have been decisive in the election but they're not illegal and you know even reaching out to Don jr. and saying hey I'm you know we're gonna dump this information it's in my mind that's not illegal in fact I would not be surprised if news outlets particularly highly partisan news outlets like Fox News for example or maybe even MSNBC you know regularly correspond with or or try to time stories or whatever to help the politicians that they like that's not illegal and if we criminalize that we are walking into some really really dangerous territory we can be pissed off that WikiLeaks was corresponding with Don jr. telling him when these dumps were coming helping him out advising him specifically and what to tweet and how to get you know how to get the word out we can't be pissed off about that but you don't you don't put people in jail for that to the best of my knowledge which is why this information has been I mean the story that I read to you from Julia Yaffe was from 2017 it was from two years ago and it's why Don jr. isn't in jail it's not against the law it's it's ugly terrible ugly politics but it's not against the law so let's just be really clear about what's going on here and as long as and and by the way once there's this this doctrine of I'm forgetting the word lizardy is that word that comes to mind and that's not the word but it's this doctrine that says that basically and I think at this where this comes from is that there's a bunch of countries in the world that don't have the death penalty in fact I think there's only like 10 or 12 countries now that still have the death penalty you know us and North Korea and Saudi Arabia there's just a few and so there's a lot of countries that if we've got a warrant for the arrest of somebody who has committed murder they will not send that person back to the United States that that person will face the death penalty even if they have an extradition treaty with the United States so what this doctrine this treaty doctrine says is whatever you charge somebody with when you request extradition when you request us to to arrest them and send them to your country whatever you charge them with you may not add to those charges unless they commit further crimes when they get to your country so if Julian Assange came to the United States and got out on bail and broke into a bank or something then you know he could be charged with bank robbery but unless they you know unless they commit another crime after they've you know arrived in the new country to which they were extradited you cannot add charges so you know barring any additional charges being put against Julian Assange before he's brought to the United States and and we've seen no indication that there's more charges coming he's going to be charged with trying to hack a pass were helping to pay hack a password he's not gonna be charged with encouraging a source and he shouldn't be that's that's a normal part of journalism he's not going to be charged with colluding with the Trump campaign as disgusting as that may be that's a normal part or at least that's not illegal I wouldn't say it's a normal part of journalism but it's but it's not uncommon I mean going back to the to the founding of the Republic there were newspapers that supported John Adams there were newspapers that the support of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 and yes they were talking to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson their publishers we've got the correspondence so it's not that's not illegal it's it's pretty gross but it's not illegal

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  1. Your government is the most evil criminal entity on Earth by far, those exposing its crimes, by any means, help fight this evil criminal organisation.

  2. HOW could it be that such a unqualified individual become President? How could it be that such efforts were made to take him out of his safe house? How is it that such individuals get placed in such powerful positions. What we are taught in school about our Government is NOT the truth. Legal does not mean squat Ethical is what it is all about.

  3. Thom, I'm with you on a lot of issues, but you're wrong here. Julian Assange's arrest has huge implications for press freedom around the globe and our basic freedom of speech and information is at stake here. The US is asserting the DOJ's jurisdiction into sovrein nation's to silence dissenting voices. We are all in trouble if he is extradited to the usa. Please give this more thought.

  4. Well , OK, Assange stepped past today’s mainstream fake journalism by real reporting of what we need to know about what is being done to destroy us. The powers that be clearly show they wish to continue their destruction of us IN SECRET by arresting Assange. Hillary and her warlocks wouldn’t blink at adding Assange to her list of murdered potential whistleblowers. Why? Because she gets away with it.

  5. I don't why so many progressives are so timid about defending assange. Can't you see the mans done nothing wrong, at the very least?

  6. The names Assange, Manning and Snowden will go down in history as heros/heroines, like the siblings Scholl in Nazi Germany. The present leaders of the "free world" and their stenographers, the msm, will be forgotten or remembered as quislings and presstitutes.

  7. no point in discussing legality, in dealing with the usa government. they make their own rules, as they go. murder, invasion, collateral damage, all in the book. consequently, resistance of any nature is ethical, in a struggle for survival. julian assange, for personal reasons, entered into war with the usa government, struck some heavy blows but appears to have ended his struggle in captivity. not clear yet.
    being concerned about the nature of his struggle, 'was this real journalism?' is absurd. the struggle against tyranny is not a game, and there are no rules.

  8. Dear Mr Hartmann, Thank you for your excellent videocasts and especially this one for clearing up what is going on with Assange. One thing that does not make sense to me is why he only released US military secret communications and nothing, absolutely nothing from Russia or China or other countries. Why no e-mails for example between Russian commanders when the passenger jet was shot down by Russian missiles? Not a word. Not a peep. Same with China. Nothing, no information. Only American e-mails that without a doubt caused the death of numerous agents on spying missions. Whatever Assange did, if he was innocent, why didn’t he face the Swedish rape complaints? Why did he wipe his feces on the bathroom walls when he was upset? What kind of a person would do that to a country helping him out? Keep up the good work!

  9. rape and sexual assault in Sweden.. so how is this person a f** hero and should get the medal of honor . these opinions are that of tRUMP turds, go figure

  10. And you call yourself a journalist. Lol Mr. Assange is a true journalist and a hero. You (Thom) are a ZERO.

  11. All this talk about whether or not Assange comitted a crime is diversion! Let's talk about the war criminals found out through Assange's efforts!

  12. I have never voted down a video on YT til now. What a disappointment Thom. Have you not read the indictment by now?? Here's what is listed – having a secure dropbox for a source to put documents, talking with a source over a secure line, asking a source for more documents, working to conceal the identity of a source – all things that legitimate journalists do every day when working with a source that has sensitive information. Each of those is a separate count in the indictment! Even the so-called hack was done by Manning and not Assange, and the discussion about the code was an effort to conceal her identity when she broke into the database. Furthermore, the indictment concerns events in 2010 – not 2016. Everything you said about the 2016 election is irrelevant. The Obama administration had all the same facts of this case and chose not to prosecute because they could not separate the facts of the case from legitimate First Amendment protections! It should tell you something that suddenly the Trump Administration thinks it can prosecute this case now. The Trump Administration would not hesitate to throw journalists in prison and suspend First Amendment rights. You are smarter than this, Thom. Why can you not see what is going on?? What a disappointment. I've learned so much from you in the past, but you are dead wrong here.

  13. Julian Assange is a hero and history will show that he saved Democracy. He has spent so many years working 24 hours a day to protect freedom throughout the world. The fact that Thom Hartman would tell these obvious and uncorroborated lies in his quest to toe the line of the corrupt establishment shows his real lack of integrity and honesty. This is a deal breaker, and as a progressive, I cannot give credence nor any more of my time to those who haven't the decency nor courage to support our fight for the planet and our Democracy.

  14. But but but… 💜 2 ❤️ It’s much easier to give examples of PC then to define it fully: The Inquisition was a result of PC, Stalin’s archipelago of Gulags was enforced PC, Hitler’s extermination camps were the result of PC, Mao’s re-educations camps were where PC was taught, and on it goes. Take away free speech in the name of politeness and there will be blood.

  15. 💜 2 ❤️ it’s better to be vocal and loud in something you believe then to be tepid and furtive regarding your beliefs. Regarding Assange, this is the home of the brave and land of free speech. Even Tucker Carlson said Assange is innocent as charged and defended him vigorously. What’s wrong with that.

  16. You need to take what the government says about anything with a grain of salt Thom. I don't believe this charge. Free Assange!

  17. I don't think Julian Assange was wrong in releasing information about Hillary Clinton because people need to know and then make an informed decision if that's the kind of leader they want. The truth Julian Assange is an example of true journalism is he outshines most Journalists. Many news editors used him as a source so they are guilty too if thats the case

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