Dick Cheney & John Bolton OWNED by… A Fox News Anchor?!

Dick Cheney & John Bolton OWNED by… A Fox News Anchor?!

interestingly enough the cheney and to
the New York concert I getting as much over the deference and respect
that they use to on television I mean Jonathan call on ABC’s not even
let dick cheney finish a sentence is and cheney try to bully ’em for in an
earlier clip well yeah found greater now John the
race to work in the past but now we are pretty much know what a loser an idiot
you are and what an abject failure you are so no
you wait a minute right so what’s interesting is this is
also spilled over to Fox News how many it to all this let’s start with
Dick Cheney your response with all but all due respect John I was
a strong supporter they end up going into iraq am a strong supporter now everybody
knows what my position is there’s nothing to be argued about their
we spend our time debating what happened eleven or twelve years ago
we’re gonna miss the threat that is growing and that we do
face hungry I love that to the no are less about what happened
ten eleven years ago what you want to I don’t have it we will
know it was such a great success what do you want to talk about it but you wanna
brag you love writing right you to tell us about how you keep a safe you know 911 kinda happened on your
watch right because you were paying attention but OK so what do you know a little
about what up to eleven years ago but at the same time you say we should
go back and talk about what broke Obama’s been doing for the last
five years I thought we should all go back and history so you’re perfectly wanna go
back in talk about what Obama did over the last five six years but you’re not willing to go back and
talk about what you did gee I wonder why okay now what’s interesting is John
Bolton was on the top new concert news push for the Iraq war goes on Fox News
of all places and once again making Kelly checks is
ash watch unfortunately its irrelevant to
the circumstances we face Nadal I know you keep saying that but it’s
it’s actually it is relevant to a lot of people who are out there wondering how did we get here is it not relevant
to ask how did we get here well its it’s very interest but the
decision maker has two look at the environment we have now and
that’s why I think it’s a mistake at this point for the president to put
these three hundred advisers in place okay you you know that a lot of
people are out there tonight saying well born she wanted the
people who was in favor I’m going into iraq in the first place
in is that why you don’t want to discuss the past 10 years and whether they were
worth it I’d be happy to discuss the past 10 years and and we can start at ten years before that if you want but
that’s not the question that America faces today buddy roemer I could be sure have
notable just put up to 3 Rd me please please please pretty please this is almost as much of an admission
of defeat as Glenn Beck last week saying I was
wrong the Liberals were right about iraq when Dick Cheney in job or go on TV and
say I don’t want to discuss what happened we didn’t end eleven years ago when we serve the Iraq war in the first
place they’re saying hoops I don’t want people to remember we’re
the ones who started this mess because we were wrong and we’re not even
willing to defend it on Fox News in essence we know him play this ladies
and gentlemen we got ’em that when you got a Fox News host kicking
Amir Khan’s ass saying you’re the one that got us in
this iraq mass any has no answer ladies and gentleman we got up croquet and here’s what we’re not going to do
when you have Fox News host parading these guys the american people are not appoint where they’re gonna send
troops back in iraq and if President Obama makes a mistake
are expanding the 300 special forces your dicen en he’ll pay the price and god what a
monumental error that would be tape easy’s by job leftover useless
idiots if he brings in more troops I will turn around and rightfully blame it
on him for restarting the war all my god what a disaster that would be
I hope to god but he’s not that stupid

100 thoughts on “Dick Cheney & John Bolton OWNED by… A Fox News Anchor?!

  1. Now hopefully the Democrats beat them over the head over this but I know they will not because the Dems are losers. 

  2. Bolton is clearly a self – important windbag. He has inflicted multiple very bad ideas on our country.

  3. Megyn Kelly is the number 2 show on cable news some weeks number 1, she does what she wants and roger ailes respects her authoriti.. to an extent. Because they continue to draw more and more viewers. Cenk is more mad at the fact that he can't compete with Fox News.

  4. This is Fox reminding the GOP who signs the checks. It not about right or left at Fox, it's about what makes money for the top 1%.

  5. …Nnnnooooo (I said, nervously shaking my hands and fingers). Must not gain respect for Megyn Kelly
    AHHH!!!! Bolton and Cheney are *so* evil, that I can't help considering it – just a little bit. Trying to resist…

  6. Cenk… Great to be watching your show and great to see you educating the good american people. ..This is what the folks need to see.. Keep up the good work..
    Regards from London

  7. Stop calling Fox, "News".  One interview of real journalism does not make up for years of carrying republican propaganda.  Make no mistake, this kind of "balance" is planned by Ailes to make you think Fox retains some air of credibility.

  8. Randy,

    The average age of fox viewers is 71 yrs old. Younger people don't watch the news and the ones that do split their cable time between cnn, msnbc and the daily show (all at about 1mm each)..and then you have 15-20mm that watch the main networks

    and fox has convinced anyone to the right that the entire media is rigged-they merely are looking for a piece of the pie and are lying to guys like you so you can watch them.

    but..3mm out of 25mm is what they do and with a very old audience.

  9. The republicans just want to ignore 10 years ago when George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney ignored 7 warnings before 911 happen lied about weapons of mass destruction and now they're blaming Obama for what he is doing now because of the stupid stuff they caused 10 years ago like promoting a war by letting 3000 people die in America on 911 just to get a war started that cost the taxpayers billions of dollars so weapon manufacturers can get rich for war that did not have to happen.
    Let's face it America got bushwhacked by George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney and like it never happened in the democracy in America is being destroyed with liars like George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney that have destroyed the Republican Party because they hide behind god to hide their sins and and fox news is just keep their distance for the republican party for the stupid stuff they've done this country.
    And acting like they have association with the republican party now because they're scared of the ratings you just can't live with American people and think their stupid to believe these stories will line and sinker their way more intelligent than the republican party or fox news and this is why we need to stop voting republican when you allow 3000 people of your own to die for you to get rich awful war and god told George Bush Jr. To become president the rest the world is just laugh at America.
    Because of the stupidity what the republican party did to the worldwide economy just a control people the way they want to control them just like religion using fear to scare people and telling them they will build a hell when they die if they don't believe in god and the sacrificed that god only son died first sins will move gives a damn how about all of our soldiers at 3000 people that died for and George Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney I guess they don't matter and this is why the Republican Party needs to get out of politics and we the people need to stop voting for them and only the intelligent people can see this.
    Wake up America where legend causes fascism when religion when is a corporation in this is why the founding fathers put in the declaration of independence with the first amendment that Congress shall not pass and he'll all based on religion and see what happens when you don't listen. Let's face it America is run by morons because morons vote for morons because they believe in that stupid fairy tale book called the bible you cannot run of democracy with lies because it will backfire in your face very quickly.

  10. I love wild man, Cenk. This great man is my hero because he's good at providing the correct narrative you rarely see on television "news"! 🙂

  11. Fox news got the memo. Republicans want DICK and Bolton to go away . They don't want the BUSH foreign policy gaffs to be in the limelight when HILLARY runs in 2016. They want them to go away.First O'Reilly admitting he was wrong on Iraq, Maegyn Kelly giving it to Cheney and now Glenn Beck admits BUSH was wrong on Iraq…..wow

  12. I confess I would be tempted to join these borderline fascists in the US republican right if I thought it gave me a at least a 50-60% greater chance of banging Megyn Kelly. I mean look at her and she's even not quite being the sycophantic imbecile she normally is. Jesus, Santa and probably God may be white in your mind Megyn but give me a chance and the cock in your arsehole will not be if you know what I'm saying.  

  13. It's plain, simple, and clear that both Bolton and Cheney are advocating escalating Iraq so that in the next election cycle they can blame Obama and democrats for whatever mess results. They don't care a thing about American lives, they don't care a thing about American taxpayers. They only care about themselves and power. What despicable semi-human beings.

    5 MILLION Iraqis Killed, Maimed, Tortured, Displaced — Think That Bothers War Boosters Like Christopher Hitchens?
    The immensity of Iraqi civilian suffering is incomprehensible. How can war's cheerleaders claim to fight on behalf of the people whose lives they helped destroy?


  15. Megyn Kelly is sooo adorable here, with her little sleeveless dress and her school girl shrug.  She reminds me of the little girl asking why her Mommy was wrestling in the bedroom with Uncle Dick

  16. Politically I am more of a liberal.  In spite of that, I think Megyn Kelly might be the hottest woman on TV today.

  17. Wait, why was Iraq a failure? From what I hear on the radio, the current unrest hasn't affected the oil fields and export terminals. The sweet, sweet oil is flowing to market and the price hasn't changed. Therefore it is still "mission accomplished."

  18. Obama is that stupid.  He tried to get us into the Syrian civil war.  Dick Cheney & John Bolton shut the fuck up!  Go Rand Paul!!

  19. Cheney and Bolton …two  peas in a pod……lol……….both are so full of themslelves………and both so wqrong wrong wrong……..

  20. Isn't ISIS funded by the Gulf Cooperation Council?  The Gulf Cooperation Council has a combined annual defense budget of about 90 billion U.S. dollars, on a par with Russia's.  No one seems to talk about this huge amount of money Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman spend on their collective military.

  21. The Iraq war was not what all conservatives wanted! I always thought it was the wrong thing to do.
    The reason we went in was a lie, and everyone knew it…

  22. Fox Opinion(News) actually asks real questions? WOW! Thats just amazing. Megan Kelly acts like a real reporter for a change. I'll bet that felt good instead of the BS normally seen on Fox. Way to go Megan Kelly and thanks for acting like a real reporter. 

  23. USA is going down I mean your country is so corrupt by educated smart wealth you dont know whats happening to you I mean your govt is bought off and the corps moved off shore jobs are gone and more to come until you make 3rd world wages or less your population will be used to promote work for and fight never ending wars while the corps play MONOPOLY  around the world I mean it you have lost to corps you are nothing your idiotic faith in god and your voting has been used to destroy you I mean if your lucky they might let you watch sports in a window at WALMART in the future SUCKERS

  24. Cheney and others like Bolton embarass themselves over and over on their own FOXX NUZZ propaganda organ…. always with both hands!

  25. Baffles me how we elected this asshole twice.  Wasn't there a decent pile of shit lying around for people to vote for?  Seriously if this is how old people vote then they should lose a lot more than their drivers licenses.

  26. That five-point threat alert served no public good whatsoever. Telling people how frightened they should be on a scale of one to five doesn't protect anyone, but it is useful as a means of keeping the threat real and as a means to distract the public's attention away from other news that may be breaking. It is an act of terrorism in itself. Fox News is, therefore, a terrorist organization, and Dick Cheney is a terrorist. There is no justice in America until he is locked away.
    In the meantime, let's waterboard Bill O'Reilly. I don't think he knows anything (he doesn't even know why the tide goes in and out), but let's waterboard him anyway.

  27. So TYT seems to base their entire show on the premise that Fox News is biased.  Meanwhile, I rarely find a show more openly bias than TYT.  Hypocritical?

  28. Why would you want to discuss what happened ten to twelve years ago? It's irrelevent and a waste of time. You have to plan ahead. You just don't want to make the same mistakes.

  29. Cheney, Bush, Wolfawitz, Rumsfeld Bolton etc etc all these ppl knew that they were lying when they said Saddam had WMD's and all the other lies they deliberately made. They need to be tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, treason, fraud, war profiteering and a host of other charges. They've been found guilty in absentia, in a legitimate court trial held in Malaysia, that lasted a year. Guilty of war crimes etc and the US ppl must demand that they are taken to the Hague for their war crimes, huge and terrible destruction of nations, criminal atrocities and genocide

  30. It is not about how stupid or not stupid president Obama is but rather about the defense contractors not having a market anymore. 

  31. With all the nut jobs  running around  why are these two still breathing?  President Cheney, and his sidekick G W Bush should be in prison on WAR CRIMES!  

  32. This Is NOT A "Right Left" Conversation But A "Right Wrong" Conversation Because Remember (If WE Don't Remember & Understand Our History Of Mistakes We're Bound To Repeat Them.
       Theirs A Cause & Effect To Everything In Life & ISIS Is The Result Of Taking Saddam Out Who NEVER Posed Any REAL Threat To The US.

  33. My people please stop comparing Dick Cheney to Darth Vader. Darth Vader was willing to fight for his planet,Dick Cheney would not fight for his country.

  34. cheney is a mass murderer who cannot leave the safety of the USA in fear of being arrested for war crimes

  35. Oddly, smarter people than Bolton share his opinion

  36. we as a nation will never get respect until we turn these criminals over to international courts to be tried as the monsters they are. i would prefer they be tried under our own laws but our courts are controlled by the corporations who own these people.

  37. Come off it, they got exactly what they wanted. Cheney made sure 9/11 happened so that they could invade iraq. Just how many trillians of dollars have they funneled into the coffers of their cronnies.

  38. two of the "best" brave Bolton said when he refused to serve in Vietnam his kind started i do not want to die in some Asian country, but he is very brave to send other peoples children to fight n die, u want wars? send your own sons n daughters to the front line first Not some cushy office jobs to fight alongside other brave young men or keep quite

  39. Yeah cenk only problem is Obama was brought in to appease the far right and it's corporations, he's a natural liar, a Hitler in a brown skin suit

  40. USA turned Iraq a sworn enemy of IRAN into the closest ally of IRAN. As an Iranian I take my hat off to you Mr Bolton & Cheney. Would you kindly do a number on Jordan & Saudi Arabia too? Persia wants her EMPIRE that BRITISH STOLE from them back. Oh and thank you for Afghanistan, Pakistan & Yemen. No wonder Iranians love America so much.

  41. Ok, we all know the bad  lying power hungry Dick Cheney now! Where was the American press and media back then. Hell, I remember the dip shit Bill O'Reilly telling us we were un-American if we dared to think for ourselves and not blindly support that terrible war. Shame on you commentators, bring back the reporters who gave us the facts and let us think for ourselves.

  42. On Nuremburg Trial Dick Cheney would have been sentenced to death for 'planning and conducting a war of aggression'.
    And George W. Bush, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, too.

  43. Im just amazed on how lazey the American people have become to let the politicians kill them and do nothing what a waste of air and food on these people that refuse to defend themselves and there freedoms,but probably do it again with another Bush or Cheney.American stupidity is just way too unbelievable to believe that they can even breath on there own or wipe there own a$$ without a Bush showing them how.Worlds new jokers,,,,,America blahahahaha.

  44. D C and his mouth piece puppet 'W' were and are still morons. Sadly we voted for them 2 times and now we are blaming the mess in the Middle East on our President? They should give their entire wealth to the Wounded Warrior Program and then crawl into a hole and disappear.

  45. Dick and John should be hang by theirs balls. 5.2 million people died, 10 millions dispersed, 500,000 post war syndrom, and to this day not accountability. Our morality is lower than ground. Our foolish involvement keep piling up.

  46. I'm not a conservative, but sometimes I really like Meghan Kelly. I know a lot of you will disagree with that, but most of you have an IQ close to 100 so it doesn't matter what you think.

  47. Well Cenk, Obama not only sent more than a few hundred special forces, he sent over 5,000 more troops back into Iraq and launched a massive bombing campaign over Iraq and Syria. So yep, Obama agreed with Dick Cheney and John Bolton, NOT YOU!

  48. Fucking moron. John bolton was not allowed in the meetings discussing the Iraq war. You took something with the assumption of guilt, rather than inquire. Fuck you are stupid!

  49. Dick Cheney was just that a dick, but John Bolton is a smart and reasonable man, he's what Trump needs now. No doubt about it. Also fake news anchor liberals are never right.

  50. Cenk, you're so unfunny, and noticed that you slur sometimes….
    It's not constantly happening…….so are you on something?

  51. Israel does not want nationalist countries in the region it wants divided Islamists preferably glowing in the dark they have been exposed to so much nuclear waste form heat penetrators .The supporters of Israel are worse than the Israeli population

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