Diablo III Auction House Update

Diablo III Auction House Update

Hi, I’m John Hight, Production Director on Diablo III Reaper of Souls And I’m Josh Mosqueira, the Game Director So as you saw, we’re going to be shutting down the Diablo auction houses. When we originally setup the Auction House, it was supposed to be a safe and convenient way for you to trade items, and in that respect it was very successful, but it became a double edge sword. It totally did because at the core of the Diablo experience is a promise of killing monsters, killing demons and for the promise of finding those epic items and the auction house just made that experience way too convenient and really short circuited our core reward loop. We’ll be giving you more information down the road, but for now we want you to know that both the real money auction house and the gold auction house will be shut down on March 18, 2014. That should give you plenty of time to settle your affairs and be ready to play Diablo III without the Auction House. So for us this is really exciting news, from the moment we announced Reaper of Souls and we started talking to you guys about what Loot 2.0 means to us about how we want to drop less, better and more epic items. We firmly believe that by shutting down the real money and the gold auction houses, it really paves the way to make sure that killing monsters in game is the most rewarding, the most satisfying, the most compelling ways of getting your hands on those items. I also want to say thank you to all you guys in our community for being patient with us, for coming along on this journey but at the end of day, we at Blizzard, specifically us on Team 3 we felt that the right decision is to preserve the integrity of the gameplay experience of Diablo, and make sure that finding items in game is the best place to find those items. So we have some more exciting news for you at BlizzCon, but until then we’ll see you in Sanctuary.

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  1. realy , realy the AC  was a bad idea no fucking duhh , just say it as it is activision strong armed you all to try to make D3 in to a cash cow but it was an epic fail and players went "no thank you", but i guess it's better latter then never

  2. the PTR is great !
    loot 2.0 is pretty epic now the game is more fun in general

    the only thing you guys fucked up again is the price of the expansion …
    come the fuck on blizzard .. 40€ ? are you kidding me ?
    its worth like 20€ if not less …
    we only get 1 additional act and 1 more class
    in D2 we got 2 classes and an act that was longer that 2 D3's acts together

  3. As predicted, SPAM has reached unbeleiveable levels, now getting spammed every 5 seconds. BLIZ traded the chat system for the AH system again. Fucking fail.

  4. This here's sure a whole lot of bitching in the comment section about them removing a feature you've been yelling at them to remove for a while now.

    Take your victory and stop mouthing off; this is a good thing, whether it came late or not.

  5. What about us, who bought this game and actively used Auction Hause!!! So I got lied… and FYI i never touched real money AH, only normal gold…

  6. I dont think the AH was a bad idea. I think people use it wrong. When you absolutely cannot find gear for a character, like what happened for me with my demon hunter, lvl 50 and using lvl 30 weapons, THAT is when you consider trading some stuff you dont need for gold to buy an item that will help you. problem being people dont know when to quit, they kit out their entire character with purchased items and have no reason left to play the game.

  7. Just one more epic Blizzard fail to add to the list. Good riddance, Blizzard. I'll be calling you the day the AH closes for full refunds on my multiple copies of Diablo 3.

  8. All you had to do was literally remake D2 LoD with updated graphics. But you didn't, you chose to be gay.

    Starcraft 2 didn't stray from the formula, it just added Warcraft 3 micromanaging, success.

    Create actual legendary items, let us choose our own attributes, and fix the waypoint/quest bullshit.

  9. Never should have had an auction house in the first place. It drove too much of the game… from adjusting loot drops to drive prices, to people spending WAY too much time in the auction house instead of killing badies.

  10. i think having the auction house helps support a F2P game to continue updating and help out a community to make money and incentive to play the game, I'm not buying RoS because their is no AH.

  11. Cool, glad I saw the news now I really/completly lost interest in buy Diablo III.
    can start saving up money for new Vita games from the East! :3

  12. Not really worried about this, I play path of exile, but still would like to enjoy this game since it's combat is more exhilarating and I won't end up falling asleep when doing quests or traveling through dungeons.

    To be honest all I ever wanted was one bad ass final move during combat that would give you the satisfaction of complete destruction during a long fight against any combat situation in D3.    Meaning not really executions, but more character specific abilities that are more than just a simple transformation and giant beams shooting everywhere.   

    Like massive signatures moves that would not only reflect the charisma of the characters specifically, but also be so climactic in combat that you'd have to be blind not to see it happen.

    And sure these moves should have balance to them and shouldn't be seen as a regular skill or even ones that have those 2 minute cool-downs either because they should be seen as a signature move that you use 1 time and 1 time only and enjoy the destruction you leave in your wake.

  13. Before I say anything, let me say that I've been a Blizzard fanboy since Rock and Roll Racing, and owned almost every game since.
    D3 has been out for almost 2 years. I know Blizzard is notoriously slow at getting basically anything done, but considering how game breaking this was, your efforts are too little, too late as far as I'm concerned.
    The truth here is obvious. RMAH was a blatant money grab at the expense of gameplay and enjoyment. Blizzard have obviously realised this isn't making them as much money as originally thought, but that's not even the point. A few years ago, Blizzard would have never even CONSIDERED this business model in the first place, let alone let it play out for this amount of time, killing a brilliant franchise in the process.
    At the end of the day, you're a business. Anyone with half a brain can see that the only reason you are taking this option is because the RMAH is beginning to negatively affect your bottom dollar – not because you give a shit about anyone that actually plays the game, or their opinions.
    Your thinly veiled appeal to the playerbase in this video is so transparent I would swear it had just been Windexed. Actions speak louder than words, Blizzard.
    Sorry, but you're going to become an example, just like EA. You will become a warning to other developers that as gamers, we will not support a business that does not support the gaming industry. Good riddance.

  14. I'm glad to hear they are removing the auction house. It ruined the game, and took away from the fun. People enjoy spending time grinding for the items they want. At least I do. It is much more rewarding in the end. Just look at Diablo 2 for example. I hope they fix World of Warcraft too while they're at it.. everybody is walking around with epic gear. It's turned into such a care bear MMO :/. You got some good games Blizzard – just don't let them fall apart more than they already have.

  15. "We implemented the real-money auction house in D3 so we could recover some of the costs of creating a console version of the game in the background. While PC players were beta-testing our server stability and troubleshooting login errors, our dev team was hard at work making sure the PS3 version wouldn't suffer from these crippling issues.

    A new version of the game required extra funds though, and so with D3's PC release we implemented a system that would allow the best loot to be up for grabs, while supplementing us with a per-transaction amount of money to support the PS3 game's development. It wasn't too hard to arrange – our RNG system was so incredibly flawed at creating items of any worth that when a Legendary surfaced, it was instantly put up for sale because it usually wasn't any good for the player's current class and, truth be told, they were much better off wearing their modest but stat-appropriate Rares and skipping out on the flash of having a Legendary that was overall worse than their current gear.

    People were concerned about the UI upon release. "Why are my skills set up like this," they asked, "why isn't there a skill tree like there used to?" Well, it's pretty troublesome to navigate a skill tree with thumbsticks so we kept it simple. Not to mention your living room seating can only handle so much people, it made sense to cut down the amount of players in-game at a time. How many controller sockets does the PS3 have again? Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Anyway we've milked this overhyped cow for as long as we could and it's time we brought you up to speed about the future of our thiev- I mean, the RMAH. The PS3 version's out, we've got a solid cashflow again because as Call of Duty has proven, console kids will buy the same re-hashed crap any day of the year. Heck it's so good we've even been able to put out a free-to-play card game – imagine that! Can't wait to see how much we can sell cosmetics for on that… Err, thinking out loud again. Signing off!"

  16. I played for over a year and I NEVER found any good rolled legendary or rare that was otherwise available on AH for couple of mil. If I had stuck to self found, I doubt I would even be able to play mp0 inferno, let alone mp10. Shuting down RMAH? Sure. Regular AH? … well people will comment on that based on their luck. Also, what if I don't want to pay for RoS and just want to play D3V? Do I get loot 2.0 system as well? (I don't care about level 70 and I don't feel like paying a full price of the game for one more act). If not, RoS is pure extortion.

  17. From reading the comments it sounds like Blizz stands to lose the small percentage of people that actually played this game. The hardcore Diablo fans were so disgusted they quit within the first month for the most part, the ones that stuck around liked the AH and the other "improvements". The game is beyond hope unless they do something radical.

  18. i spent £14 on the AH on one of my characters. and got Max geared instantly with MP10 easily done…… the change should be interesting 

  19. I love how these guys play it off like this whole "Lets remove the auction house" as there bright idea when Diablo fans have been telling them from the start to remove the damn thing.

  20. Thank god … played Diablo 3 from the day it came out and never found 1 item worth something … farmed for gold and bought from AH … after buying all the gear from AH game became irrelevant and had no more point playing … hope in ROS i can play few days and get at least 1 item that is better than what i have … played PTR for months never found 1 item worth anything so kinda sad 🙁 hope in ROS it's going to be better.

  21. They probably weren't making enough money off of you folks, so that's why they shut their dirty scheme down. Snake oil salesman, both of them lying through their teeth. I am glad i never bought that travesty they call a game.

  22. Why couldn't they have just released soul-bound items that can't be traded like in World of Warcraft? Why do they have to shut down the auction house altogether?

  23. Gz on destroying D3 from the start, PVP not existing and now shutting down AH for people who dont wanna spend time on farming items.

  24. when they shut down the AH they should make the game offline playable. that was one of the reasons they gave for making it only online

  25. I played this game, just so i could have fun and enjoy playing the auction house/market, I am sure there are many users just like me, taking the auction house away will actually cause many players from the D3 community to quit playing the game.

  26. Here is what this means, as it does in Warcraft: COUNTLESS hours of grinding, so much so, that you stop playing, and taking up server space. Replaced with the next fool to buy the product.

  27. You guys succeeded in killing an awesome game, namely D2 and now that everyone has quit playing you are trying to get your player core back. Good luck but that is a hard sell indeed! Oh yeah and btw, we want you to buy the game AGAIN!

  28. cant u just have like a trading center, where people try to trade an item for an item, and u just check off what abilities or attributes you would like on that item and then trade?

  29. I think it's a good call.  Sort of like playing on God mode.  Fun at first, wasting everyone away, but very soon you start to feel like you want a challenge again and it's not rewarding at all.

  30. You better be changing the completely random loot mechanics as well then. One of the reasons I stopped playing was because of the completely random, and quite frankly, pointless attributes that so many items had. Like Mage staves with strength or dexterity bonuses. Make a loot system that actually works.

  31. thats kool so the rest of us just trying to make some in-game cash or real cash is just getting screwd on top of for the people who dont get the expansion get fkd for not getting anything for loot, it wasnt just for"cash clowns" to buy item to basicly pay to win, but it was for the people who have actually lives and dont play 24 fucken 7, but only have maby a few hours a week to play the game and to catch up on getting some better loot to just enjoy and help getting through quests ether way, in my whole hearted opinion it shouldn't make much of a difference people will still sell item/gold _' but hell least this will actually push people into trading amongst friends or make trade partners thats my look at both sides of the fence from all the comments ive seen :), still on the lot thing that better not be restricted to only people who buy the expansion swear to god lol

  32. Great, Turning Diablo3 into another Diablo2, Never finding the things you need to progress, forcing you to go to the Blizz run websites under a different name to buy there shit giving them more money. No thanks, i will no longer be playing Diablo3 once you shut down the auction house.

  33. Hey remember when we said the game would suck with an auction house? And now that we are used to it, you want to take it away. Baaaaaa.

  34. killing monsters every day for a year doesnt give me any more satisfaction blizzard. just loads of frustration hoping something will drop randomly. may be you should consider making some kind of loot tables instead of wasting our time not to mention game was released unfinished and charged full price.

  35. they shouldnt do this because what if we get more legendary or some epic items that we dont need.? salvage it? i seriously hate salvaging epic items. I'd rather sell it into auction house which is we can earn more money.

  36. wow, so you idiots are going back on how diablo 2 used to be huh? wow who us paying you idiots? you guys have ruined Disablo 3 for years

  37. If I ever have any interest in playing Random Loot Generator – a.k.a. Diablo (whatever)  I'll be sure to have a nice chilled glass of hemlock nearby.

    Dungeons and Dragons created the random loot tables for LAZY DUNGEON MASTERS who didn't care enough about their games to put in the time to add well thought out and appropriate loot.

    Diablo and virtually every MMO has gone down that same heartless path, sucking the life out of every gamer who has put in thousands of hours into these games, hoping that the random number generator will at some point finally give them the loot they need, and even when this miraculously does happen, the loot is invariably obsolete mere hours of game play later. 

    Cracking open a chest and finding loot you cannot use as a "reward" for the time you just wasted defeating whatever monster dropped the loot is an INSULT to every player in your game.

    When will a developer give total item control to the player base to build/buy or create the items THEY WANT or design a loot system that allows players to know that all loot they get will build towards the items they want, WITHOUT having to rely on a F-ing Random Number Generator to keep the player on the treadmill.

    Sorry Blizzard, but I just have lost any confidence that Diablo will ever be anything more than an utter waste of time for me.  The Auction house was the only thing Diablo had going for it, and you are killing it.

  38. First off, remove all levels off gear. There is no need for levels to be on gear. The point of this game is to farm for gear and make your other characters elite mofo's when they are level 1.

    Secondly you should have also given stat points per every 2 levels, 1 point each time for a total of 30 points then kept going with NV after that to keep leveling them stat points up.

    You are going in the right direction but should have thought this through a bit more. The point of Diablo is to BECOME A GOD in the game to faceroll the hell out of the game. I mean have none of you every played D2:LOD?

  39. To little way to late your games dead give it up make a new game I am sick of grinding this crappy old game already new loot isn't gonna change the fact you made us go and grind this long without the items we should have had.

  40. So quick question.. Will Diablo 3 standalone players receive the loot 2.0 system? Or is that only available when you purchase the overpriced reaper off souls dlc?

  41. the AH wasn't the problem, it was YOU that allowed so many crap drops for our chars, we had no choice but go to the AH.  Now you've fixed that, leave the AH alone, you fixed the main problem but tried to blame the AH instead of yourself.  Bring back the AH and keep the best items BOA.  

  42. I love all these fucking retards who miss the auction house. I swear, this is the best way to find out who is a short bus rider! Just ask, "Do you miss the D3 auction house?" If they say yes, SHOOT THEM IN THE FUCKING HEAD lol

  43. They said where only going to kill the Real money side; I was angry anof about that, but now even the Gold /in-game trade too, that's ####. Diablo III is lacking a good item drop system like that found in Diablo II. The hole resine I bout two games one for me and one for my roommate was to use the AH. What the hack Man. Diablo 2 surpassed D3 in all ways besides not beng H.R/HD., But come on give as back Our Action Hose you all promised before the game was even released It was the main selling Point you scammers. Diablo III now is just a Nerd made laking the amazing tuch of the prose from "One" and "Two" fettering at the end of it all a game with The boss having granny-boobs instead of Diablo we all loved to fear in D1 and D2 an out of control bull ramming us and ripping are friends in two. The 6 year old boys with out any income and no hardcore gaming knowledge are the only ones that where angry at the idea of an Action House. Most of them have now moved on to "Mind-Craft" so give use back are only means of excitement in D3 that was pure and good. Our Auction House is missed and needed. A place where you could put all that great stuff you came accosted but didn't need or have space for, or you just out grow it. instead of just trashing it you felt like you were giving it a good home.


  45. this game is over I will not buy a blizzard game now this new package explains everything to you blizzard is no longer a sinking company I think you should work for a new diablo In 2012, the game officially made me cry if a new game is going to be if this plugin package too bad I wouldn't expect that from you if you have the same problems if I won't buy the game from you You have time until 2020 develop new diablo the game better

  46. A kind uf punishment for all players.
    You must to do it ? Because of rage ???
    Punish only those who is responsible for the ruin of AH remove real money fix the problem and let others enjoy
    Or you show us only your interest for moneys !!!!!!!! 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

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