Devi Aadi Parashakti || Episode 06 Full HD || New TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Devi Aadi Parashakti || Episode 06 Full HD || New TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

“Hail the Devi.” This message should be conveyed
to all the kings who are keen to take part in the swayamvara of Daksh’s
daughter Sati. Father. I don’t accept this swayamvara. What are you saying, Sati? Your elder sisters got married
via swayamvaras before you. It’s not right to accept any norm without due consideration, mother. A ‘swayamvara’ implies a maiden
can choose her own groom. But it seems that this is not
a norm for a woman’s right rather it’s become the basis of
a man’s superiority. Make a select few youths stand in
line, and call it tradition. One of them must be selected. That’s not a ‘swayamvara,’
is it? Father, if I must choose
my own groom let me find my own husband.
I don’t need this ceremony for it. Accept the reality of your life. The reality is that you are a princess. You are the daughter of
Prajapati Daksh. Don’t get carried away by
your emotions, my dear. Emotions make a person weak. Father, emotions don’t make
a person weak. In fact, they are a part of
our identity and our personality. This is what distinguishes us
from animals. Love. Envy, anger, jealousy suffering. Every bond is based on
these emotions. A person without emotions
is like a corpse. All my emotions, love, anger
were associated with Devi. ‘The fact is that without Devi
Shiva is merely a corpse, Narayan.’ ‘A corpse can’t kill anyone.’ Devi Sati is right. A person without emotions
is like a corpse. That is the state Shiva is in. Without his Shakti,
he is not Shiva. He has been rendered a corpse. Shiva must be taken out
of renunciation mode. We must make him feel again. Only Devi Sati
can make him do that. What’s going on in your mind? Princess Sati. Your father is a very wise man
and he is correct. Emotions render a human weak. Greetings, sage. My dear listen to the sage if not me. Perhaps, he may show you
the path which is for your benefit. Don’t worry, Prajapati Daksh. I will show Princess Sati what is the best for her. Allow me to leave, sage. On what basis did you say that a person’s emotions are weak? Based on the God I revere. He is the most powerful person
in the universe. And yet he has no emotions. He is minus emotions. He is living the life of a hermit. He has no connection
to anyone in this world. He won’t get angry
if anyone insults him. If anyone praises him
he won’t feel pleased. He is a complete renunciate. Yet, I have never seen anyone
as wise or powerful as him. A man without emotions? What kind of life is that? A life without emotions is
bound to be so bland! If you believe that emotions
are so very important then you must prove it. Fill my deity’s life
with the vibrancy of emotions. If you can do that I will accept that your assumption is correct and that I am mistaken. Okay. I will prove it. Where is your deity? I would like to meet him. Wherever you find
fire over water in this kingdom that is where you will find him. Fire over water? How is that possible… Brahmadev, what brings you here? After Swaraglok,
Diti and the demons have taken over Brahmalok
as well. Supreme father, I regret this. I didn’t want to evict you
from your own realm. But I can’t help it. A new beginning
needs something to end. After conquering Brahmalok the mother of the demons, Diti will command the tasks of
the creation of the universe, too. Now the universe won’t belong
to the Devi. It will belong to Diti. Only to Diti. Diti won’t stop at taking over
the tasks of creation. She will crave more powers
and control and she will try to take over
every realm and task. Does that mean her next goal is?
– Vaikunth. Mother was right. Vaikunth is filled with
luxury and wealth. Soon, all this will belong
to the demons. After losing Brahmalok if we also lose Vaikunth
it would mean that Kailash is about to
be destroyed. Devi will have to find the answer
to this riddle. She is Devi Shakti. She is creator of the universe. When she could perform something
so difficult so easily this riddle is not too much
for her to tackle. Fire over water? How is that possible? What is that place? A Palash tree? That is the symbol of fire! Now the path will lead Devi Shakti to Mahadev. That means now Shiva and Shakti
will be together, soon. Nothing will get in the way, now. So this is it. The symbol of fire over water. This is the only place
where he can be found. But where is the hermit? Aghori! He is not some ordinary Aghori. It’s best not to challenge him. Let’s go. Wait! Listen! I don’t know why you’ve chosen
to be a hermit. But you’ve taken
to be being a hermit for a reason and you need to stop
for the sake of that. Who are you? What is that?
Shiva didn’t recognize Devi Sati. Sati is the living image of Devi
and Shiva’s Shakti. Shiva and Shakti
complete each other. Shiva and Shakti certainly
do complete each other. But, Shiva is at the peak of spirituality. He has set himself free
of all bonds. Now there is no one he cares for
in this universe. He has renounced all
and everything. Even if she is Shakti,
the one who completes him. Perhaps, that is why he can’t see that Sati is his Shakti. She is his Devi. What should we do, now? Only hope. That Shiva should realize in
some way that Sati is his Shakti. She is his Devi. The bigger question here,
apart from my identity is about your existence. ‘For me, more important
than Brahmadev’s growing ego’ ‘is the question about
the form of my existence.’ What is this, my lord?
Over there Shiva can’t recognize his Shakti and you are laughing!
– Yes. Because the question
that Sati has just raised gives me the feeling that this is the grace
of the Goddess. Before the creation of
the universe, a search for his identity took Shiva to Devi. Now Devi has come to Shiva
as Sati. So that she can guide Shiva back to the sense of his own identity. Praise you, Goddess. You call yourself a hermit. But even now you can accept this Palash flower. ‘My lord, this is the Palash seed.
When it’s branches blossom’ ‘all of Kailash will look as if
it has worn a red stole.’ ‘It’s beauty will be difficult
to look away from.’ ‘It will be difficult
for me to wait’ ‘to see this seed
transform into a flower.’ ‘Because when nature herself
is praising it so much’ ‘it must be very special
indeed.’ For your meditation and focus you choose a spot
which has a Palash tree, right? You ignore what everyone says. But when I asked you to
do it for someone’s sake you stopped. You are still listening to me. This means that you are still in love with someone. You are upset with someone. Then why? Why did you estrange yourself
from all associations? If your mind has feelings
for someone, accept them. Express them. It is love that
makes life meaningful. Then why? Why do you live this sad and
meaningless life? Why have you accepted
this renunciation? All your theories won’t influence me. It would be best if you go back
where you came from? I will go where I must go. Nobody’s life in the world is without love. I will bring love into your renunciate life. Sati is Shakti and won’t give up. She will make Shiva feel the stirring of love. When the feelings grow at that moment Shiva will sense the reality of Shakti. And finally all the demonic tortures
will end. Devraj Indra. Stop Vajrang and his army. Meanwhile I will ensure that Shiva and Shakti get together, somehow. Otherwise the universe will head for doom. What kind of ambiance is this? It seems as if a crisis is coming up. How can we light so many pyres
all at once? These foolish Gods don’t give in
so easily. It’s okay. It will take a long time but soon enough Vaikunth
will be under me, too. He is dead. He is dead.
– He is dead. Bhadra, in this terrible ambiance how will we perform
their last rites? How did this happen? It’s a crisis, princess. It seems, doomsday is at hand. Nature is upset with us. The fields, farms, animals
and birds are getting destroyed. Rivers and lakes are
getting polluted. Without water
life is bound to end. There is no water to drink
or food to eat. People are forced to leave
their homes to save their lives. I will speak to my father
about this. I will ensure that everyone
suffering this crisis will be provided shelter in
our palace. Forgive me, princess Sati. But we won’t return to
that kingdom. I have decided to seek
shelter in another kingdom. Since I feel that this problem can’t be resolved
even by your father Daksh. The whole universe is about
to end and I am going to the one who is the only one who
can protect me. If there is someone like that who can protect my subjects and liberate them
from this agony, then I will want to meet him
personally. Fools! I kept you in Daksh’s
kingdom so that you would ensure Sati
can’t get close to him! But, you are here to tell me
about this! Leave! Go and ensure at once! Sati and Shiva must not
meet under any circumstances. Go! Take me to him. But your father Prajapati Daksh has forbidden
anyone’s entry into that region.
So no one can go there. If anyone does go there then he will never be allowed
back into the kingdom. This is a royal decree. The first rule of
the royal duty is that the subjects will be served. If there is any place
where my subjects can be kept away from
this torture then I will see it for myself. Take me there.
– Okay. This is the place where
we are seeking shelter. This is where we can be protected.

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