100 thoughts on “Developer Update | The Games Are Back! | Overwatch

  1. Shut up jeff go fix the lag on your trash game i got kicked out of comp games several time for connections to battlenet and it said server error and im in que for 900 players they can wait IM IN A COMP GAME! Go fix that jeff now its been 2 min i cant join the game i cant even join the overwatch game itself go fix that jeff

  2. ok so I really want this to happen because at the time 2016 school is just starting and I was getting bullied and overwatch got me away from that ive been playing sence beta summer games was the best I love overwatch it helps me with school.

  3. Hurray so my limited edition Sprinter Tracer which i had to grind 40 levels just to get will be available to all and with coins…………Hurray -_-

  4. ok ok junkrat,mercy and genji main coming in all of my fav characters are getting skins ARE YOU KIDDING Me I'm going to update my ow RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

  5. I had something happen with the game. It makes me and others stuck in a group. No matter what we try we are unable to play overwatch. Why is this happening to me?

  6. I'm pissing myself at Zarya's voiceline. She directly quotes that one meme about the Russian guy playing American Football. "It's only a game. Why do you have to be mad?"

  7. I think I speak for everyone but I physically can't play the game because I wanted to play competetive lucioball. Its been searching forever


  9. It's stupid how I can't playing copa lucioball when I'm banned in actual competitive (banned because bad internet.) I play on Xbox one. It's just dumb. I really wanted to play competitive lucioball but now i can't. It's my first event I even got to play because I joined right after the last event.

  10. could you make the event skins available forever once they're added. I can see why they're exclusive but I just wanted to say my Xbox one is in repair so I won't even be able to play Lucio ball or the summer games. I just thought it would be great to be able to get the skins once it's repaired, even if I can't play the summer games

  11. Jeff can you have the Halloween skins available for this Halloween, because I really want the Dr.Junkenstien and mercy's witch skin.

  12. Reopening the old skins from last year kinda devalues every skin. The whole point is that there rare and you can only get them for a certain time.

  13. I love everything about this update but my only problem is that it seems close to impossible to get coins now it's really hard

  14. Yep competitive lucio ball, nobody asked for it but we got it, might as well make competitive mei's snowball offensive and junkenstiens revenge. Seriously who thought of this?, "lets make the most fun minigame and flood it with salt and toxicity," thanks jeff.

  15. i hate it when i'm playing copa lucio ball and the enemy team makes one goal one of my teammates leave and the match doesent end

  16. Since the roadhog nerf, i try to make every game as unenjoyable for every player as i can, in the hopes that the game dies. Instead of spending time learning how to balance your game, you spend your time hiding the female players arses with towels, and making pointless videos like this one.

  17. Jeff I really want the genii Japan skin from the summer games I'm on 25 points away so please keep this update for awhile so I can get it thank.

  18. every time i need motivation to go and troll my team til they cry, i just come back here and look at this smug sack of s*** troll roadhog players.

  19. the game doesn't feel the same. Reaper does to much damage for such a long distance, and Torbjorns torrents distance is almost infinite. as Pharah I can't take it out any more.

  20. I wonder if the halloween old skins will be discounted,and even if the next event won't be halloween will they still bring back the skins?, plz jeff plz I need the junkenstien and pumpkin reaper

  21. I'm afraid I liked Lucio Ball so much that now that it's over (very sad about this), I've gone and bought Rocket League… And it's not even half the fun of what Lucio Ball is. Isn't there a way of having Lucio Ball as a constant option of play? Why does it really have to be a yearly thing? Love to hear your thoughts about this.

  22. Please jeff fix season 6 cause I'm always losing Sr cause of my team they suck and the other team wins inhave lost over 100 Sr cause of the team pls pair up players with the same Sr

  23. sniff blizzard I thought we where friends…. first you nerf him then you don't give him a skin…. he has like two event skins which I have both of btw….

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