Developer Update | Highlights Update | Overwatch

Developer Update | Highlights Update | Overwatch

Welcome to today’s Developer Update.
I’m Jeff, from the Overwatch Team. I’m particularly excited about this
topic, because it’s something that you guys have been asking about for
a very long time in fact since the day we launched. You were asking for a way for
us to save highlights for you. And we have done a complete iteration
and evolution of the Highlights feature. So, let me go into some detail on
how the new Highlights feature is going to work. First off, the game will still continue
to collect highlights as you play. And suggest top highlights for you. It was doing this previously.
It would give you five different highlights as you play it
over time and then allow you to play those back. Well, part of the problem was if you
logged out of Overwatch or shut either your PC or
your console down those highlights might go away. Under the new system, those top five
highlights will always be there for the next 24 hours. What’s more is we’ve added a new
section called “Recently Captured.” I should explain to you
what exactly this means. Sometimes when you’re
playing Overwatch an incredible moment will happen
and you’ll think to yourself “Wow, that should really
be Play of the Game or “I wish I had been recording that” “I wish I could in some way capture that moment.” Well, we’ve made it so that you can
either bind a key to capture a highlight or you can bind multiple keys
on PC to capture multiple highlights. So, the way this would work is:
1. Very cool thing happens in Overwatch 2. You think to yourself
“Wow, that was amazing I wish the game would remember that.” 3. You basically bookmark it
by pressing your capture key and after the victory or defeat
screen happens, the match is registered and that highlight
will go to your highlight section under “Recently Captured.” Now when you go to highlights,
you’ll have those auto-generated highlights under the top five
highlights of the day and your recently captured highlights,
of which you can have up to 32. Once you fill the 32 highlights you’re
going to have to clear some out. Now you’re probably wondering,
well what does “clear some out” mean. We have now given you the ability
to save highlights to a video file. We call this “Recording Highlights.” The really cool thing about this
is it gives you different options. So, if you’re on a console,
it will default to whatever options your console defaults
to to save those video files. Then those video files will go to
whatever media library you use, whether it be the Xbox media library
or the the PlayStation media library. However, on PC these will go to
a directory for you in Windows. Now one of the cool things
that happens when you use the highlights feature
on PC is it will give you options to record the video
in many different ways. So, an example is you might
plan a very low end system that can’t handle the graphic settings
being too high, but if you decide to, you can
output video. Like let’s say you’re on Windows 10, you can output video at 4K, 60 frames
per second that just look amazing. Now, obviously the higher you set your
video settings for saving these highlights, the bigger
the the video files are going to be and the longer it’s going to take for
the game to generate that video file. But if you opt in to it, you can save
some pretty amazing looking really great highlights. So, we think all of these new additions
to the highlight system will make it much easier for you to capture and record those great moments and even more so: you can share them with your friends on social media. So, we really hope that you enjoy
all the new updates coming to the Highlights Feature. I know it took us a long time to
get to them. but it was something we were
very passionate about, and we knew we could do a lot of
cool things with. and we have some other ideas about how to evolve it even more so
in the future. Now, I wanted to address
one more topic very quickly. We are going to make significant
improvements to the loot box experience. One of the things that we’re going
to do is drastically reduce the rate of duplicates that you’ll get
out of any loot box. We think this will be immediately evident
and extremely significant for all of our players. And we think
it’s going to feel fantastic. Now, one thing you might be thinking is
“Well, if you reduce the amount of duplicates I get, what’s going to
happen in terms of me earning credits and being able to buy the
things I want?” Well, to compensate for this we’re going
to increase the amount of credits that you get out of loot boxes. So, we’ll make sure that your
credit intake will be at least the same, if not more. When all this is
done you won’t see duplicate items anywhere near as much and we really
want to encourage you to go on the PTR check this out and feel it for yourself. You have to keep in mind that the
system doesn’t have infinite content. So, at some point you’re obviously
going to get duplicate items. You would need an infinite amount of content to have no duplicates. But we think the change should be
very drastic and significant and feel fantastic So, we hope you enjoyed the
Highlights Feature. And we really hope that the loot box changes feel as great to you guys as
they feel to us. Enjoy playing Overwatch and
keep having fun. Thank you.

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    New events in Overwatch comes out every 2 weeks (Double XP, Double Loot Boxes, Double Competitive Points, etc.)

    Competitive Play

    New Leaving System: Leaving 3 games (no limit) gets 100 Skill Rating loss and a 2 day ban (The days increase until banned for the whole season)

    Custom Games

    Added "Collateral Damage" option to Custom games


    While using Dragonblade, Genji gains 5% more speed

    When using Deflection in the last second in Dragonblade, the Deflection doesn't stop as the normal deflect then the Dragonblade finish animation starts


    Added Range to the Flashbangs hit


    Fixed a bug where Mercy has weapon bugs

    Fixed a bug where Ana gets no killfeed in some Ana eliminations

    That will be lit if this ever happens lol

  2. 3 games in a row we actually had decent comps, all 3 of them someone left and made my team lose. by when can you fix stupidity like that? cause its unfair that they make MY "skill rating" drop so stupidly low

  3. JEEEEEEEEFF!!!!! Idk how to reach you a better way but I have a suggestion for the next hero that you're releasing, but I think that for the future, you should have a hero that is left handed and uses his/her gun/weapon in the left hand, because all of the heroes are either right handed or use both.

  4. Jeff, people are straight up quitting in competitive when I pick roadhog now. I've gotten reported multiple time for throwing just for playing roadhog, regardless of the medals I get in game or the fact that Im a roadhog main with over 100 hours on him in competitive. Saying you hit him too hard is an understatement, no one in comp even believes he's a viable tank any more.

  5. can they please get someone to do these Who cares. I feel like im listening to the old "clear eye" commercials from the 90's with this guy.

  6. I have no life and basicly have EVERY cosmetic item for almost every hero.
    I doubt that the lootbox changes will affect me XD

  7. Wow, the being able to render them at higher settings sounds amazing. Would this include texture and model detail? This would likely be slow for the people it would be most useful for, but cool nonetheless. Maybe you could operate a render farm and we could have an option to send them there. Obviously not many, maybe three slots with a 24hr cooldown, as well as the option to render locally. We might have to wait for some, but the option to fast track them could be cool. Perhaps we could get highlight fast tracks in loot boxes. One last thing, what about locally storing signed highlight data, IE about mostly moves and such, so that they could be rendered later. That could let us keep them in "cold storage" on our own systems, and offload some of the storage problems. Want to get a fancy render on your highlight? Save it and because it's signed you could prove it was real, and could only be attributed to a certain account. Just shove them in your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc to render later.

  8. I WANT to See HIGHLIGHTS that show me OTHER PLAYER HIGHLIGHTs—ONE OFFENSIVE, ONE DEFENSIVE, ONE MINE. I ALLREADY KNOW HOW I PLAY A CHARACTER! I want something that HIGHLIGHTS a Player to show me something new I didn't know.

  9. Buff roadhog. Jeff I hated getting instakilled by roadie, I'll admit. But it was too much Just maybe nerf hook range. That's all Keep your distance and roadie will never be able to get you But return his damage, put back his mag size, and put back old roadie. Just put his hook range down. If you do this we could be happy. You responded to a bunch of butt hurt players, by destroying roadhog. Even the number one road hog, Harbleu, now stops playing roadhog so much. Like this so blizzard can see Jeff, please pay attention to the other side of the community. Just return roadhog with less hook range Stop caring about your pride and just admit you guys were wrong. Change him back

  10. what if all sombras are in the same game and they all have the hacked highlight intro? what would happen?

  11. Everybody like this comment
    We need to get Roadhog back
    This is not Roadhog
    Please please please please bring back the good Roadhog

  12. when will the new loot box system go live for console? hopefully before the start of the supposedly summer games return

  13. I dont have any highlights at all. im not getting them at all after the update. is this some kind of bug?

  14. where is the recorded video file ? I cant find it after recording a moment in game ?
    He said it will be exported into a video file in a file directory but where is it ? pls someone help me..

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