100 thoughts on “Developer Update | Happy First Anniversary! | Overwatch

  1. 11 skins, all legendary and what do I get
    dupes, dupes, icon, spray, voice line, coin pile, legendary non-event item, dupes ;3;

    Jeff if you want us to get the skins increase the event loot probability and lower the dupe probability!
    Also add all the arena maps to CTF
    And I've said it before and I'll say it again, let us shortlist at least 4 skins like we do with sprays/emotes/voice lines, so when we select a hero during a map we can use the directional buttons to change the skins, that way we can use all the lovely skins we've grinded so hard to not get and fork out money to possibly get before giving up and paying in Gs instead of just one

  2. Well this sucks i love overwatch but when this thing comes out and i try to play my computer's
    mother board broke i really want some of the items in the game 🙁

  3. In Season 4 I had Ben constantly leaving matches for important reasons while in the middle of a Competitive match and I have been getting penalties and that's when one day it said Unable to play while banned or suspended.
    Does this mean I can never play again or do I wait for season 5

  4. New songs on Lucio skin
    Good, because it's not right for a person to make two songs
    And make their own cereal

  5. Wait, Jeff Kaplan said that every character in Overwatch likes pineapple on their pizza. So that means reaper and widow maker like pizza 😂

  6. Subscribe me I'll subscribe yous back I'm a intro designer and menus if you subscribed me please let me know so I can subscribe you back many thanks

  7. Oh heavenly god of overwatch Jeff please answer my question if you miss out on the events can you get the same items from the other times the event is there when the next time the event comes around

  8. I've started a new Channel with alot of Overwatch gameplay! Check it out and tell me what you think!

  9. I love the game but it gets me angry because I got banned from comp for 8 hours because of inactivity and I was stuck on loading screen and the inactivity timer seems to little only 1 minute and it should be 2 and the ban may keep exceeding for me making the game not enjoyable anymore so I wish you guys would fix this if you are reading

  10. I just has a idea, what if the team chose 3 heroes (no hero stacking) and the heroes they chose would fight but would be controlled by A.I so it would add more suspense when the A.I are fighting

  11. look at a man that has aged 20 years in the last 3 years… who want to be a leading game developer anymore?

  12. Blizzard are doin' an a-mei-zing job . All those events,skins and emotes are awesome but can u work a bit more on balance changes.I really have feeling that sombra and mccree need a small buff. Maybe u can buff 'em like u did to genji not big one but u know show some love to those heroes that are not "meta".For example a hanzo buff is great one nothing to big but a good one 🙂 ty for reading this blizzard i hope u will take my opinion as an possibility for next patch balance changes !

  13. Jeff Kaplan I play overwatch a bit and never take notice to the posters until my friend (who speaks German fluently) noticed a poster in the first attack spawn in eichenwalde it says something along the lines of 'we heroes Stehen wache' which I believe means we heroes stand guard with a picture of a reindhardt looking soldier. Is this an idea to a new hero or just a little Easter egg?

  14. Yeah greate, when I get lootbox I get three duplicates and one voice line. Cant wait for new stuff you added

  15. Could you add an ostrich to the game
    He could like shoot lasers from his beak and he could be able to glide
    His super would be that he would hatch an egg which makes a tiny ostrich

  16. Guys I just realized… Reaper is a black person and in his reaper form, he has white arms. You guys should fix that.

  17. Hey Jeff, I say that instead of nerfing bastions turret DAMAGE you decrease his RATE OF FIRE because that was ye puts out less damage and won't grind squishy heroes down in 1/2 a second

  18. Hey Jeff, love the game. I tried it and bought it after the weekend promo. I am a LONGTIME Team Fortress 2 player and think you guys did an outstanding job on the game. However (here we go folks…. ) the game has a very clunky interface and level selection preferences. The coin earning thing shouldn't just be from a "CHANCE" at an opened loot box, it should be from actual earning from objectives from random play. Most people do NOT like to "arena" or compete, because it requires a more "violent" style of gameplay and nerd rage. Yes, The skins are great, but when you have a long time to attempt to earn one of Blizzard's wonderful skin-overlays, it could be quite discouraging. The thing with Blizzard is, they KNOW how to design appealing armor. If they want to make extra money from Micro Transactions, just go ahead and charge money on large amounts of currency, thats what will really get your financials going. One last thing, before I write too much here; Team fortress 2 has a large influx on levels BECAUSE they have open sources to their design. Player level designs being submitted gets TF2 it's playerbase to fully participate, I know you could allow for a lot of options and ideas to be shared. Valve's Hammer Editor allowed for players to accomplish this. Group efforts like this and what they do at CERN, is WHY they do good at accomplishing major goals. It's the public base that makes participation so important. Happy gaming everyone!

  19. i would like to see a sort of trading system for overwatch similar to rocket league, however i can understand y its not added

  20. Jeff can I ask if you can put all of the events' games like junkensteins monster and Lucio ball back to overwatch pls because some overwatch players didn't have the chance play the events and if you can also reinstall the skins pls but most importantly the events and thx

  21. Might I ask why D.Va looks like a 1980 Waitress? I kinda like it, considering every emote she has involves her trying to be cute while making sense of what she's doing.

  22. Bought this game yesterday
    Installation constantly freezes at 0 b/s
    Happy anniversary to you too fuckwits.

  23. is it just my luck i only have the pharra skin i opend over 25 loot boxes whit lvls and just pharra plz can you guys do something​ for me

  24. Hey, when will you add an option where you can see all the achievement points that you got so far? Thanks!

  25. it would be nice if they improved the chances of getting the new stuff in the loot boxes during these events ;(

  26. I hated the limited dual. I'd fight a soldier or a Mei with self healing while I'm McCree or genji and I'd be screwed

  27. What about those of us who loved the Anniversary update but didn't have the game when he event happened? Will there ever be an opportunity for us to be able to get some of the Anniversary items or do we have to wait until next year?

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