21 thoughts on “Desmond Tutu on leadership

  1. Certainly, leadership is agreeing to sacrifice your personal luxury for the service of the led, period. Great words Tutu

  2. “You want a leader who is also a servant”
    Desmond Tutu (1984 #NobelPeacePrize) on leadership and Nelson #Mandela, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize:  http://youtu.be/IrCeVwwu0Xc

  3. why aren't such people presidents!!! why do you need all the education if it just spoils your soul!?

  4. @KrfNYC2 your experience as an individual is never enough. research and communicate and you'll get more truth from it then you ever will from assumptions based on any random first hand observations.

  5. He's such an amazing individual. Se peaceful and wise, it would be an honor to just be in his presence.

  6. Wouldn't Jesus be a model example of Tutu's criteria for a great leader? Servant, Suffering, Inspiring?

  7. Excellent comments about a true leader being one who is a servant of his/her peers and everyone they come in to contact with. It's not about you it's about what you can do for others!

  8. Chipower100: Believe me suffering can help you understand life but not always, look at many people in the world today, I think one can learn from other great things and still become a great leader. Alot of it is perception, every great leader has had something significantly shift their perception and it isnt always suffering that molds them into that perception.

  9. Interesting video. I'm not sure there are many 'servant leaders' in the world, yet there are many good leaders in the world.

  10. I agree with everything except the part where he said in order to be a great leader you have to suffer. ?. Not to sure why I need to suffer to become a great leader. I think I get what he means but it could've been worded better but other than that nice vid.

  11. That very true as some one just mentioned obove,leader is to give more than take. And looking for others benefit.(servant good dif..tion)

  12. As I say when I work with senior leaders, great leaders are value-based, they have strong and non-negotiable traits such as integrity, humility & authenticity, as well as the intelligence and vision to inspire. Bush has none of these characteristics, which goes some way to explaining why he is the most hated leader in american history, a trend shared by the rest of the world. That he claimed he was doing God's work was the height of arrogance and ignorance. Obama has great values – All best.

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