Desert Storm Begins During News Broadcast 1/2

Desert Storm Begins During News Broadcast 1/2

ABC this is World News Tonight with Peter Jennings good evening the deadline has come and gone the Iraqis are living on what President Bush calls borrowed time it is no longer whether the war will start but when they know that in Baghdad as well as in Washington there is a rumor every hour our first report is from Saudi Arabia here's ABC's bill Redeker on the battleship Wisconsin coordinated sea air operations with British fighter jets the firing of the ship's 5-inch guns the testing of its anti-missile system preparations for war ready for water ready for war that's what this ship came over here to do as the deadline approached the commander announced the Wisconsin had been placed on DEFCON 2 alert defensive condition two one not short of war we should consider that hostilities are imminent what does that mean that means that we need to get ready to fight ready also means that the Wisconsin has begun launching its miniature unmanned planes that can transmit remote television pictures of Iraqi ships and other targets the army's 82nd airborne also practiced today storming and securing buildings the firing of assault weapons an explosion of grenades increase the realism of what many here believe is the last step before battle of course you know everybody's nervous is that like playing a big game until the first blow you won't know what's gonna happen to the first blow at the largest air base in Saudi Arabia today some f15 air-to-air combat planes were on Zulu alert ready to take off fully armed in 15 minutes anybody tell you they're a little scared in my position right now and if they tell you they're not scared too probably lying to you on the day the deadline came and went American forces were exercising with a new intensity and a new seriousness before the Marines today moved closer to the border they were given chemical warfare antidotes without even injector instructions are also on the injector you begin a class later tonight considerably increased air Activia here in Saudi Arabia during the past half hour we have counted about 20 fighter jet aircraft takeoffs normally there is some air activity at night but it's normally transport in a few air missions this does mark an increase in air activity peter bill i hear that from elsewhere in saudi arabia as well what does the military high command say about it they're not saying anything and they say that anything further on it will come out of either Washington or Riyadh but we are hearing nothing in the Eastern Province of an official nature captain Mike Miller there says anybody who wasn't scared as a fool is everybody scared I think there's a certain amount of tension in the air and a certain amount of anxiety both among the troops and the civilian population there's a definite feeling that something is up or about to be up okay thank you very much bill Redeker who's in Saudi Arabia by the way senior Pentagon officials confirm to ABC's Bob Zelnick that there has been an increase in night activity in the Gulf from both bases on land and also from ships but they declined to characterize it beyond that and as we said at the beginning of the broadcast they know very much in Baghdad that something is going on ABC's Gary Sheppard is on the line now from Baghdad where it is a little after 2:30 in the morning is Baghdad a dead town at the moment Barry I mean in Gary in terms of perfectly silent Peter it is absolutely quiet here no activity whatsoever looking out from the hotel where most of the foreign journalists are kept the lights of the city are still on you can see right to the horizon street lights etc but absolutely nothing happening here it is dead quiet now let's what the weather is like at the moment Gary the weather is clear you can see some stars in the sky and there's no rain nothing like that so it is easy to see into the upper reaches of the sky from the ground okay Gary thank you very much we are thinking about you as well in Baghdad this morning assigned at the Times taxi drivers were asking more than two hundred dollars to drive to the Turkish border 185 dollars more than last week and the border has now been closed by the Iraqis and a little while before the broadcast tonight ABC's Gary Shepard reported that Baghdad's four million citizens are very aware of the danger there is very little they can do about it here's the report he filed in the streets here were busy this morning people went to work stores were open the city appeared normal at Baghdad University they began final exams today but most students were well aware the deadline had just passed and war could soon begin Soviets so be it we are ready for that he wants a peace and we don't want anyone I don't like to anything bad to happen to any of your soldiers or our soldiers because there will be a devastating gone to both sides as that reality sunk in the airport was jammed with foreigners anxious to leave both scheduled flights to Amman Jordan were sold out we're gonna dump out of that peace by Gary Shepherd at the moment and go back to him live on the telephone for he has an up-to-date report Gary Peter I'm looking directly west from our hotel now and throughout the entire sky there are flashes of light it appears to be some sort of anti-aircraft fire a couple of the flashes on the horizon now something is definitely underway here something is going on the whole sky lit lit up with these flashes continually is it far in the distance Gary occurring and now we can see an entire an entire obvious tracers in the sky planes planes now coming toward this hotel and flashes the sound of flack and flares obviously an attack is under way of some sort it appears that there there is a tracer fire coming up from the ground and a an incredible panorama of flashes continuing as I speak how close is it to the city where you are Gary we now see our entire stream of the red tracer fire and now sirens air-raid sirens are beginning to sound over Baghdad the lights of the city itself continue to burn on the ground street lights house lights and as this occurs the flashes continue throughout the sky is obviously an air raid underway right now

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  1. I remember that night i was sitting on the berm as aircraft left went over our AO they dropped a flair and went dark.

  2. 🤣 the guy said "it would be devastating to both sides"🤣🤣 US casualties 387, Iraq casualties… all know what happened

  3. Saddam Hussein didn't follow the Western crypto-pharissee script, and the pharisees got Christians to bleed for them again

  4. It's an amazing coincidence that the last several wars have been in places where there wasn't a central bank.

  5. It's funny how the Iraqi citizens were saying we want peace not war, while they were simultaneously invading Kuwait.

  6. 5:13 "the war will be a devastating one to both sides"

    -134 American combat deaths vs 10,000-12,000 iraqi combat deaths
    ok retard

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