100 thoughts on “Democrats announce a broad probe into President Trump

  1. Trump is a con and so are his closest family & friends. So, it has been expected that the liar & con will face the consequences of his misdeeds

  2. Oh, hell now they have fabricated something else to whine , cry and bitch about. On a good note it will give CNN something to report about 24/7 365 . They were about to the end of anything.

  3. This is bad for America….. what a disgrace…. if you want to keep the illegal immigration system to fuck the blue collar worker and change the countries demographics then beat him in the election. I gess they know they can't….

  4. The GOP needs a democratic enema to relieve their chronic constipation and retention of hardened bullpucky

  5. Impeachment is not a severe enough punishment for this lifelong criminal who has created so much damage and havoc for many years to come.

  6. Yes! Finally!
    Trump has been a draft dodger and now likely a tax dodger.
    Let’s have his finances unveiled without a doubt and put all these distractions, BS, lies, etc to rest.

    If Trump has nothing to hide, why all the distractions and shifting focus?

  7. Thrumpfs a criminal it will take along time for Americans to recover to the damage the soon caused this good country

  8. I've never bothered to vote, because I think they are all the same, but I am DEF going to vote for Trump. the dems have taken sore loser to new heights and pushed a riduclous russian collusion narrative even they knew was silly and twisted his dealings to get his hotels into russia, as cloak and dagger. clearly these people will stop at nothing when they lose, so when Trump wins in 2020…oh..and he will win, I cant wait to see the crying faces again.

  9. Ummm hes done worse shit than NIXON !! why are they so scared of this fucking TOTAL FAILURE !! he has bent over for RUSSIA Suadis and N Korea …go back and look at the meeting with Kim and look at his dumb fucking orange face ….HES WAY OUT OF HIS LEAGUE !! impeach and thrown in prison …unbelievable how the most CORRUPT creature in the country is RUNNING IT !! how is that possible ??

  10. He got his entire family working in the WHITE house making decisions for the country with absolutely ZERO EXPERIENCE !! Only experience they have is ripping people off and now their in control of the world basically !! How is this allowed to continue is the BIGGEST QUESTION !!

  11. All I gotta say is just imagine if OBAMA had acted like this !!?? Prison or death would have been his outcome

  12. Here the demshits go again!!! Not giving a dam about the American people but wasting their time on more bullshit lies for 3 years!!!! Demshits has done nothing for the United States of America for 10 fucking years!!!!

  13. Trump is the worst person on the world, he is a liar, cheat, to the nation and his family, hopefully his past life will catch up to him

  14. For the benefit of all Americans, don't stop at Trump. Dig into all of their finances. Find out how these people are becoming some of the wealthiest in the USA. Those are all tax dollars. Our health care would be paid for if we reclaim that stolen money. Be it from graft or lobbying, we are the ones hurt.

  15. Democrats wasting a lot of
    people's money fishing the
    last 2 years and still going on.
    And people will ultimately
    decide come 2020 election.

  16. Well CNN I'm waiting….when are you going to admit you have been lieing to the American people about this Russia crap….So convenient that the Democrats announce a new round of investigations and you can seamlessly shift to them and think the American people are dumb enough to forget the crap you've been spewing the last two years. Your "news" has absolutely zero credibility.

  17. Our venerable Daemocratic (do not confuse with Democratic, there is nothing democratic about it) Party is determined to make President Trump into a martyr and American hero.

  18. Trump is BEYOND extraordinarily corrupt in his "presidency" (and his history in general). Of course this investigation is going to be "breathtaking in scope".

  19. Democrats are all ready in trouble for more broad search . Remember trump tower lol. March 19th coming to theaters. Blaming spouse syndrome

    Trump fluhing swamp watch the swamp trying more failed investigation's Iam enjoying the Great awakening Republican and Democrat in swamp. Will be taking down thru the legal system

  20. Stonewall the requests for testimony and documents! May something terrible befall all of the DemoRats in these bullshit investigative committees. Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Democrats should be ashamed of their wicked behavior. You cannot point one good deed done by Dems, except hurting, bullying, harrasing, and opposing everything that is good. There is a Lake of Fire 🔥 waiting ahead for wicked people.

  22. TRUMP should be able to sue MULLER and so should the American people over MILLIONS of wasted tax dollars.The RUSSIAN collusion was to cover H. Clinton over URANIUM ONE where Clinton had her hand in selling to Russia ATOMIC BOMB BUILDING MATERIAL namely 20 % of Americas URANIUM. There's your collusion and conspiracy.

  23. I will never understand why people who think CNN is fake news come here to tell everyone they're dumb and crazy and treasonus for understanding that lieing is bad and thats practicly all trump has done since taking office and making claims under the mantle.
    What the left doesn't get is that they're trying to reason with people who agree that obama is from kenya. Like guys, do something more productive than pay these idiots mind on something like a youtube comment section. Ignoring them all together would be dangerous yes but this is just a news video. Fuck them and their delusions.

    Or scream into the void im not your fuckin parent and I do it too anyways.

  24. Nobody has to show up for a Congressional investigation. The Democrats have already shown us that. If anyone feels obligated to go they should be advised by their attorney not to answer any question under the 5th amendment. The President needs to direct the AG to appoint a special prosecutor to look at all the people who carried out the phony Mueller investigations and the phony charges against the President of the United States of America. It might be a good idea to look into all Congressional public servants.

  25. Funny how people prefer evil over good despite the consequencies
    People do not love you when they envourage you in wrong doing. Open rebuke iis better than secret love

  26. Look at what the American people are going through right now. What could possible be worse, an impeachment. I don’t think so.

  27. And it's the FAT JERRY SHOW spending millions of tax dollars on nothing. Never mind about the country's needs, fat Jerry wants his witch hunt against Trump (going back to when Fat Jerry tipped the scales at 300lbs squared off against then Donald Trump wanting to build his project on the West Side)…I'm sure the Leftist nut jobs here are just salivating at all of the empty possibilities.

  28. The Witchhunt continues. More taxpayer dollars wasted on unfounded investigations. Where is the probable cause? Why not make up a new Steele dossier?

  29. Of course they launch another PROBE, because they are LOSING! They know that after Our Champion and Chief's CPAC speech, they are going to get HAMMERED at the polls in 2020, unless they can CONCOCT another FAKE NEWS scheme to take him out of the running.

  30. The Senate Intel committee and Mueller investigation all of a sudden means N-O-T-H-I-N-G?
    after praising Mueller for 2 years, the only ones who are guilty of obstruction are the democraps……"FAKE NEWS NOW F-A-K-E INVESTIGATIONS", THE WITCH HUNT CONTINUES……….SO MUELLERS INVESTIGATION MEANT NOTHING AFTER 2 YEARS?

  31. Thirty million people with the same IQ as trump?! Holly Fuck!! what is considered intelligent in the USA??!!

  32. Nadler or any Democrat involved in this Witch Hunt of Trump wouldn't survive 2 weeks of an investigation headed up by my Paperboy….my bad, no Democrat remembers Paperboys.

  33. Jerry is a weak and pathetic little man who needs his 15 minutes and will be crushed in the end costing the American people 10s of millions of dollars Jerry needs a good spanking and FUCK You CNN

  34. Ugh! A stupid and wasteful search for a crime or embarrassment. What happened to the Rooskies? We're gonna have another two yrs. of "bombshells". I wonder if CNN will be here in 2020?

  35. I run a street-level retail establishment in NYC. I engage in tens of thousands of transactions every year with customers, employees, & distributors. In eight years I haven't had to consult a lawyer once. Politicians can't roll out of bed in the morning without dreaming up a lawsuit. There's the difference. Let that sink in…..

  36. Nadler should recuse himself from any investigation of Trump. What CNN is not telling their viewers is that Nadler and Trump had a big dispute over improvements Trump was making in Nader's district during the 1980's. As always Trump worked around Nadler and improved the Nadler district anyway. Nadler is a sad and bitter man.

  37. Mueller has been using a scorched earth policy in his "investigation." He has uncovered no evidence of collusion, but he is ruining countless lives and families. Now the House of Representatives is doing the same thing. Going after 81 more Americans with no evidence and who are not under suspicion for ANYTHING. Some of them will probably go to jail for saying something not 100% correct to the witch hunt. When Trump is re-elected, this will go on until 2024. When will Americans have had enough?

  38. When one side does not accept the outcome of an election (Democrats in 1860, 2000, 2016) Civil War GENERALLY ensues.
    NYC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, St Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle would be liberal enclaves and immediately surrounded. Who would do the actual fighting for the Democrats? Billionaires? Welfare recipients? Women who hate men? Abortion doctors? IRS agents and other government employees? Satanic drag queens? LBGT? The 'hoods might hold out for a while, as the gangsters are well armed.

  39. If you want to know more about Russian collusion you need to tune in to what the former technical director of the NSA has to say.
    1. https://youtu.be/lCQFPDM73kY
    2. https://youtu.be/-9TyASfZV0c


  41. It's time mr. President Donald Trump to investigate every Democrat that has held a position of power since you were elected to be our president executive legislative and judicial investigate every Democrat dig into what they've done

  42. so the democrats are running on impeach Trump how dumb can they get and CNN is spewing the hate we the people are paying for all this SMH

  43. "Democrats announce a broad probe into President Trump"

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! A BROAD PROBE! Damn! Poor trump. First Putin, and now the democrats. They wearing the man's ass out! Dude ain't going to be able to walk or even sit down when his little white house vacation is over.
    Hee Haw! Bend on over Bobby Trippe! Prepare to receive THE BROAD PROBE! YEE HAW!

  44. Fat Jerry thinks that the people want the president and everyone he's ever worked with for the past 20 years investigated, and they do not. This fishing expedition is going to cost the Dimwits the 2020 election.

  45. In response to the House Intelegence committee looking into all aspects
    of Trumps financial affairs from before he was president. Senate
    Republicans vow to look into Obama and Hillary and all their buisness
    dealings to find anything they can use to bring charges against the
    former president and secretary! Republicans are especially curious on
    how they afforded several houses worth millions on a supposed income of
    approx 100k a year from the government. Fox News!

  46. Give it up already nadler mueller costly waste of time needs to finally end they should pay the American people back for not getting any real work done for two years it must be nice to continue these games rather than work

  47. What about the scope in Hillary and the dems stealing money y no 1 looking into them I guess dems r above the law

  48. is media going mad? maybe thats a good thing! America meddles with overseas elections. and they go mad at the idea of other countries meddling with their election. Collusion delusion

  49. Die Wahrheit ist: Trump ist ein Chronischer Lügner, ein geldgieriger Rassist., ein Sexist, hat die Intelligenz eines Kindes, ist humorlos, die ganze Welt lacht über Ihn, er ist ein Demagoge, außerdem ist er kriminell und wegen seiner Klimapolitik der größte Feind der Erde und Menschheit! Wir brauchen nicht jährlich 1200 Milliarden Dollar USA Rüßtungsausgaben sondern Klimaschutz und Frieden und Liebe auf der Erde!!! In nur 25 Jahren haben viele Länder kein Süßwasser mehr weil die Gletscher geschmolzen sind so wie in Indien und Pakistan die 1,2 Milliarden Menschen und Atomwaffen haben… das wars dann mit der Mehrheit… Andreas Sandmeister (auch in Facebook…!!!)

  50. democrats are just plain pathetic..
    After 2yrs they still cant accept they lost. so everytime a candidate that wins who does not have the same agenda as they do, their going to do shit like this?…. Folks this goes to show you that the NWO is real. We are seeing the resistance from the establishment, the same people that do regime change and go into other countried to overthrow that benefits them
    We are seeing a coup right here on our own soil. castro,Sadam, ghadaffi, assad etc. and now trump….. Amazing!

  51. When trump.releases the full fisa report you fuckers will.be like roaches running from the light. What will the dimocratic traitors say then?.

  52. Nadler and his fellow left wing Jew Communist/fascist/Nazi's are real self hating piece's of feces…
    The Lefty Liberal Jews are the biggest threat to the state of Israel!…
    Sanders is the biggest fucker of them all!
    Cnn etc. are all fake News Propaganda inspired by Goebbels!
    Trump 2020!
    Am Yisrael Chai…

  53. When will CNN viewers realize they are brainwashed by the DNC that uses the exact same methods they are accusing the right of doing. Facism, mccarthyism, Marxism.

  54. A probe into why President Trump is so successful so they can learn how to run a country ? The racist pro slavery party democrats need to pay reparations to African Americans from their political party bank account.

  55. Where is the accountability?
    This administrative does what it wants when it wants and btw, Jeffrey Tobin has known for 2 years that The President could claim executive privilege on The Mueller report. Where was that argument then?

  56. You complete shits you are at war with common sense and against the USA. Trump should declare CAN and the Democratic party an illegal.

  57. What happened to the fake news Russian fable? What new fake story and lie are you going to try to sell to the CNN sheep?

  58. Nadler why not show your taxes to be fair.. have you been to Russia ?? you seem to be obsessed with Trump..you never force bully or harress or lie or ask anyone else espesially BARR to lie do you?? you won't mind an investication or oversight into your life..would you?? ..

  59. I think donny crybaby lemonhead would personally like to do the probing as noted in your title. He seems to enjoy that kind of "below the belt" activity.

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