Democratic Presidential Contenders Seek the Black Vote | The Daily Show

Democratic Presidential Contenders Seek the Black Vote | The Daily Show

37 thoughts on “Democratic Presidential Contenders Seek the Black Vote | The Daily Show

  1. Trump is 72 years old. How is this possible? The USA needs a young,strong, sympathetic, loving, tolerable and fair leader.

  2. Trevor, this is one of the funniest shows I have seen… I Love Love Love your show.
    Pandering to Black people🤣🤣🤣

  3. I must admit, that Hillary accent when she was in the South, just made me bust up laughing…and I continue to laugh today. We all know her real voice, but it was funny to hear an accent come out of her during this time.

  4. Democraps are the bottom feeders of our society…they create nothing but divisiveness and anarchy….they only take from the entrepreneurs of this great land and give to the illegals and abortion clinics….just ask what a democrap stands for and they will say all they want is to “fundamentally change this country”, YES into a cesspool of open boarders, free reign by undocumented illegal aliens, free health care and education for all illegals, more taxes, let all illegals vote as many times as they like with no documentation, more regulations and more Divisiveness and uncivil behavior. And by their actions they prove they care nothing about the law abiding citizens of this great country. These are the traits of a seriously dangerous group of people called the Democrats which are Socialists/Progressives/Communists that care nothing about America except for its demise. Vote everyone of these pathetic ideologues out of office and send them to Venezuela where they will be welcomed with open arms…

  5. Hmmmm, many Democrats have been around for a while. I wonder how they voted in 1964. Seems they didn't want racial equality then.

    In 1964, Everett Dirksen (R-IL), the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, condemned the Democrats’ 57-day filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Leading the Democrats in their opposition to civil rights for African-Americans was Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV). Byrd, who got into politics as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, spoke against the bill for fourteen straight hours. Democrats still call Robert Byrd “the conscience of the Senate.”

    In his speech, Senator Dirksen called on the Democrats to end their filibuster and accept racial equality.

  6. By God Bill Clinton was handsome man back then. Imagine he lost for an affair and here Trump paying a prostitute to shut up doesn't count.

  7. As a black voter, I guess I'll be saying this till I'm blue in the face: Not choosing to vote for Bernie doesn't come from me being black per se or because I don't think he doesn't care about the black comm. Whether Bernie loses or wins against Trump, I just think only bad things will come from nominating him. Here in Florida, we already had a progressive lose to a Trump-agenda Republican for governor last yr. And even if Bernie wins, he would only be an effective Pres. for 2yrs. after the RED WAVE comes washing thru Washington. and eliminating any progress Dems have made. And that's in addition to free college killing investmt. in the stock mkt. and slow job growth after doubling the min. wage. We need progress, but just a couple notches lower.

  8. I watch this every 2 or 3 days since aired.. Whenever I need to laugh hard… As in crying levels of laughter. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on The Daily Show. I love Roy Wood Jr. and Dulcé Sloan <3

  9. Okay reparations for only blacks what about Native Americans what about the children of Mexicans who were given citizenship and then had a revoked and I'm not talking the current day I'm talking in the past

  10. Democratic policies have destroyed our communities and have kept us down for decades..We need to stop listening to Media & Celebrities… They most certainly are not looking out for our best interest…

  11. If Americans don't impeach Trump now, there is no way he is giving up his power after the election no matter who wins.

  12. Let's just not forget that black people are the number 1 complainers BUT THEY NEVER BOTHER TO VOTE! But they want free stuff because they are poor, BUT YOU CAN'T DRAG THEM TO THE POLLING station. This is a known fact, it's not a secret.

  13. Who did let dose dogs out… Whom.. Whom. Make dem sound like dose dogs went to private school😂😂.. Roy was on a diff level

  14. Love the" Krackers- pandering- to- Blacks" bullshit, whites across America assume ALL African Americans only have one, base culture; Come to think of it, the most ignorant Blacks among us think that way, never the intelligent Blacks, just the "We ghetto, nigga" crop of Black
    entertainers,comedians and rappers.

  15. FUCK Al Sharpton!!! That bastard is no better than jessie jackson when it comes to shamelessly trying to grab power for profit by pretending he's some kind of "leader- of- the Black race" bullshit!!! (by the way, I'm an Independent voter, not a corporate whore, racist republican nor a phony, ass wipe democrat).

  16. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Let me touch ‘em, Let me touch ‘em, Let me touch ‘em…. hilarious!!!

  17. This one is almost my number one favorite. That Roy is stinking funny. I love the whole fake news team. This is hilarious!

  18. "Bernie's so old, I bet he thought he was talking to the real Charlamange", lmfao🌞

    It's so good because Bernie has been espousing the same people matter policies since the summer days of the Domestic Resurrection Circus decades ago.
    Bernie 2020!

  19. How tf does every candidate say theyll support the bill to research reparations, but Bernie brought up his work on HR40 1st and people were not happy with his answer.

  20. I don't wanna POTUS for black people, I want one for all good people…I want Barack back😁😆😊🙂😶😏😑🤐😥🤔😣

  21. I’m voting for the guy who tied himself to black woman for civil rights, the dude who was carried away by police, the one who wants us to reform prisons, train officers, have universal healthcare and education, you know the things that will actually help black people and have overwhelmingly support.

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