32 thoughts on “Delhi Government Schools Shine: Has AAP Proven Critics Wrong?

  1. Vaibhav Agarwal behaves like a gunda when everyone else is being polite while also giving bullshit logic.

  2. Atishi has reformed Delhi govt schools. Hats of to Atishi. Kejriwal and Manish Sisodiya has shown a way to other state govts. All state govts should take lessons from them.

  3. why doesnt the karnataka govt implement the same thing .?
    implement the cbse syllabus in govt schools. like delhi.

  4. Bjp should ashamed of themselves, if one is doing good they started pulling the leg, once again shame on bjp

  5. These bjp uneducated terror gundas,don't know anything about education or school comes for debate ,that to they debate with political parties like aap and congress who were p.h.ds and eminent personalities from Oxford ,Cambridge😂😂😂

  6. I am from east Delhi. I wanted to complaint about the government boys senior secondary school..( Vasundhara enclave) Delhi 110096..

    From 2011 the school staff , teacher want bribe for admission.. please focus on that

  7. Vaibhav you really need a better preparation when you talk to intelectual spokesperson like atishi

  8. The BJP guys is so embarrassing. BJP needs to get some sane people in politics..all of their spokespersons are just drama queens.

  9. Oh my Gawd!!!! Who is this arrogant, illiterate shouting like Arnab Goswami??? He's needs to be admitted to a mental hospital.

  10. Seriously??? That's the kind of spokesperson the BJP has chosen? He's too arrrogant. And he's making a lot of noise to supress Atishi's comments.

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