Defund Obamacare Or Government Shutdown - House GOP Passes Bill

Defund Obamacare Or Government Shutdown – House GOP Passes Bill

today house republicans passed
legislation to continue funding of the government while also defunding Obamacare I don't
think most people are gonna be surprised by this we've
been leading up to this all week but it happened here the results the
vote was $2.32 189 almost down the lineup voting along
party lines there was one democrat a mic mic
mcintyre cambodia fourth Scott Matheson I think
jim's imagine that that's correct %uh Scott raichel was the only Republican who
voted against that that bill and so they were able to do it john
bainer is feeling fairly transferred on match at this point after all the
pressure is put on him to I i'm just saying and so we have him
talking about it now he sent it off to the senate this is what he said and all while we are victory today for
the american people record but also had a very victory for
common sense yeah was senator baucus center-right
several months ago when he said that this law is a train wreck it's time for us to
say no it's time to stop this before it
causes any more damage to american families an
american businesses and so our message to the united states
senators real simple the american people don't want the
government shutdown and they don't want Obamacare yeah the house is listen to to the
american people now it's time for the United States
Senate to listen to them as well yeah but I looked at his his statement
he kept referencing how they're just doing what the american people want
they've been saying that in town halls across the country now for
months but of course let's go back to 2012 and just look at the actual numbers Democratic Congressional candidates
received $53 million 950 to 1000 votes republicans RC 53
million four hundred and two thousand votes but thanks to the power gerrymandering
the republicans have a sizable lead in congress that they did not earned by getting more
votes from the american people now stop for historical purposes we
should mention the point that's the house home by the way the democrats have the
senate fairly comfortably and oh by the way they have the white
house and oh by the way the comfortably passed the health care bill
which was incredibly hard to pass the Senate and the House and so which American people are you
referring to it appears the American people through
their representatives already passed this bill already funded
this bill and I hear you cum johnny-come-lately
saying the you represent the american people when under no definition you represent
american p42 percent of Americans on the Pew Research for a few others numbers
handy but forty-two percent are in favor the want to see the bill implemented 27
percent a year sixty-nine percent don't really like the
bill but while congress to get it and implemented and fix it make it right that 69 percent that seven at ten people
nearly seven at 10 who are either now really like it but
let's go past and 42 percent and a boser like yeah so it's just warship well I don't know
if you know this though to be fair in another number was the number people
who say yes the funny is the right strategy that was six-percent American people
succeed american Metal American yeah I do have my republicans I did much
better it was seven-percent yeah among republicans in the country only
seven percent are in favor dis insanely fun strategy but the republicans just passed and the
so-called how so represented 80 million people a
6-percent the country okay as a lot of American people that's right
and that $292 million disagree I yet so I 182 million idiot we have a with an interesting little
fact I so that the entire the purpose behind what the republicans have
been doing is met this is our last chance to get ready for now like if it involves possibly saying on a
government willing to do that we're ready find it but ironically according to a report
this is for months ago I had nowhere but at the time even if they def to fund it they shut
down the government whatever the government is shut down
that's not going to stop it from happening with a call from the
Congressional Research Service it says it appears that substantial a CA
implementation my continued during a lapse in annual appropriations that
resulted in temporary government shutdown it
seems likely that the administration will continue to rely on alternative
sources of funding to support a CA implementation
activities so even if the government no longer was receiving funding for
congress they have other ways of getting the money to continue it yeah the Congressional Research Service needs
to hire funny writers yeah super sensitive to that yeah I tried so these republicans a have are
triumphant as john said Bennett bainer seems so proudly we did and this was a victory for common
sense but it was a pictured a guess against
the four separate but said 0 campbell is a logic to that mean yeah common sense dictates that would
you go to the Senate and Democrats control the Senate you will not win their and Matt also
indicates that and by the way the president has a veto
and he clearly will not be till O'bama care believe is the name you know
yes Obama put the republicans obviously want this
release that the crazy I Republicans in Congress now they have lost significant
portions a some rational Republican senators
understanding that simply baby they've done the arithmetic they know that they
came to pass even some conservatives in the media are
not on board with this over Riley was discussing this and he
doesn't think it's a good idea either fanaticism on the right also harm in the
country responsible lawmakers have to find a way
to deal with their opponents in congress there's no way
Obama cares got so basically it's not gonna happen and I don't exactly know where we're
supposed to go from here know I've I i understand that the democrats
probably will be able to get enough republicans on board to shoot this down I imagine that I get
any with a 50 they have to get a few well go
there that a decision has not been made yet on whether in a filibuster not so all this tough talk from Ted Cruz and
he has the mercedes it'll buster now now finally retire by
the Standing filibuster but it wasn't clear until very very recently so this I find it amazing woman if you
make this kinda stand you gotta fill the official even know
that yes I do that your king has been attacking Chris for a few days now I he continues to do so
speaking with wolf blitzer I wouldn't say anything good comes from
all this when when Ted Cruz Imran Paula might we fail in the Senate next week maybe finally we republicans or into
their influence its we is how people view should stop
letting Ted Cruz sent over gender force he should stay in the senate should keep
quiet and pick and deliver on this fine if you can't that you keep quiet for now
what so I yeah I mean that that is weighing the the Peter King
wing of the Republican Party which john bainer that's the party he knows how to
leave yeah I don't know how to lead that branch and now that crazy branch is actually
coming around but only because they're so furious
about that cruise for betraying them because they were foolish enough to
believe them in the first place because they haven't spent at in seconds figuring out the american
government just to give you an idea of the I guess the the philosophical
ideological importance that some Republicans are putting on
this battle which seems like a complete waste of their effort that
they've been organizing a writer for months now %uh representative said you know who
spot upon the show before is like starting to draw historical
references and implying that this is important some other the biggest the most important civil
rights struggles over time he says it only takes one with passion
talking about what they'll need to do this a look at Rosa Parks leak
well its up I Martin Luther King people with passion
that speak up Philip people follow them because they believe the same way and smart leadership listens to that
this is not at that level like how deluded can you be able to try to
all sources of with the sources say that stereo all people but with the civil rights
when he is the most recent congressperson the most recent elected
official to bring up birtherism he has said as
recently as all this time this year that if the president is not we should reexamine its cuz he
wasn't born here than none at his legislation is binding
so we can just get rid of all that he's also the person who said that that a tax on tanning beds in the
Affordable Care Act is racist against whites but here is he
needs the passion arose up our cross apart by the way said 11 words her whole life so you're not a
passion yeah it's your life lesser spoke for the
majority though polish people if they were you know being subjugated either you
know the you ok with the Soviet Union in Iran curtain I am I don't not sure your host it's for the majority of the american
people as he stands up against Obamacare which was passed by the representatives up the majority of
the american people

23 thoughts on “Defund Obamacare Or Government Shutdown – House GOP Passes Bill

  1. That is another fucked up thing about America.. how the fuck can the government shutdown.. that is absurd

  2. Goverment does not have a good record when it comes to what is best for america. health care in america was a mess to begin with, and this will just push it off the cliff.

  3. How are these left-winged ridiculous 'things' they call TYT, even still able to do these ridiculous broadcasts.

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  9. nooooo republican is a war monger they steal money and worry more abt themselves than rest of peoples around the world you're an dumbass.

  10. What REALLY adds to the debt is all the useless military bases all over the world in a sad attempt to make the US look badass. They COULD cut down and recover some of their assets but cutting down on military is a damn sin. Obamacare at least cures people instead of victimizing them. The US is a country that can't even take care of their own veterans. They chew them up and spit them out. Nothing's free but intelligent spending could go a hell of a long way!

  11. So, you're telling me that Obamacare is a hurt that is only going to add to a crapload of hurt the country already has? You are aware that free healthcare is a good thing, right? Your politicians get some. That's the irony in all this. Again. It's a class struggle where there should be none. Greedy assholes run your country and it's run under their rule… Sad… Very sad…

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