35 thoughts on “DEF CON 24 – Chris Rock – How to Overthrow a Government

  1. why cant you be a robin hood hacker and correct the economic imbalance if you can't do that they your worthless glad your proud of yourself though you have no self esteem issues while your at it hack trumps tax papers make yourself useful

  2. At 28:99 minutes he references "nupedia.com" as a valid resource, when in fact, that website went defunct in 2003… Go figure! How does he not know after 13 YEARS that one of his "favorite" websites has been defunct for so long?

  3. Ossetia showed how you do it. It's the physical buildings believe it or not. You take over town-hall and you're the new authority.

  4. Thanks bro, this is a great example as to how autoplay can get your ass landed on all the wrong lists.

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  6. lol he mentions hillary's emails, that sure turned out to be a bust, but I wonder how these guys feel about russia now that they've proven able to hack elections and destabilize them

  7. Soooo? Hackers can hack ANYTHING? Let's see them TRY to hack NK and make a fool of rocket man????? When You do it…Then You can brag. Otherwise, Keep flippin' mouth shut!

  8. If you want to start a revolution to overthrow the Prime Minister, just position his mic right below his nostrils when he gives a speech. His constant exhaling into the mic will enrage the public.

  9. An author by the name of Christopher Lee actually confirms how Gov/Elite manipulate weather and PHYSICALLY COPY AND REPLACE Politicians, in two of his books.
    Read "Margaret the Abomination," and "Brain'O Man," by Mr Christopher Lee of South Africa.


    The other book, a comedy named Brain'O Man, hides messages reffering to weapons created by Gov and elite to Manipulate weather patterns by machines.
    Google online or see on Lulu.com. Refers to weapons created by Gov and elite.

  10. I am not getting it. Is this talk given on the 1st of April? Maybe an inside joke?

    Step one: get funds, for example a kickstarter.

    Step two: steal money from the banks. Yea, easy peasy. And why the hell would you need kickstarer in the first place, but ok.

    Step three: hack everything, own everything, act as Murdoch him self, and still have time for DIY projects, like putting a saw on a rope (you've read it right, there is no drone above it).

  11. wow, I can't believe this, it's so normalised, the CIA is doing this on every continent right now. Democracy my arse.

  12. This has got to be the dumbest, most reality-detached talk ever held on DEFCON. Jesus christ how embarrassing, this is what happens when you watch too many movies, and start believing your own BS.

  13. You're going to get coup lessons from a guy who went to jail for failing his coup? See, this is why you lost to ISIS.

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