DeepNude App Gets Shutdown by Journalists

DeepNude App Gets Shutdown by Journalists

new AI deep fake app can create nude images of anyone hello everyone this is mr. obvious bringing you the obvious and today on the verge dad come so journalists are absolutely losing their minds over this awesome dope new AI app man here you can see tech and artificial intelligence new AI deep fake app creates nude images of women and seconds I love it the resulting thinks be used to shame harass or intimidate their targets look you know I've got a little red pill for you James Vincent 99% of people are not going to use the app to shame harass or intimidate so you can see unfortunately the app had so much attention and so much support from the community that the app is shut down it overwhelmed their servers my only regret is I wasn't able to get this beautiful app but before we begin a word from our sponsor you could be the proud owner of the amendment the amendment will stick to your MacBook and you can slide it and use it to cover your camera it's a very simple and aesthetic security device that can protect you from spies and hackers they also have a nyan cat version which is pretty dank if you're interested in purchasing one you can find the affiliate link down below in the description a new AI powered software tool makes it easy for anyone to generate realistic nude images of women by feeding them a program of the intended target wearing clothes the app is called deep nude and it's the latest example of AI generated deep fakes being used to create compromising images of unsuspecting women the software was first spotted by motherboard Samantha Cole and is available for free on Windows with a premium version that offers better resolution output images available for $99 update the app was pulled later in the day on Thursday hours after attention was drawn to it yeah you ruined everything this technology belongs to the people both the free and premium versions of app add watermarks to the AI generated nudes that clearly identify them as fate but in the images created by motherboard this watermark is easy to remove we were unable to test the app ourselves as the servers have apparently been overloaded well that kind of ruins the damn product get rid of your stupid watermark the fake nudes aren't perfect but could easily be mistaken for the real thing an example output from the app with censorship bars added by the verge definitely not the perfect technology but in time imagine imagine the power humanity could hold in the palm of their hands as we've seen with previous examples of deep fake prawn the quality of the output is varied it's certainly not photorealistic and when examined closely the images are easy to spot as fake the AI flesh is blurry and pixelated and the process works best on high resolution images when the target is already wearing revealing clothes like a swimsuit but at lower resolutions or when you see only briefly the fake images are easy to mistake for the real thing and could cause untold damage to individuals lives why is it every single time we get a cool piece of lewd technology these journal is really about or they go insane women are just mad because it lowers their value because now men don't actually have to go through the trouble of getting them to take off their clothes I see no problem with it I would I would support a male version of this technology although much of the discussion around potential harms of deep fakes has centered on political misinformation and propaganda the use of this technology to target women has been a constant since its creation indeed that was how the tech first spread with users on reddit adapting AI research published by academics to create fake celeb bran a recent report from HuffPost highlighted how being targeted by deep fake prawn and nudes can up end someone's life as with revenge pond these images can be used to shame harass intimidate and silence women there are forms or men can pay experts to create deep fakes of co-workers friends or family members but tools like deep nude can make it easy to create such images in private and at a touch of a button notably the app is not capable of producing nude images of men as reported by motherboard if you feed it a picture of a man it simply adds a vulva you know there's someone out there who has a fetish for that what a wacky world we live in and it took them not so long to ruin this project here we go in a following article controversial deep fake app deep nude shuts down hours after being exposed exposed that's what you call it less than a day after receiving widespread attention the deep fake app that used a AI to create fake nude photos of women is shutting down in a tweet the team behind deep nude said they greatly underestimated interest in the project and that the probability that people will misuse it is too high deep nude will no longer be offered for sale and further versions won't be released the team also warned against sharing the software online saying it would be against the apps Terms of Service they acknowledge that surely some copies will get out though and yeah here he is yeah so this guy totally cooked out here he's saying that oh we're gonna we're gonna reboot the project we just need to fix some bugs blah blah blah and then he'd post this which is a huge mistake he could have made a lot of money with this technology he screwed himself find you out a code I would program it myself here's a brief history and the end of deep nude we created this project for users entertainment a few months ago we thought we were selling a few sales every month in a controlled manner honestly the app is not that great it only works with particular photos we never thought it would become viral and we would not be able to control the traffic we greatly underestimated this request despite the safety measures adopted watermarks if 500,000 people use it the probability that people will misuse it is too high we don't want to make money this way surely some copies of deep nude will be shared on the web but we don't want to be the ones selling it downloading the software from other sources or sharing it by any other means would would be against the terms of our website from now on Deep noodle will not release other versions and does not grant anyone its use not even the licenses to activate the premium version the people have not upgraded yet we'll receive a refund the world is not yet ready for deep nude their response honestly pisses me off your moron if you think that someone else isn't going to be making it and fine don't make any money don't be a capitalist be poor ah that's a stupidest move and you know how to blame the media it's the media's fault because they're all ruining these startup projects every single time this guy was probably threatened this is why we can't have nice things journalists ruin everything everything so let's check out the comment section every day is says honestly deep fake shouldn't exist at all as impressive as it is it can only be used for the wrong reasons creates even more fake media in a world where it's already hard to identify how much is real coming from normal sources someone here has a really red pill response Shaddix three sets do you like 4k movies most of them are using upscaling from 180 or 1440p using the same neural technology as these guys all technology is a double-edged sword the application of it never occurred to me now the cat is out of the bag its development will be unstoppable the same issues were around when Photoshop and digital photography came to the scene we should also ban toilets as they are used to discard evidence /sarcasm Decius alias mantilla says I don't understand the moral panic here what's new digital images or data and computers manipulate data it just became a little bit easier to manipulate data in a certain way but in principle there is nothing different from a talented artist who can create photorealistic images with an airbrush a you here says all nudes matter Oh nudes matter my friends we cannot stand for this tyranny we cannot allow them to silence us these people may have cut doubt but who knows soon deep new technology may just find its way to your doorstep but that's merely the obvious well that's all for now folks what do you think about the deep nude app are you upset that it went down let me know what you think when women – I would like to hear your opinion now because I'm constantly being demonetized and I do mean every single video you can support the content that I create by joining me on patreon or subscribe star for as low as $1 there are different tiers you can choose what you wish doing so we'll get you access to Fight Club a private discord server you could also donate via PayPal lastly you can always share the videos and because Google and YouTube won't recommend our videos anymore if you think the videos worthy be sure to share it on social media as always thanks for watching this has been mr. obvious and I'll see you all next time

31 thoughts on “DeepNude App Gets Shutdown by Journalists

  1. Not that it matters. Now that the meme exists, dozens of less sensitive developers will copy and publish the idea.

  2. How many times have I said "wish I were Superman so I can use x-ray vision and check out women" when going through puberty? Who would of thought it'd happen for real. Just had to wait

  3. Got my hands on the premium version. What a crock of fucking shit. It doesn't even render the behind of a woman. Just the fronts and if they're wearing too many clothes it renders tits on the thighs. Jesus Christ. And the press are outraged over something that bad….

  4. Damn I want that app I have a one-eyed monster that needs choking I call him cyclops I like to choke him until he spits at me.

  5. Thats not all it does, deepfake was also used to make a version of the Terminator starring sylvester stallone

  6. And here I thought the left were the crazy sexual deviants. What's the matter? If this continued we could have eventually gotten Papa Trump's deep nude. They could have given him a tiny weewee. Smh.

  7. I am a woman. I don't like the idea of someone making nudes of me without consent/knowledge. Nudes are an excellent way to blackmail people. I mean, I wouldn't want someone emailing my nudes to my mom, especially if I *never took any*. That said, the cat's out of the bag and Photoshop exists.

    EDIT: I don't like the idea of making one for men for the same reason. Women aren't sacrosanct. With both versions, they could fake affair photos. And gay affair photos.

  8. No, this is app is pretty wrong. I have actually been considering this kind of thing happening since deep fakes started. We cannot support deep fakes like this. Especially one so messed up. Once people can start abusing these apps to harass or exploit your mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons, then it becomes an issue. Let alone if this app works on children, now we have pretty much child porn in everyone's hands. This is one of the few times I highly disagree with you guys on. We must protect privacy of others and preserve the truth.

  9. Good thing from this app. The girls online can now just claim the nudes are fake when threatened.

  10. I'm surprised you haven't covered this yet Mr. Obvious. I read that and went into full-on rage mode!

  11. This reminds me of the old adverts in comic books advertising for X-RAY Specs! And Sea Monkeys – can't forget them…

  12. It would probably take less effort to convince the THOT to take here clothes off than to download and install an app!

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