Deep Water Straylining For Snapper Sounding & Anchoring

Deep Water Straylining For Snapper Sounding & Anchoring

I've got the sound to turn right up getting bit of interference from the boat but I want to see what's on the bottom there's a bit of structure there these are all fish these little things so you can see like that's the hump that's 63 here and the guys drops off here so see where I am so I'm gonna anchor up somewhere here and hopefully rowdy let's ride the anchor and said we can do some damage I one thing I forgot to tell you when you don't fish a lot you don't know where to hanko you know the fish are there but you don't know which way the currents going you can tell where the winds gonna push up these are all smoothly but I haven't been snapper fishing for probably a couple months now so I don't really know what the waters doing which way that's running so I know I want to anchor here or want to fish here but do i anchor here do a key here here or here that's what you get when you fish consistently basically what happened is exactly what I said before that you don't know if you're not out here enough so basically I'll hang it up and I end up fishing north so just goes to show you if you're not gonna fish a lot try and find out from someone which way the currents running how hard it was lalala it really makes a difference to know what side you can anchor doesn't mean you're gonna catch fish but it gives you an idea that you're gonna be fishing what you just sounded rather than anchoring and fishing a completely different direction I'm gonna turn south if you watch I'm actually gonna turn this is the hump this is north and I was going along here before and this is the hump and the fish was sitting just over this side when I threw my anchor here thinking I'd fish south I was actually fishing north and I got dragged over to here so I was fishing down here this is way off the mark you know I wanted to be somewhere in around here so anyway 40 minutes no fish not even a touch pulled up anchor come over to hump went out here through the anchor and I'll drag back to here and I'm fishing here beautiful exactly where I wanted yeah forty minutes now fifty minutes and I've got four fish in the esky so I'm pretty happy the other place same time no fish so I stress again sound your ground find your fish if you found something you like anchor if it didn't work pull up reinker even if it takes two times to get the position you want it's really worth you

9 thoughts on “Deep Water Straylining For Snapper Sounding & Anchoring

  1. Another great video on some helpful tips which i'll be trying out next time i fish batesman bay. I'll let you know if I hook onto any snappers. Cheers

  2. This guy put me on to my first big snapper…absolute legend goes out of his way to help others… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘top video mate

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