Deep Astronomy on Anchor | Vlog #4

Deep Astronomy on Anchor | Vlog #4

hello everybody and welcome to another upload on the astronomy Channel I know there's there's been a lot of them lately going on in fact today alone I think there's going to be three different uploads and today's upload is going to tell you a little bit about a new form of content that I'm going to be creating in the audio world that won't necessarily be video world's you've already gotten taste of this if you've been seeing the your sky tonight video series that I've been posting on my channel for the last two days well that came about as a result of using this new app that I've been approached to talk about and full disclosure this is a paid endorsement but I don't mind doing it because I'm actually going to be using this app in a number of ways which I'm going to tell you about in this video I hope that you will find it useful maybe consume some of this content yourself this way but the name of the app is called anchor and it's available on iPhones as well or the iTunes Store as well as in Android and I'm using it on my really old Galaxy s5 active and what it allows you to do is you could create a station record you know you can make recordings you can even have music on it if you use Spotify or iTunes Music Store and things like I don't really use it that way but these are lots of lots of other people are you creating stations and you make segments and the way you create a segment is you just simply you know start basically talking into your phone and your recording now the segment's can't be any longer than five minutes which is fine I need to be keeping these CDs these content things down a little bit after hi I was doing these hour-long hangouts so this will be shorter content but I've been wanting to do a podcast for a while and it's been a bit intimidating now I did do this this week in Space Telescope's with Carol Christian for a year and we had to put that on hiatus just because we both got really really busy and planning those those podcasts were becoming a little bit onerous for both of us we may still bring it back but for now I'm looking into making Anker one of my ways of getting some audio content out there and I've been doing it for this past week and so there's if you download the app and you start finding some stations you can enter in and start following people I encourage you to go to anchor dot FM sly steep astronomy or find deep astronomy on your anchor app if you download it and start following me and here is what I would like to use anchor for I've already shown you your sky tonight that's been kind of a preview of what I've been doing on anchor that's a little three to five-minute narration of what is up at night on any given time and I've been using Stellarium to kind of guide the discussion I turn those into videos which I'm going to try and continue to do here on YouTube but also the audio format well the audio form of that will also be on my channel on my station my anchor station and also what as I'm doing stories for space fan news I'm doing research on it it's great to be able to just pick it up talk about what I'm going to do have already done that today where I talked about the latest where I talked about Lisa Pathfinder for example I also talked about what's going to be happening with JWST give a role update there and it's really easy to do so I find well if I if I talk on the phone I can do a five-minute clip and then after that I can assemble all of those segments those clips into an episode which can become a podcast on its own and so the deep astronomy podcast is going to try and do it that way by using this Apple see how this goes I haven't made an episode yet I'm still making just basic content on my station for now just to keep just to keep it going the segment's only stay on there for 24 hours after that they're aged off so I need to I think I need to put them all into an episode before they aged off but I've got a question into those guys now to find out the answer to that but I will be making an audio podcast that way using this and finally another way in which I'm going to use anchor is I want to catch this really cool feature that you can call in to a station and so for example if you followed me on anchor and you called into my station you could ask a question on your phone just as if I were recording a episode you'd be recording a question I would get a notification that that call that has happened I would listen to the call in and then I could enter that question on my station so both your voice and your question along with my answer would be recorded on to the segment now I'd like to do that as an extension of all of the different things I do one on YouTube especially the hangouts so as you're watching a hangout let's say I don't get to your question when we're having to hangout you can call into my station and I will answer it that way I don't know the answer to it and I will get the guest to either go on go on to the station and answer for you or just tell me the answer and I will I will relay it back via the station there's finally one other thing I can do with this which I'm considering doing that's interviewing people I can call other people up on the phone and do some interviews I don't know if I'll do that yet but I'm thinking about trying I've got that particular situation pretty well covered with the hangouts but am i I mean we'll see how it goes so this video is an attempt to let you know that there is other content from beep astronomy that you might be interested in people complain that their that the hangouts are too long they can't sit in front of a computer for a long time well you know audio content is much more passive much more easier to consume while you're doing other things and hopefully with your Skype tonight and the news stories as well as personal anecdotes I'll tell you a lot more about myself and you ever want to know on anchor but maybe that might be in another way for us to connect and I would look I like that looking forward to it I'm excited about what this can do I hope that everything I hope that the platform lasts but I'm going to give it my best shot I'm going to be very active on this for at least I'm going to commit to doing this all the way through August and into September and if things go well then we'll reevaluate what's going on and I'll probably continue and even expand content so I just want to let you guys know this I hope you guys are enjoying these all these extra uploads got so much content coming in the coming weeks that I think you'll be excited about a lot of it I hope you will be so please let me know give me feedback and give me some comments below tell me what you think download the app also let me know what you think of that and it's all free doesn't cost you anything so let's give this a try hopefully we can we can connect in new in different ways well that's it for this time space fans thank you all for watching and as always keep looking up

7 thoughts on “Deep Astronomy on Anchor | Vlog #4

  1. Slight correction. Podcast is a sound or video clip available on Apple platform. Same audio/video clip can be available elsewhere but if it's not available on Apple then you can't technically call it podcast.
    Just beware of copyright is all I'm thinking.

  2. thanks! i was going to comment that i don't care much for any phone app (no cell phone). but stitching together a podcast for upload on this channel would be optimal for me. anyway, interview Dr. Zubrin!

  3. Yes, the audio format is much more passive and easier to consume while doing other things. In the hangouts you guys always talk about images or graphs so it's hard to follow along, when you can't look at a screen.

  4. 5min is dumb. I love your voice, Tony, I could listen to it for hours. If you'd do half an hour or an hour long audio podcasts, I'm sure lots of people would love that format.

  5. Yes please bring Twist back, Carol please read this, you are a perfect couple with Deep Astronomy. You two were very funny and it was very interesting content. I hope you'll find the time to make Twist again 🙂 Keep flying!

  6. this is the best channel you really inspire people to follow their dreams. Next year im going to take an Astronomy course in university thanks to the motivation from your videos. Thank you Deep Astronomy

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