December 2019 Energy Update: Surrendering to Emotion and a New Level of Psychic Strength

December 2019 Energy Update: Surrendering to Emotion and a New Level of Psychic Strength

Hi, I’m Lee Harris, I’m an Energy Intuitive
and this is the Update for December 2019. The themes this month; Hollow Energetics – feeling
a little discombobulated, 2020 Energy is already here and it’s strong, Surrendering to Emotion
and a New Level of Psychic Strength, among other themes. So stay tuned for the full Update. Hi, I’m Lee and I’m in New York for this
Update for December so I’m appropriately wrapped up ready for winter on our hemisphere. And it’s interesting, there are so many
different themes for this month but one of the first things that came through (and I
think has been showing up for lots of people in the month of November too) is the Strength
of 2020 Energy. For those of you that track the way that energy
feels, the way that everything moves on the planet, you will have noticed that 2020 is
a very strong and very bright year. There is going to be a lot of forward momentum,
especially compared to the last few years so some of you will already be feeling that
2020 energy coming in. And it can show up in different ways but some
of the key characteristics are: a new level of optimism, a new level of connection to
everything that you are doing and what you’re seeing in the world, and also a very deep
feeling of strength – perhaps a strength that feels new to you or that you’ve been missing
for a while that’s now coming back into your life. And so that’s going to be hitting some people
in this coming month of December if you haven’t already been feeling it. But 2020 is going to be a strong year and
it’s leading us into a cycle of years that are going to bring a lot of change, a lot
of innovation, a lot of shaking the tree to see what comes loose. And that’s already moving in on us right
now. But another theme for December that will show
up for many is this term, Hollow Energetics. And when that first came to me I was curious
what that means. You might feel a little discombobulated or
a little distracted or disoriented and like you can’t quite itch the itch that you have
– you can’t quite scratch the itch. Something’s a little ‘off’ and you can’t
put your finger on it – you can’t explain it. If that’s happening to you, this experience
of Hollow Energetics, it’s almost like you’ve been pulled into the centre of your life and
you can’t feel gravity or the ground any more. You also can’t really go high or access
the higher realms the way that you used to – it’s as if you’ve been pulled into this
central place and it feels a little hollow to you, a little strange, a little foreign. This happens to us when we are about to go
through a transformation. So what I’ve just described can be characteristic
of any time in our life where things are set to change, set to transform. But this is going to be coming up for a lot
more people than usual in December. This Hollow Energetic phase is getting you
ready for what is going to be a year where you will take stronger forward leaps in your
life and in the world. And that’s what 2020 is really characteristic
of. I have to put my hat on – it’s too cold. I thought I’d take it off – but nah that’s
not happening – give me one second. Okay. Okay, there we go – oh boy – yeah, that was
a bit too much for the crown chakra! Okay. The other aspect that’s coming up this month
is Surrendering to Emotion. Now for those of you who are emotionally exhausted
or who are worn-out empaths you might be like, “Oh, I’m done with it!” But surrendering to emotion is going to get
easier, it’s going to move through you faster and it’s going to quicker move you into
clarity. This is a brand new theme that’s showing
up on the planet. But more of you will be finding that perhaps
things you used to be resistant to – places, experiences or ways of feeling – are going
to get a lot easier for you. Your body and your energy field is getting
to a place where you are able to handle things a lot more than you used to be able to. So this is great for addictions too. You know, a lot of the time, we’ve turned
to addictive tendencies because we feel disconnected in life or because we want to disconnect from
what we are afraid to feel in life. So, as we hit this new phase of us being able
to surrender to our emotions more, that we are more equipped, more supported, more able
to let them move through us and let the alchemy of that movement turn into something good. So, for example, when we release grief, when
we go into our sadness, when we go into our loss, we feel it enough that it can move out
and it is no longer haunting or underpinning our life and our behaviours – it allows room
for new energy to come in. That’s really what this refers to. So, you and others in your life might be able
to surrender to emotion at a higher level than ever before and this can also look like
people in your life that you previously weren’t really able to talk to about deep things or
emotional things or they previously had a hard time talking emotionally, you’re going
to see that wave. It’s already happening on the planet but
it’s set to get stronger as we move through and into December – that’s going to come
up for a lot more people. Another theme that I loved receiving that
is going to show up in December is, everything is coming together for a lot more people than
before, in particularly the area of their purpose in life. You know, for many years, my guides have said
that the further we go past 2012 and the more we get into this very deep transformation
cycle on the planet, the more people are going to be living from purpose. So those of you who identify as change-makers,
healers, creatives, innovators – really big siren confirming this (I don’t know if my
mic is picking it up), but there’s a sign from the Universe – and a sign that I’m
in New York! That more of you are going to be living in
a very purposeful way and that that is going to get easier and everything is coming together
to support that purpose. So if you’ve been working on your mission
– trying to find the right people to partner with, trying to be able to put the first foundation
brick in place and it’s either been a struggle or it’s been slow – December energy and
beyond, you’re going to start to see more of a wave of everything coming together for
you in life – in your projects, in what you’re doing and for those of you who feel like you’re
very far away from that, you’re probably going to be experiencing what I mentioned
at the beginning which is this Hollow Energetics and some of that emotion having to move out. So you’re going through a transformation
process in order to be able to really step into your purpose in a bigger way. Because 2020 is dragging all of us there whether
we go kicking and screaming or whether we go willingly. I spoke in November about the Identity Shift
that’s taking place. And Identity Shifts need to take place in
order for us to become who we are next, to move into the next phase of our life. And you could look at the years between 2016
and 2020 as a four-year arc – and I’m not speaking American politics there – but there
has been a four-year arc at play. We are about to enter another four-year arc
which is 2020 to 2024. And it’s going to have much more of an upshift
in terms of people doing things in very new ways on the planet. This last four years, we have seen a lot of
the old shaking loose, being rattled, rearing its head. The next four years, innovation and the ‘new’
is set to come in in a far bigger way and so, in tandem with what’s going to happen
collectively, you yourself and us ourselves, are going through this shift where we get
to align with our purpose in a bigger way and start to see everything coming together. Collaborations, people, connections, things
we’re building – this can also mean a new way of looking at your own health, your own
physicality. It might be that you’re ready to give yourself
a better experience of your physical body on Earth which, of course, is the house for
our spirit, the house for our soul. So it’s very important. And the fifth and final theme for this month
that came through very strongly was Psychic Strength. So, more people than ever before are beginning
to have psychic clarity, psychic visions, psychic strength, and to me, psychic strength
is a very holistic way of looking at our intuition. We can have a psychic vision, we can have
psychic clarity, but how do we use it? And what is our soul being given these psychic
visions for? So to me, psychic strength is when you are
able to use the psychic part of yourself in a very grounded, responsible and intuitive
way. And you are able to take those visions and
those clarities and understand and interpret what they mean and then how to put them into
action. So, psychic strength coming in in a bigger
way can mean that many of you are perhaps losing your old mind. This is why when you go through a kind of
upshift when you go into your intuition and your psychic self, you can start to really
experience confusion in your old way of thinking. You might be a little more off with your memory,
your mind might be not feeling the way it was because you are starting to see from a
higher mind. And when that’s first coming in, again it
can be a little discombobulating so this goes back to the Hollow Energetics that you feel.So
you see all of the themes that I’m talking about can be very connected and be very multi-dimensionally
hitting us all at once. So, for this month, we have Hollow Energetics,
we have Psychic Strength, we have the ability to Surrender to Emotions in a bigger way,
we have Living Your Purpose and 2020 Energy calling and pulling you forward. And we have everything coming together, starting
to come in to support your life, take you to the next place – the new level of your
identity is coming in. So, it’s going to be a very good month in
terms of the strength of it. As ever, in these times that we are in, looking
after yourself, making sure that you are balancing yourself in these energetics. If you’re someone going through a really
big awakening right now, if you’re just coming online with the spiritual senses – the
idea that you’re a soul, that idea that how the world used to look to you is no longer
fully believable, it’s like, “Oh, hang on a second, there’s a lot more to this
that I’ve been thinking all these years”, please look after yourself right now. The energy is really strong, it’s high and
if you’re having an awakening at these times, don’t forget these bodies of yours. It’s easy to do when you kind of get into
high energy or you get on a high or you get on a roll of lots of energy and adrenaline
running through you. Super important to ground. So you can ground through exercise, yoga,
meditation, being in places where people are calm in their bodies – it’s why things like
yoga or any kind of wellness practise is good. And then if you need to express that energy
– dance, sing, play, love – find people that are good to be around. Because as you’re going through these energetic
shifts, it’s quite strong on the body. So we need good community, we need good self-care
and we need to understand how to manage ourselves which might be different to how we would have
managed ourselves a few years earlier. We might need a bit more quiet, we might need
a bit more space. So, thank you for tuning in for the December
Energy Update. Also a huge thank you to everybody who has
enjoyed our brand new music video and single, Golden World Govinda. If you’re watching on Youtube, you can find
it here on my YouTube channel. If you’re watching anywhere else, you can
go to Lee Harris – my music website – and see it there. We’re thrilled with the response and we’re
really happy to have it out in the world. And if you would like to join us at a live
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in my work. So Impact The World is next April and all
details for our live events are on our Events page on my website at
or check the links underneath this video. We have a fantastic new recording for you
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can be your year to stand tall and live boldly. So we will play you the trailer for that right
now if you stay tuned. Thank you all for joining. Lots of love and see you in January for the
next Energy Update.

100 thoughts on “December 2019 Energy Update: Surrendering to Emotion and a New Level of Psychic Strength

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